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Sakura breaks the news about Noriko and Kenji to the crew out concern and anger.

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I walked home alone in the dark. I was really pissed off. That little bitch! She just chewed me out. How dare she! Noriko has never done that before in her little life. She is usually sweet and obedient to everyone. But tonight... Noriko just turned into a bitch! She made Mandy look like the nicest girl in the world. I was just so mad that I really wanted to slap her. I do not know who the hell that girl was! Who was she and what has she done to Noriko? Why I ought ta...

No. It's not her. It's that guy she's with! I froze in shock as I put two and two together. That man... is her boyfriend! My eyes grew big in surprise. Nobody knew that Noriko had a boyfriend! She never mentioned him to anyone at all. I don't even think her parents know about that man she was with tonight. Then that must mean... I thought that my heart would stop cold at the conclusion that I drew.

"NORIKO AND THAT MAN HAVE BEEN SEEING EACH OTHER IN SECRET!!!" I yelled aloud in the night. "NO WONDER SHE WAS ACTING LIKE A BITCH TONIGHT!!!" I happened to look up and see an elderly couple staring at me. I quickly became annoyed.

"What?!?" I snapped at them. They didn't say a word. They just walked away. I breathed out uneasily. I shook my head in uneasy worry. Uh-oh! This can't be good. The others need to know this right away. But, it's late at night. I can't call anybody now. Most of the crew is asleep by now. Rose is probably doing Pete right now. (Ooooo!) But this matter is urgent. So, it can't wait. What can I do? I stood still while I thought about that for a moment. Then, I heard honking behind me. I looked up quickly. A cab driver was getting impatient with me.

"Hey bitch!" he yelled. "You're in my way!" I glared at him crossly.

"Beat it!" I snapped back. "Can't you see that I'm having a crisis right now?" The driver honked at me again.

"So?!?" he hissed. "Have your crisis elsewhere! I'm on the clock!"

"F**k off!" I yelled back at him. The driver and I were fighting for a few minutes until another horn honked at us.

"Hey lady!" another driver yelled. "Move it or lose it!"

"That's what I'm telling her!" the cab driver yelled. I sighed stressed out and annoyed.

"Fine!" I snapped. "I don't care anymore! I'm leaving!" Then I walked home. Not my fault! They should've gone around.

I managed to sleep off my anger long enough in the morning to text everyone in the morning. "Urgent! Need to talk to everyone! See me early at work! -Sakura" I sent to everyone except for Noriko. I waited at my cubicle pacing around nervously. I wondered how everyone would take it. Well, there was only one way to find out.

I looked up when I heard the door open wide. Greg and Robyn were walking in. I breathed out easily. Good to know they're taking this seriously. They spotted me and came over to me.

"Hey Sakura!" Greg said to me. "What is this all about?" I sat up straighter.

"I'll tell you when everyone else gets here," I said trying not to scream out. Robyn rolled her eyes as she sighed annoyed. Greggo just shrugged.

"Okay," he said. I began to relax a little bit. Such an easy-going guy. I envy him sometimes. Within minutes, everyone but Noriko all came into work and found me. They were all wondering what was going on. Vanessa looked at me confused.

"Sakura," she said. "What's going here? Why have you called us here?" I bit my lip nervously. Well, it was now or never.

"Noriko has a boyfriend!" I blurted out quickly. They all looked at me shocked. They were just as surprised as I was about her. Mandy didn't look convinced. Something told me that she wouldn't.

"Are you sure?" she hissed. "Noriko's too stupid to survive on her, much less get a boyfriend." We all glared at her coldly. Mandy just shrugged.

"Well, it's true!" she said. We all just ignored her comments like usual.

"Yes!" I said quickly.

"Okay, okay," Rose said to me. "Sakura just told us the whole story from when you saw Noriko with this boyfriend." I drew in a mouthful of air at her statement. I broke down and told the crew the whole story without messing a single detail. I shuttered as I did so. I even began to feel myself get angry again. Suddenly, I wanted to slap that spoiled little bitch for insulting me last night. I clinched my fists as tight as I could so that I kept keep myself calm enough to finish the story. The others were pretty shocked as I was when I was finished. Mandy didn't even have any words to say after that one at first. Then came the most disturbing question I had ever heard come out of her obnoxious mouth.

"Well... you think she had sex with him last night?" she let tumble out of her mouth. We all looked up at her in even more shock. That was scary for two reasons:

1.) Anything to do with sex out of Mandy's mouth is just wrong on some many levels! (Even that sentence sounded wrong!)

2.) Noriko's like a child to us! She's young for sex!

And the worst part was Mandy asked a question that we actually had reasoned to be worried for Noriko about! And speak of the devil, guess who shows up! Noriko was standing in the doorway looking at us with a blank stare on her face.

"Hi guys..." her voice trailed out uneasily. Just seeing her face again pissed me out once more. I looked away and rolled into my cubicle to get to work. The others just walked away. That did it! We'll all look into this boyfriend of hers and break them up before he does something terrible to her in the end! I'll make that little bitch sorry for dissing me like that!

Come On Baby, Come On Girl
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