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“Now, we need to make quick decisions about this. We don’t have much time,” Gerard said to me. I wasn’t really listening to be honest.
“Yeah,” I replied, in a world of my own.
“What music?” Gerard asked.
“Music Frank, what music do you want?”
“Frank, you’re not listening to a word I’m saying are you?” he chuckled.
“Okay, yeah.”
“Frank, I broke your guitar,” Gerard teased.
“What!?” I was suddenly listening.
“I knew that would make you listen,” he laughed as my breathing got back to normal as I realised he was joking, “Now, what music do you want at the wedding?”
“I want you to sing,” I answered honestly.
“Im being serious Frank, we only have a short amount of time,” he said.
“Im being serious Gerard, I want you to sing,” I smiled.
“Of course. I love your voice. Infact, fuck you, I want to marry your voice,” I laughed.
He smiled, kissing my cheek gently, “Okay, but only if you play guitar.”

“Hey,” Mikey smiled, entering the room.
“Hey bro,” Gerard said. I just simply smiled.
“Mom and Dad want you to stay at theirs tonight. They wanna have dinner with you,” Mikey informed us.
“Shit, Frank’s Mom is out of town for a few nights, he was gonna stay here whilst she’s away…” Gerard began.
“No worries, they want both of you to come. They said it’s a ‘family’ dinner,” Mikey mocked.
“Im classed as family now?” I smiled, feeling happy.
“Yeah, they’ve warmed to the idea of you and Gerard getting married,” Mikey grinned.
When Gerard first told his parents that we were getting married, they flipped out. His Dad had the whole ‘he’s only a young boy’ rant just like my Mom did, but after a while they accepted it. I could tell that they still didn’t want it to happen, but they decided to let it be for Gerard’s happiness’ sake. They must have thought about it a lot to change their opinion so quickly.
“Great,” Gerard beamed, “Are you staying here or going back out?”
“Why?” Mikey looked confused, “What does it matter?”
“No reason,” Gerard smirked to himself.
“On that note, im going out. Ill be back in about 2 hours, so make sure… y’know,” Mikey looked kinda freaked out and as though his mind had just been scarred by some kind of bad image.
Gerard continued to smirk, waving a kinda sarcastic goodbye to his little brother as he walked out of the door.
“Bye,” I said, wondering why he left so quickly.
“Now we’re all alone…” Gerard smiled, making his first and middle finger look like legs, walking up my arm and onto my shoulder. His ‘finger-legs’ soon changed to his full palm against my face when his lips connected with mine.

He threw me onto his bed, no, fuck that, our bed, and began pulling off my clothes. Tugging at his belt buckle, I moaned as he ghosted his fingers over my erection which was proudly protruding against the material of my boxers. He chuckled at my eagerness as I pulled off his shirt and threw it in any random direction so I could get back to kissing his chest as quickly as possible.
“I love you Frankie,” he smiled as his hand caressed my cheek and we lay there, naked.
“I love you too,” I took his hand from my cheek and kissed his fingertips. He pushed them into my mouth and I began to suck them.
He quickly got up and ran out of the door.
“What the fuck?” I said to myself, wondering whether to go look for him and find out what he was doing or whether to just sit there and wait to see if he came back.
After about 2 minutes, he re-entered the room with a big smirk on his face and his hands behind his back.
“What’ve you got behind your back?” I asked, smirking.
“Something I think you’ll like…” Gerard smiled, “Guess.”
“No, let me see!” I laughed, standing up and running around him, trying to see what he had in his hands.
After making me jump around for a while, he finally stopped laughing long enough to show me what he had.
“Nice… chocolate,” I smirked, kissing him.
“See, I told you you’d like it. We could have some fun with this stuff,” he followed me back to the bed. He crawled over to me, running his fingers through my hair and kissing me softly before he aimed the tube of chocolate body paint at me and fired it, without warning.
“Shit, that’s cold!” I squeaked, making him laugh hysterically. He smeared it all over me, being careful to cover my hardness with an extra thick layer. After he was happy with his work, he began to lick it off…

“Wow,” I smirked, out of breath.
“I know,” Gerard smirked back, panting like a dog. Beads of sweat gathered on his forehead. I rolled onto my side to face him and ran my finger carefully down the side of his face, following it with my eyes and making Gerard smile.
“I love you so much,” he whispered.
“I love you too. I can’t believe we are actually going to get married,” I smiled warmly.
“Me neither,” he kissed me lightly, “Y’know, im gonna sound really soft now, but I’ve always dreamt that I would marry somebody that I truly loved and that it would be magical and amazing… I never thought I’d be marrying you.”
“Am I meant to take that as a compliment or…” I laughed.
“I mean it in the best way possible. I just never thought I would marry my best friend. I never thought I would marry somebody as special, as gorgeous or as truly amazing as Frank Iero,” He played with my hair.
A tear escaped from my eye.
“Don’t cry, babe,” Gerard chuckled and wiped the tear away.
“You are so perfect,” I smiled, “I just can’t wait to be yours forever.”

