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Ankle Deep

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Kenji reflects on Noriko and the morning in bed they shared together. Reviews are a good thing!

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Ankle Deep:

I lied back on my bed smiling to myself. This morning was one of the best moments in my life. What a woman! Noriko may be a child on the surface, but she's a sex toy in the bed. It's just... wow! Sure, she was a virgin. I have to keep this one around. Which is odd, because I don't do relationships. I just like hit and run sex. Meet a girl, bang her, and take off into the night. It's how my friends and I operate. But... Noriko is different! She's a bit ditzy, but her kindness and big dreams make up for it.

I lit a fresh cigarette as I began to reflect on this morning. Oh, Noriko. Where do I begin with her? Ditzy and innocent is a good start. Mind you, the girl isn't stupid. Nori is intellectively smart, in fact. She graduated at the top of her class in high school and college. The poor girl is just ignorant of the world. But, it's not her fault. It's her parents and friends' fault. They have all tried their best to keep her innocent. They have done a good job of it too. You know that Noriko had never tried alcohol until she met me? Very sad by my book. She doesn't even know much about sex either. When I would say something perverted to me, the girl would just look at me confused. Then, the whole mood would be lost from there. She really needs some work to be done to her. But, that's why I'm staying with her. Noriko is my new little project. I'm going to make her into a real woman.

I sat on in my bed with my cigarette. I don't know why I care so much. Usually after I sleep with a girl, that's it. No calls, no dates, no cuddling, no meeting parents/families. Just straight up sex and the girl for the next thing that comes along. But, I can't do that Noriko. She has gotten under my skin. I can't erase her from my mind at all. I don't know how she did it, but now I more and more of her. I have a theory about how she won me over, though. When I asked her if she was a virgin or not, she told me that if I wanted to find out, I would have to get to know her as a person first. I can't lie to y'all, Noriko was pretty cute when I first met her. I really wanted to get laid by her. But since she wasn't going to give it up to me that easily, I decided to play along with her little game in order to win. So, we went on a few dates. (My friends all sneered at me because I was dating. But I didn't really give a shit, I was on a mission. I was meaning to have her.) After close to five weeks, Nori had me hooked into her badly.

Pretty soon, I was just happy to be with her. My friends were all sneering at me because of it. I ignored them at first. But then after a while, I told them to f**k off and that I was happy that I had an actually stable girlfriend now. Noriko and I ended up exchanging stories about our lives to one another. I was starting to take her out to dinner right after she got off of work. We even have each other's cell phone numbers and talk to every other almost every night. (She won't give me her home phone number just yet. She's still not ready to introduce me to her folks just yet. I'm cool with that.) I hate to admit it, but I'm actually falling in love with Miss. Noriko. If she would just grow up some, she would be perfect!

Like I said before, I'm on a new mission. I am going to help Noriko grow up and be a real woman. I have been showing her many things about the real world. Both of which have been good and bad. At first, she was really shocked by the things I have shown her. But over time, my girlfriend, (still feels weird to say that), grew to accept the reality of the world. At first, I was worried that she wasn't taking to heart what all I had taught her. But after last night with her friend and co-worker, Sakura, my Nori has learned well. I was surprised that she even asked to come back to my place afterwards. I am really proud of her now. Plus with her being so good in bed, she's got to stay around a while longer until she fully grows up with me. Then, a thought crossed my mind.

I quickly looked up at my clock. Oh shit, it's ten o'clock! I have to be at work now. I'll work on Noriko later. I've got to make some money right now. I leapt out of bed and hurried to ready for another day at the mechanic and auto shop.

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