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A new student comes to campus, and something about him makes the whole gang on edge, especially Ulrich. But when X.A.N.A seems to take an interest in targeting the boy, Jeremy knows he could be hel...

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Code lyoko

A new student comes to campus, and something about him makes the whole gang on edge, especially Ulrich. But when X.A.N.A seems to take an interest in targeting the boy, Jeremy knows he could be helpful in the quest to stop X.A.N.A…that’s if they can help him first.
This is before William came (he will never come in this fanfic sadly…sniff)
And Aelita is not materialized.

“Hey.” Ulrich said as he approached Jeremy, Odd, and Yumi.
“Where have you been?” Yumi asked. Ulrich was almost a 1 hour late. Odd answered for him.
“Well, remember how I said me and Ulrich spray painted a rabid bunny on the building?”
“Yes.” They said in unison. “As I was saying, I left before Ulrich did because the video game I really wanted was on sale and the store opened at exactly 4:00 A.M. So I wanted to make sure to get it!” “And that left me to clean it off.” Ulrich said, closing his eyes to resist glaring at Odd and keep it calm. Jeremy was about to speak when a town bus screeched to a stop close to the school, making the gang turn there heads to the noise.
A boy with jaw length black hair stepped off the bus. He walked forward as the blue bus sped away, his baggy black pants with chains on it clang together quietly as he gripped his shoulder strap of a dark highlighter green and black stripped messenger bag with a pale, slender hand. He had a tight, long sleeved t-shirt on with a red rib cage and a bleeding gray heart print, showing how skinny he was, and his face was also pale and thin.
He looked down as he stopped, moving his bag to a more comfortable position, hair falling in his face again as he lifted his head up slightly to see where he was going.
“Hey we should go talk to him. No one new has come here in a while.” Yumi suggested. Odd nodded and yelled yes. Jeremy nodded, but Ulrich shook his head. Something was different about the kid; he really didn’t want to find out what though.
“Hey, why not!?” Odd asked. “Because, I said I didn’t, you guys can if you want, but I’m not.”
“Aw, he’s just being anti-social.” Came a high-pitch noise, other wise know as Sissy’s voice. “Who would want to talk to the new kid, anyway?” She said moving closer to Ulrich as she nodded her head in the direction of the walking boy, attempting to wrap her arm around Ulrich, but he moved away swiftly.
“Well, since none of you are willing to at least help him find the office” Odd said, turning to look at the boy again who once more stopped, but this time was looking at a sheet of paper, a light confused look on his face. “I will.” And Odd ran off to the boy, yelling to him, creating enough racked to get him to look up at him with wide eyes, gripping the paper tightly.
Yumi shook her head at Odds tactics, Ulrich sighed, Jeremy smiled and Sissy gave this look before walking off with a flick of her hair.

“Hi, I’m Odd!” Odd yelled, smiling while throwing his hand behind his head eyes closing as his grin grew. When Odd opened his eyes to stare at the boy again, he realized he was proble a little shorter than Odd; even though most of the time Odd hid that with his shoes, he could see if they both were in bare feet, the other would be half an inch short.
“Soooo what’s your name?” The boy looked at him again. Odd heard something. “Speak up! I can’t hear you!”
“Max.” Was his reply, then he started to walk again. “Hey wait!” Odd said, catching back up in no time. “You’re new here, right?” He nodded his head. “Well, how about I help you find the office!” It was more of a state ment then a question, so Max just fallowed as Odd was almost skipping into the building. Odd stopped in the middle of the hall, to let the smaller boy catch up. “What grade are you in?” Odd asked, moving his head to get a good look at the slouching boy. “7th?” The boy just nodded his head. “6th?” The boy nodded. “Got it right on the second try! Not bad!” Odd said grinning madly again.
They came to a door labeled ‘office’ Odd turned the handle and kicked it open, making the black haired boy jump slightly. “Hey!” He announced bouncing in and over to another door. Mr. Delmas walked right out as Odd was about to fling his door open.
“Max! Good to finally have you come here.” He said smiling at the boy who all of a sudden couldn’t stop his slight movements. “You’re almost a week late than planed! Well that’s okay, were barely into the 3rd month of school, I’m sure you’ll catch up in no time.” Odd stared at the principal. Odd knew he knew something, but pushed it aside as he noticed Mr. Delmas shove 3 papers into Max’s hands. “Sorry, but there is no one in your grade that has an open for you to bunk with. But we’ll find someone in no time.” “Jeremy has no one to bunk with.” ‘Ops,’ Odd thought, ‘it just kinda slipped.’ “Yes, But Jeremy is in 7th grade.” “Oh, Yeah. Well, it was an idea.” “But its okay, I’m sure he can bunk by himself for a while.” Max just nodded.
“Okay, well bye, I’m gonna show Maxie around!” Odd said, hopping out the door with the younger boy fallowing. Half way down the hall Odd decided Max was walking to slow and grabbed him by the wrist in an attempt to drag him. Max yelped and pulled back almost immediately and moved over to the side of the hall away from Odd. “What? I just wanted to get you to move faster!” “Sorry it’s just…please don’t touch me.” He asked quietly, Odd found this weird but could see the pleading in Max’s eyes. “Okay, well here are the bathrooms!” Odd stated throwing his arms in the direction of a door. Max nodded, taking this into note.