“You asshole! That was fucking freezing!” Gerard shouted, laughing so much he nearly collapsed as he chased me out of the bathroom where I had just turned the shower to cold.
“Sucker!” I giggled, running down the hall, straight into Mikey.
“Whoa!” he squeaked, catching me in his arms as I fell on him.
Gerard ran around the corner and slid along the floor, ending up in a pile on top of me and Mikey.
“Whoa again!” Mikey laughed as he shielded his eyes. Luckily my towel had stayed around my waist, but Gerard hadn’t had as much luck.
“Oh, sorry dude,” Gerard laughed, covering himself up.
“Owe, I preferred it when you were all... exposed,” I giggled, kissing Gerard.
“Ew, guys!” Mikey squeaked from underneath the human heap we were in, “Shouldn’t you be getting the fuck off of me, and getting your asses ready for dinner at mom and dads?”
“Shit,” we said in unison, getting up and running into Gerard’s room to dress.

“Hi Mikey, Gerard… and hi Frank,” Mrs Way smiled warmly as we entered the Way family home. I had only been here a few times before, so I kinda felt like I was intruding a little.
“Take a seat boys,” She said before offering us drinks, “Dinner should be ready in about 5 minutes, so I’ll leave you boys to chat while I get out the plates.”
My phone started to ring. “It’s my mom,” I said, screwing up my nose, “Im not answering, Ill just say I didn’t hear it.”
“She’s probably only calling to check that you’re alright,” Gerard said, taking my hand a squeezing it from across the table. He quickly jerked his hand away as his dad joined us.
“Hello Frank,” he said, shaking my hand. He didn’t look too impressed that me and his son had just been holding hands, but I could tell he was choking back his anger and trying to be nice.
“Hello Mr Way, how are you?” I smiled, putting my phone, which had stopped ringing, down on the table.
“Im ff… Is that Gerard?” he replied, looking at my wallpaper on my phone.
“Uhm… I… uh…” I quickly scooped my phone up off the table and put it in my pocket, looking at Gerard for excuses.
“Uhm…” Gerard stuttered as his dad looked at him questioningly. My wallpaper was one of the pictures I had taken of Gerard with his hand down his pants, but his dad didn’t seem to see the funny side of it.
“Shit,” I muttered to myself.
“It was me who… made it, dad,” Mikey stuttered, “I, uhm… edited a picture of Gerard on the computer… I uh, thought it would be… funny.”
I could tell Donald wasn’t buying it, but I was glad that Mikey had more or less bailed us out.
“Thanks,” Gerard mouthed to his brother as Donna entered with some plates of steaming food.
I squeezed Mikey’s hand underneath the table to say thanks, making him jump slightly.
“Oh, mom, Frank’s a vegetarian…” Gerard added as he saw that Donna had put meat on my plate.
“Oh, right. Well, that can easily be sorted. Sorry about that Frank,” Donna smiled, taking my plate away again.
“Thankyou. That’s okay,” I smiled back. She was a pleasant woman; however Gerard’s father, was not.
“So… a gay vegetarian, eh? You sure are ‘different’ aren’t you?” Donald muttered.
“Dad!” Gerard groaned, “Be nice.”

“Hey, Mikes,” I said, tapping Mikey.
“What?” he replied, turning around. We had finished dinner about a half hour ago, and now Gerard was talking with his mom about the wedding plans, and his dad had gone to the shop to buy us some cream to put on the apple pie that Donna had made for us.
“I just wanted to say thanks for covering for us when your dad saw that picture of Gee,” I smiled.
“Oh, no problem. I didn’t want my dad to be any more of an evil bastard than he was already being towards you. Although my excuse was pretty lame,” Mikey answered truthfully.
“Thanks,” I said, biting my lip, no knowing what else to say.
Mikey maintained eye contact, “Where’s Gerard? I thought you’d be with him.”
“Nah, he’s talking with your mom about the wedding. To be honest, all the fancy shit is kinda boring, but he enjoys planning it so I think- why not just leave him to it?” I chuckled, sitting down on Mikey’s bed. He had begun playing a video game, “What you playing?”
“Some shit I don’t really want to be playing,” he said, dropping the console and turning towards me. His lips crashed onto mine. I could feel his cold fingers running up and down my stomach as he pulled at my shirt.
“Mikey…I…cant…” I said between kisses.
“Don’t give me that shit. ‘I don’t want to hurt Gerard, Mikey, I can’t do this’… ‘cause y’know, if you didn’t want it you wouldn’t have kissed me back just then, you wouldn’t have unbuttoned my jeans, and you wouldn’t have given me a fucking blowjob the other day,” he snapped.
I sat back, in shock.
“Im sorry, I didn’t mean that. Im sorry, Frankie,” he snivelled, looking ashamed.
“No, Mikey… you’re right,” I said, leaning forwards and reattaching my lips to his.

-im so sorry i havent updated in fucking aaaaages! 'cause im in the last year of school i have shit loads of revision and coursework i need to do if i wanna get into college. anyway, enough about my boring life atm, more about the story. rate+review please, i'll appreciate it very very much. i may not be able to update for a while again, but ill try my best to keep writing and update asap, okay? thanks :)-
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