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“Frank?” Mikey whispered, poking me several times before I woke up.
“Mmmmph, fuck ophf,” I slurred, still half asleep.
“Frankie,” he continued to poke me.
“For fucks sake, what?” I sat upright, glaring at Mikey.
“Look at Gerard,” he giggled.
I turned around to see Gerard, still fast asleep, with his mouth wide open and his hand down his pants. I turned back to Mikey and let out an evil grin.
“I bet he was dreaming of you,” Mikey laughed, before I punched him playfully and took out my phone from my back pocket. I noticed Mikey checking out my ass as I did so, so he ended up with yet another punch in the arm.
I put the camera on my phone on and aimed it at Gerard, in his funny, but oh so sexy sleeping position. Taking a few quick snapshots of him, making sure I zoomed in on his hand once or twice, I was finally pleased with my work.
“Should we wake him?” I asked Mikey as I sat back down in between them both.
“Nah, leave him. He’ll wake up and go all weird on us, he’s done it before. He’ll be all like, ‘Hey, did uhm, you guys uhm, wake up before me… or like, see anything, uhm, strange this morning… by any chance?’ and we’ll be all like, ‘Yes, Gerard, we saw you jerking off in your sleep, dude.’” Mikey chuckled.
“Seriously? He’s done that before? What did you do to him afterwards, y’know, did you like, bribe him or something or threaten to tell your mom if he didn’t do something for you?” I laughed.
“That’s actually a good idea,” he grinned, “We should totally do that!”
I laughed at his enthusiasm, “You make me laugh Mikes,” I ruffled his hair. He ruffled mine back and poked me in my side. He knows im ticklish!
“Oh, so that’s the way you wanna play it, is it, Way?” I grinned, wiggling my fingers ready to tickle him.
Before I could make him squeal, he had jumped up off the sofa and ran into Gerard’s room for safety. In fits of giggles I tried to open the door, but Mikey was holding onto the handle on the other side. I continued to push as hard as I could, only to end up going flying through it when Mikey decided to let go. I landed on top of him, nearly crushing him.
In a pile of laughter on the floor, we composed ourselves quickly when we realised my hand was now in the same place as Gerard’s was… but on Mikey.
Nervous laughter took over us both as I snapped my hand away quickly, and I felt my cheeks burning red.
“Im sorry,” I laughed, wishing the ground would swallow me up.
“It’s okay,” Mikey chuckled.

“Uhm, so… what do you wanna do?” I broke the silence after a few minutes.
“Uh, you wanna go get breakfast?” Mikey asked.
“Im not actually that hungry, after eating all that popcorn last night… what time is it?” I asked, looking around for a clock, “5:30!? Last time I looked it was about 5 minutes past 2, and then I went to sleep.”
“Fuck,” Mikey added, “So, what should we do?”
I thought for a while, but couldn’t come up with anything, “I don’t know. It’s no fun just sitting here not doing anything…”
Mikey sighed. I hated being this way with him. Things were so awkward now. I just wanted it to be like old times, when we felt totally comfortable with each other, and we would find something to do even if it was the most bizarre thing ever.
“Do you feel different, Mikey?” I asked quietly.
“What do you mean, ‘different’?” he replied.
“I mean, like, since we y’know, kissed. I feel different. I feel awkward,” I said, pulling a face.
“Yeah, me too,” he sighed.
“Well, lets not let that get in the way of our friendship, yeah?” I said, trying to keep the conversation going, so that the awkward silence didn’t come back.
“Yeah, okay. I would hate it if things changed just because of one stupid kiss,” he said, with a slight element of spite in his voice.
“It wasn’t stupid,” I blurted.
“Nothing,” I mumbled, instantly regretting it.
I could feel his eyes burning holes in the side of my face as I looked at the floor, avoiding eye contact with him.
“Frank, what did you mean, ‘it wasn’t stupid’?” Mikey finally plucked up the courage to ask.
“It was uhm… kinda, special… I guess, y’know ‘cause it was… with you… my uhm, best friend,” I stuttered.
His hand crept up onto the side of my face, lifting it so I was face to face with him. He smiled and pushed his lips to mine softly, “Thankyou.”
I couldn’t resist his soft pink lips. I couldn’t help it. All I wanted was to kiss him again and again and again. I had forgotten about everything at that moment, when I forced my lips back onto his and pushed him onto his back.
At first he seemed shocked by my actions, and also a little guilty, but after a while he warmed to the idea, and began kissing me back as deeply as I was kissing him.
I began to unzip his jeans, still kissing all the air out of his lungs as he lay on the floor.
“Frank, should we be doing this?” his conscience kicked in and he began to feel guilty.
“Mikey, do you want to do this?” I asked a simple question.
“Well, uhm, you’re Gerard’s boyf…” he began but I interrupted.
“No, I asked if you want to do this, not reasons why we shouldn’t,” I said.
“Yeah, I want this so bad Frank,” he whined.
I pulled his shirt over his head, running my fingers up and down his torso once it was discarded. I straddled him and looked into his eyes. I don’t know what was happening to me. A strange feeling took over my body, as I leant down and kissed his lips, my tongue also searching his mouth.
I slid my hands down his sides and pushed my fingers into his jeans and boxers, pushing them down slowly, as he pulled my shirt over my head.
Our lips parted and I smiled at the sight of Mikey’s body beneath mine. Leaving a trail of kisses down his chest, I then licked a trail down to his stomach, and began to lick the insides of his thighs. He rolled his hips when I got close to his erection, making noises too.
I liked the fact that it was me who was making him moan and it was me who was giving him pleasure as I took him into my mouth. I had never done this before, so I was quite nervous, but by the sound of the noises he was making, I was doing a pretty good job.
“Oh, Frank… Frank,” Mikey moaned. I loved to hear him moaning my name. It made me feel so alive.
The enjoyment I was giving him must have become more intense, as he thrusted his hips upwards and deep throated me. I swallowed around his hardness, making him cry out with pleasure before he came into my mouth. I swallowed as much of it as I could and licked my lips.
“That was fucking amazing,” Mikey sighed, still breathing heavily from his orgasm.
“Why, thankyou,” I laughed, crawling up his body and kissing him.
“We should definitely do that more often,” he laughed, then realised what he had just said.
“Oh shit,” I groaned, “What have I done?”
“Im sorry, Frank. It was my fault. I told you I wanted you to and… and…” Mikey babbled.
“No, no Mikes. It’s not your fault. It’s my own fault. Im sorry, I can’t do this to Gerard,” I said, moving myself off the top of Mikey and sitting with my head in my hands.
“Well, you kinda already did,” he muttered, thinking I didn’t hear him.

“Mikey get dressed,” I ordered, standing up and pulling my shirt over my head.
“What?” he looked slightly shocked.
“Get dressed. We don’t want Gerard to see us, do we?” I smiled, holding out my hand to help him up off the floor, “ill go make us some coffee.”
“Okay, thanks…” he smiled taking my hand and getting up, giving me one last kiss before I left him to dress.

“Hey Mikey,” Gerard said as he walked into the kitchen where we were sitting drinking our coffee in silence, “Hey babe.”
“Hey,” I smiled back, kissing him as he leant over me to reach for the coffee pot.
“Hey, guy’s uhm… did you uhm; see anything, uh, weird this morning? Y’know, like something you... uhm, probably shouldn’t have?” he began to stutter, sitting down with his coffee.
“Yes, Gerard, we saw you jerking off in your sleep, dude,” Mikey and I laughed in stereo.

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