By the end of the after noon Max knew where everything was, including the detention room. Odd was satisfied at the time and decided to introduce Max to the gang. “Let’s go meet my friends!” Odd said, almost taking Maxes arm again but stopped him self just in time.
Yumi, Ulrich, and Jeremy were hanging out in the usual area, turning there heads at the sounds of Odds shouts. Skidding to a stop, Odd waited for Max to catch up to start talking.
As max stop slightly behind Odd, his head was still hanging low, as it had all day. “Max, this is Yumi. Yumi, Max.” He said pointing. Yumi smiled. “Hey.” “Max, Jeremy.” “Hello.” “And Max, this is Ulrich.” Ulrich nodded. Taking in the silent boy.
Max looked up quickly to get a look, but then moved his head back down. “So, Max, who are you bunking with?” Max shrugged. Odd answered. “The principal couldn’t find anyone, so he’s by himself.” “He could bunk with me.” Jeremy offered. “I said that, but the he just sticks with the stupid grade policy.” “huh?” The three asked in unison. “Max is in 6th grade so he-“6th?” “That’s what I said, or am I just hearing an echo.” “How old are you?” Yumi asked. “Just turned 12.” Was his simple reply. “Okay. So we have a whole day ahead of us, its lunch time too!” “Good idea.” Jeremy said, heading inside the building. Every one fallowed. Except Max. Odd didn’t notice, but Ulrich did, he stopped out side the door and said he’s catch up later. Max was already half way across the lawn when Ulrich called to him. Max turned his head up.
Ulrich stopped beside Max. Maybe if he got to know the boy, he’d understand why he didn’t feel right around him. “So, why’d you come during the middle of the school year?” Shrug. “Do you like it here?” Nod. “Do you ever talk?” Another nod.
Max started to walk again. Ulrich reached out to grab his arm. Max instantly pulled away. “Please, don’t touch me.” He asked quietly. “Okay.” Ulrich realized how hard it was to get Max to talk. So he let it go. “I’ll see you later.” Ulrich said, waved slightly and walked in the opposite direction Max was going.

REALLY early in the morning (like around 1 or 2 A.M…)…

Max jumped out of bed, skin freezing cold. Imagines flooded his brain. He shook his head to rid of them. Walking to the door he grabbed something out of his back pack before heading to the bath rooms. He promised he’d change, but sometimes, to just manage to sleep you have to do things. Max checked to make sure no one was in the bath room before moving over to the sink, avoiding the mirror.

Ulrich regretted playing all those video games with Odd at last night. Video games ment pizza. Pizza ment soda. Soda ment constant bath room runs during the night, or at least one that took a while…
Stepping over Kiwi, Ulrich swung the door open slightly. Walking into the hall way quietly, his bare feet scraping cold carpet, Ulrich made his way to the bath room. When he opened the door, he wasn’t ready for what he saw.
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