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Blood to bleed

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Ulrichs bathroom trips turns into something more when he finds the new student, Max, with bloody arms and knife in his hands. Ulrich takes it on himself to help the boy clean up, and finds X.A.N.A ...

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Chap 2. Why

Stepping over Kiwi, Ulrich swung the door open slightly. Walking into the hall way, his bare feet scraping cold carpet, Ulrich made his way to the bath room. When he opened the door, he wasn’t ready for what he saw.
“Max!” Ulrich said running over to the black haired boy, who loosened the grip on the bloody blade as Ulrich yelled at him. “Max! Put that down.” Ulrich said, fight back a gag at the sight of the boys’ skinny, blood-covered arms. “Max! Now.” Max let the knife drop into the sink, the whole time he had been staring at Ulrich with fear on his face and in his eyes. “I…” He started, but Ulrich cut him off. “No Max. Why? Why did you do it!?” “I’m sorry!” Max said, tear flowing down his cheeks. Max whipped them away soon as they came, forgetting about all the blood on his arms as he smeared some on his cheeks and into his eyes. “Max.” Ulrich said, approaching him slowly. “Let’s get some of the blood washed away. Then I’m taking you to the nurse.” “Please, no.” “That wasn’t an option.” “I’m fine, it’s nothing new.” Max replied, but then realized what he said. Ulrich eyes widened. “Max. Just go with me, the nurse might not even be there.” He was not in the mood to argue with this boy, ever since the boy came along he found out he was a little more irritable. “Please, no. I’m fine.” “Max. You’re bleeding! You’re not okay. So don’t lie.” Ulrich yelled, walking next to Max, surprised he didn’t move away. He just kept staring at the bloody sink. “Max, put your arms under the faucet.” Max obeyed, reaching both arms under the water. After all the blood was washed away to reveled numerous cuts and scars, Ulrich wrapped Max’s forearm and wrist with paper towels to slow the bleeding, and wiped the blood on Max’s face away real quick. Once the paper towels touch Max, they became red. “You’re defiantly going to the nurse.” Ulrich said with a tone that made no a death wish. Max just nodded, Ulrich grabbed a few more paper towels to make another layer. Ulrich instructed Max to hold them in place. He cleaned up the sink, washed off the blade then closed it, slipping it into his pocket, not wanting the boy he didn’t even know to use it again.
Ulrich Opened the bath room door, Max fallowing behind him as he walked down the hall.

After the door slammed shut, water started to pore over ever stall in the bath room, sinks turned on, purple water streaming out of every possible opening. X.A.N.A. was launching an attack, and wasn’t for the normal reason.

Ulrich decided Max was once more going to slow, and stopped. Max stopped as well, 3 feet away from the brunette. “Max.” Ulrich started, Max instantly moved up next to Ulrich, still gripping the paper towels around his bleeding arms. “Max.” Max moved his head up some, not enough for there eyes to meet, but enough for Ulrich to see his eyes. Ulrich sighed; he walked the rest of the way to the nurses’ office with Max just as silent as before.
Ulrich knocked on the door. No answer. Turning the handle, Ulrich opened the door. “Hello?” He called, the room echoed. “Anyone in here?” No answer. Ulrich walked in. “Come on Max.” Ulrich said, when he hear Max walk behind him he said again. “Max, come on, the sooner you’re bandaged up, the sooner we can go back to bed.” Still no one. He turned around.
Purple water started to travel close to Maxes ankles. Ulrich instantly recognized it, he yanked Max into the room. Slamming the door shut.
“Ulrich…?” Max asked eyes still wide from unknown reason to why Ulrich just did that. “It’s nothing Max. Come on. Let’s just bandage your arms up then go back to sleep.” Max just nodded, fallowing Ulrich into the room. Max put soap on a wet cloth and started to scrub at his arms. Ulrich didn’t want the boy to know what X.A.N.A was. So he wouldn’t tell the truth as to why he was looking over his shoulder very often toward the door. Which ment he couldn’t call Jeremy just yet.
“Hey! Be careful, you’re going to re-open them if you’re that rough.” Ulrich stated, taking the cloth from his hand with speed. He grabbed the part of Max’s wrist that wasn’t injured and didn’t miss how he flinched. He ignored it and started to softly rub at the cuts on pale skin. When they were done with both arms, Ulrich helped Max bandage them.
They walked back to the door area. Ulrich stopped by Max right as he was about to open his door. “Max.” He said, realizing he had said the boys name a lot compared to anyone else he had ever met in one night. “Don’t do it again. I don’t know what happened, or what’s going on, but it’s not the way to handle it.” Max just nodded. “Max. I want to hear you say it.” “I…I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” “Promise?” “I’ll try.” Ulrich grabbed Max’s shoulder, turning him roughly. Max flinched and tried to scoot away. “No, Max, you have to /promise /.” “I can try…that’s all. I can’t control it.” Ulrich let Max’s shoulder’s go. “Control what?” “Never mind.” Max dashed into the room, Ulrich almost started to bang on the door but remembered people were still sleeping. Letting it go, he was tried, needed to let Jeremy know X.A.N.A launched an attack, and had to sort his mind some now. Tomorrow he’d question the boy.
He groaned quietly….he didn’t even get to use the toilet!

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