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“Im fucking shitting myself Mikes,” I complained, holding my head in my hands as I sat on the end of my bed, “The car is coming in five minutes and taking us to the hotel where I have only two fucking hours to get my head around the fact that I am getting married to your brother.”
“You’ll be fine Frankie, you love him and he loves you, more than anything in the world, so I am absolutely positive that everything will be fine,” Mikey reassured me, patting my back.
“But how do you know he loves me more than anything? What if im not the right one for him and im just gonna mess up his life Mikes?” I sighed.
“Because I’ve just been with him, haven’t I? And when I asked him how he was feeling he told me that he loves you more than life itself and he cant wait to marry you. Everything will be okay Frankie, trust me,” he said.
“Thanks Mikes. Y’know, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” I smiled.
“And I don’t know what I’d do without you,” he smiled back.
“Thanks man,” I stood up when I heard a car horn beep and my mom shouting me, “You coming?” I turned around and held out my hand for Mikey.
“Right behind you,” he said, taking my hand and following me through the door.

Mikey and I were sharing a car, Gerard was sharing with his mom and dad, and then my parents were sharing another one. The cars were all black, so it looked like somebody had died, but it’s what Gerard wanted so I wasn’t going to complain. Today was going to be perfect, it had to be.

“Aah, together already, isn’t it bad luck for the groom to see the… groom before the wedding?” The driver said to me and Mikey as we got into the car.
“Oh, we’re not… uhm, Im not…” Mikey stuttered.
“We aren’t together… well we… I mean, no… uh…” I stammered.
“Im the groom’s brother,” Mikey finally said.
“And my best friend…” I smiled, “He’s the best man… we aren’t the couple.”
“Oh right, sorry,” The driver chuckled, “You just looked really close y’know, holding hands and stuff.”
At that moment both mine and Mikey’s grip on each others’ hand loosened and we gradually let go, giving each other guilty looks.

When we finally arrived at the hotel, we thanked the driver and got out. We were the first to get there and everyone else wasn’t far behind, so I figured I’d better get to my room before Gerard saw me. I dragged Mikey along with me.
Gerard and I were getting married at a gorgeous five star hotel on the border between New Jersey and New York, and we planned to stay there for the night then set off on our honeymoon the next morning. We each had booked separate rooms for before the wedding, however afterwards Gerard had booked the largest most expensive suite for us both to spend our first night as a married couple in.

“Mikey I can’t breathe,” I wheezed as even more stupid nerved kicked in.
“Frankie, just take deep breaths... in and out… that’s it, in and out,” he began to smirk, “in and out Frank.”
His hint at what he was saying being an innuendo made me laugh, and my breathing got back to normal as I calmed down.
“See, I knew sex thoughts would make you become Frankie again,” Mikey laughed.
“You know me too well Mikey,” I giggled, sitting down on the bed. Mikey sat beside me, but tripped over my foot as he did so, and so he ended up falling onto me. He looked up into my eyes and we stared for a while, before I snapped out of my trance and realised that nothing could happen, not today of all days.
I pushed him gently away from me, and laughed nervously for a few seconds before I found myself being pushed back by Mikey.
“Mikey, im getting married in less than 2 hours, we can’t…” I said in between small kisses that were being planted onto my lips. I couldn’t resist kissing back; his lips were so soft and warm.
He continued to kiss me, “Mikes, nothing can happen… Mikey this can’t happen anymore… Mikey… Mikey…”
“Frank… I love you,” Mikey muttered into my mouth as he unbuttoned my trousers.
“Mikey im marrying Gerard… Mikes… Oh Mikey…” I moaned slightly as his fingertips touched my hardness.
As much as I tried to resist, I just couldn’t hold in the groans and I couldn’t hold back my erection.
“You know you want it Frankie… I love you; I want to be with you… When we are together it feels so right... You can’t deny that you feel it too…” he said, pulling off my tie.
“Mikey, im in love with your brother, its our wedding day, im sorry but I cant,” I pushed him off me, “Mikey I love you but only as a friend. Yeah I admit when we are together, it feels so good and I can’t resist you but Mikes, you have to understand that im with Gerard, and that isn’t going to change, im sorry I just can’t do this.”
“But, I’m in love with you Frank. I have been since I first met you, you know that. I love you so much, Frankie, I want you to be with me. It kills me to see you with my brother; I just want you to be mine so much,” Mikey began to cry.
“It’s okay Mikey. Im sure that there’s somebody out there for you, but it’s just not me. I love you so much Mikes, but I am in love with Gerard and that’s the way it’s gonna stay, my mind is made up. Im so, so, so, so sorry,” I began to cry too.
“Oh look, you’re crying,” Mikey wiped my tears with the sleeve of his tux, “Don’t cry, I know nothing will ever change between you and Gerard, you are perfect for each other, I’m just jealous of him for getting somebody as special as you,” he smiled, brushing my hair out of my eyes.
I couldn’t help myself. I kissed him. I completely went back on everything I had just said to him and I fucking kissed him.
“Im sorry, I’ve just made it worse haven’t I?” I half laughed half cried after the kiss.
“No, you made it the perfect ending to this,” Mikey smiled, “Now, you go and marry my brother and live happily ever after… you deserve it.”
I hugged him and put my tie back on before nervously making my way downstairs to where all of mine and Gerard’s friends and family waited for the wedding to begin.

-i have exams at the minute, so i wont be updating for a while and so i thought i would leave you all waiting for the wedding and to see how it turns out in the end. frerard or frikey? rate+review? thanks-
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