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I am a Woman Now

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Noriko and Kenji finally do it in the morning. Noriko bites back at Sakura for being childish about last night.

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"I am a Woman Now":

I glared at everyone in the room. Big-mouthed Sakura must have told everyone about Kenji. I knew this would happen. She probably even told them that he and I were having sex! Well, we didn't! Not that night, anyway. The story goes like this:

After I stood up to Sakura, Kenji and I went back to his apartment. He took me to his room. We started making out at first. I was surprised that he could give tongue so well. Sure, Kenji and I had kissed before, but tonight was really special. You see, I am a virgin. Kenji and I had been together for a few weeks now. He had been treating me like a lady. We went on a few dates. All of that time, Kenji didn't even try to push me into having sex with him. After four weeks of waiting, I was ready. But I didn't have the courage to ask him to sleep with me yet. Every time I came close, I would lose my nerve and panic. I didn't know what it was. Maybe I wanted to stay a good girl a little bit longer. Maybe I felt that my friends and family were watching me. Whatever it was, I just didn't ask Kenji to sleep with me. Finally, the chance came after I told Sakura off last night.

Anyway, Kenji and I made out at his apartment in his bedroom. I had to force myself to relax in order to impress him enough to do me. Our night started off as innocent at first. Then, things became hot. Kenji ripped off his shirt in desire. I was blushing when I saw his upper torso. Oh wow! That man had some muscle to him! Such strong arms! I barely would break my fingers just by touching his abdomen. I could barely speak at all. Kenji grinned at me when his noticed my surprised face.

"Does little Noriko like what she sees?" he asked me. I still couldn't talk. I just nodded at him in excitement. Kenji smiled at me again. He flexed his strong arm for me. That did it! I thought that I would faint from the excitement. I leapt forward and started kissing on him again. He kissed me back. Then he slowly slid off my short black and pink dress. I became really nervous again, but forced myself to stay calm again. I only had on my matching black and pink kitty bra and panties. I thought that he would laugh at my undies. Instead, he leaned in close to my warm ear.

"Very cute undies!" he replied. I began to blush again.

"Thanks!" I stammered out. Then he kissed me yet again. We continued stripping down while we were kissing. Pretty soon, Kenji was completely naked and I was down to my panties. But we didn't do it that night however. My love and I just made out until we went to sleep in each other's arms.

However, the morning was much more promising. We woke up and picked up where we left off. Kenji climbed on top of me and slid off my panties. I spread my legs for him as he slid on a condom that he had under the bed. That fine-looking boy entered me in a heartbeat. That hurt time hurt me really badly, but I acted like it didn't hurt. Again, I was trying to impress my boyfriend. But, Kenji saw through my little act. He smiled at me out of sympathy.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked me as he was lightly stroking my hair.

"No!" I said quickly. "You might as well keep now! I want this!" Kenji shrugged at me softly in responsive.

"Okay," he said to me almost convinced. Then, he got to work inside of me. It took a little while, but the pleasure hit me hard and fast. I was moaning out happily as I held onto my boyfriend tightly to my body. I was actually surprised about how big he was. I felt my inner walls strength around him so that he could fit me without any problems. My Kenji held onto my shoulders to the point that they began to hurt from his strong hands.

"You're so tight!" he called out to me. I just moaned aloud in responsive. Kenji went faster and faster. We ended up making out once again while did it. My love kept going in and out of me at fast speeds. I was really surprised that he did this so well. Kenji was clearly experienced in the bedroom. I just didn't how much though. In fact, the whole sex thing was a total surprise to me. No one really told me much about sex. My mother and father tried their best to keep me in the dark about such things like that. My friends were shocked that I didn't know much about sex, but yet they seemed too embarrassed to tell me anything about it. Part of that is why I had a curiosity about this whole sex thing ever since I met Kenji. Now, I was fully getting a crash course on the whole topic from a master in the bedroom. "Oh, so this is what this sex thing is all about!" I thought in excited. "It's even better than I thought! A girl could get used to this!"

Kenji came hard in the condom after a long while. We both moaned out loud in deep bliss. My boyfriend collapsed beside of me. We lie beside of each other panting. I turned to my love smiling.

"I am a woman now!" I blurted out in happy bliss.

"Yes," he agreed with me. "Yes, you are!" We smiled at each other and kissed again. We lied in bed together for a few more minutes and then I realized that I had to go to work. So, I got out of bed, took a shower at his place, and went home to change clothes. I came to work after I did all of that. (I lied to my parents about where I was last night. I can't believe that actually believed me once again! One would think that someone would've caught on by now! Don't they even care?) I came in and saw everyone acting like I'm a big slut. I ought to get big-mouthed Sakura some way. But right now, I need to get to work. So, I walked over to Sakura cubicle and got straight to my own work.

Sakura and I didn't talk to each other for two whole hours. Then, I ran into an excuse that to talk to her. I needed some information on BBMak. I didn't want to ask Sakura yet. So, I worked around it. But over time, I needed help. I had no choice now. But I know my pal too well. I pissed her off and now she's going to be childish and not talk to me. But I really need to ask her this. What can I do? What should I do? I shut my eyes tightly. I don't really want to do this. I've got no choice now. I swallowed hard. Well, here goes!

"Sakura," I spoke up trembling.

"I'm not talking you!" she said quickly.

"But you just did!" I said trying to stay pleasant. Sakura didn't say a word. I got back on track. Can't back down now. Must keep going. I am a woman now.

"Can you tell with year that BBMak broke up?" I asked as polite as I could. Sakura just snorted at me as she turned around to face me. Uh-oh! She's going to be nasty to me now. I knew this was coming.

"Why don't you look it up your own damn self!" she snapped at me. "You seemed willing to tell me off last night. You're grown now, look it up yourself!" Usually when she was in her childish moods, I would crushed. But this morning, I was ANGRY!!! For many years, I have always been babied around by my friends and family. Kenji was right. It is time for me to grow up! Now is a good time to do it!

"Listen," I snapped at her. "As for last night, get over it! You and the others micromanage too much! It's time that you let me grow and stay out of my life!" Sakura didn't say a word and turned back to her work. I smiled in victory at my words. There was one more thing I just had to add in.

"Oh and by the way," I said to her. "Kenji and I didn't sleep together last night. We slept together this morning! I'm a woman now! So stuck on that for a while, bit-cha!" And I tell you all now, I literally heard Sakura Ono pause in shock dramatically! I had really rocked her world at that moment. I smirked to myself as I looked up BBMak. Sakura will get over it. She always does. I have come a long way, baby!

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