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Chapter 000: Prologue

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Mina Dean stumbled away from her assailant, but only a few paces forward, he captured her once more. Throwing her down upon the old carpeting he proceeded to harass her violently.

"Stop... No... ", Mina croaked as she weakly beat off the man who kept her pinned down. "Please, Bobby, stop!"

"Shut the fuck up you whore!", he roared.

Sobs began to overtake Mina's small frame as she found herself without pants and half a shirt. She knew he, Bobby Bergins her boyfriend, was going to rape her and she was to drugged to stop it. Mina gave another wail before she blacked out, not hearing the motel door fly open.


The Next Day


"Mina?" Whispered a hoarse voice, "Call the doctor, Quinn, she's waking up!"

Her blurred vision slowly became clearer as Mina came back into consciousness. "Bert??", she had recognized that voice and her plight was answered when she turned to her bedside to find her favorite and only cousin holding her hand. "What's happened?"

She was clearly in a hospital bed and quite bandaged up from her head to her arms and legs. And wincing she sat up, sore from her struggle the night before.

"Cuz? Hold on, let the doctor check you out real quick and I'll tell you what went down last night. OK?" and Bert pulled away to be replaced by a pretty doctor who informed her she was progressing well and should be going home within the next two days.

Mina's scraggly haired, unshaven cousin returned to her side, shooing out the doctor and three other men. Then it hit her like a thousand bricks; Bobby had raped her and she was more than likely to be pregnant. This realization caused the seventeen year old to cry softly. Assuming correctly, Mr. McCraken began to comfort Mina, enveloping her into a tight hug.

"No Mina, we stopped him, we stopped him, don't cry. You're still a virgin!", Bert said reassuringly as he dried the young girl's many tears. "You can't remember can you?" she shook her head slightly, "Well, you were passed out cold by the time the guys and I got there. Me, Quinn, Jeph, and Branden pulled him off of you before things got ugly for you. But I can't say the same for Bobby." He spat the last word as though it was venom.

Her breathing became ragged again, afraid her now ex-boyfriend would be dogging her every move from now on. "Where is he, Bert, where?"

"He's going away for a long time Mina-bean, I won't let him hurt you. I just really hate it when I'm right about you dating that creep, he's older than I am ", he replied softly, stroking his cousins long blonde hair.

"You can say 'I told you so'. I should have listened.", with that Mina pulled close her last living relative and guardian.

Bert eased her into a deep sleep all the while lost in his own thoughts. 'You don't deserve this, Mina. I promise, I'll watch you better. You won't be hurt anymore, little cuz, by anyone; not even that bastard.'

When Bert was about eighteen he lost his parents, just as his father did, as an only child. Two years later, when Mina was only fourteen, tragedy struck the already decimated family again when her parents died also. Ever since, she had been under his constant legal guardianship, with his three best friends to help of course. Being that both their families had left them vast amounts of money, they did not worry financially.

And so, Mina grew up with four men, older than she, making her quite sheltered and protected. Therefore she knew nothing of the music world in which her cousin was so deeply saturated in. Mina, unlike Bert, did no drugs, drank no liquor, and evidently wore a tight chastity belt. Also, as much as he hated it, he dressed up Mina like a little doll, sent her to Catholic school and made her everything he could have been had it not been for the Music.

Rock took away Bert for long periods of time, but he never left Mina unattended by no less than two body guards. This way she was still watched like a hawk, but not as closely as he had insisted. Hence the Bobby Problem, but he was taken care of... or so Bert thought.


(Author's Note: To clear up a few details, Bert (23) six years older than Mina (17). Mina is Lindsay Lohan ish, blonde, blue eyes, slim, yet not too Hollywood looking. And yes, I did kill off the rest of family tree for this fic.)
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