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Chapter 001: Queer Moments

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Chapter 001

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Chapter 001: Queer Moments



Six Months Later: Mid- June

"Bert, I simply can't go!", whined a pretty blonde teen, "There's MEN-FOLK!"

"Mina, I'm not leaving you alone here.", Bert said as he sat down his cousin. They had just received news that his band was invited to the Warped tour for the summer and Bert was currently trying to convince Mina to go. "Its bad enough that you want to go to college right after graduating high school, but not even going somewhere for the summer before hand? Come on, it'll be awesome!" At this she laughed whilst Bert smirked as he saw Mina weighing her options. A) She could stay here under house arrest with four body guards and nothing to do or B) she could go with Bert and have fun before starting at NYU.

Then again, Mina did have a point, what with her attack only a earlier that year, she was still shaky around men other than the four she lived with. Not only that, but she had no clue what rock was being that, you guessed it, Bert kept her as far away as possible. It was one of the many restrictions that Mina had no problem complying with. She only broke them once by starting a relationship with Bobby, but welcomed all regulations soon after January's events. They included a strict dress code, no swearing, no smoking, no drinking, no pre-marital sex, no unapproved relationships and all the things that Bert did, down toned, and did not want Mina even trying.

"Besides, you don't want to spent your eighteenth birthday alone do you?" quarried Bert slyly, knowing how much it meant to Mina to spend milestone birthdays with her only living relative.

Her shoulders slumped as she sighed and gave in, "Fine, but I'm only going if I get to be body guard-less. If I'm going to supposedly have fun, I want to do it freely."

"Okay, I'll call them off for the tour, but, while we're performing, I want you to be where I can see you or with one of my confidantes.", Bert countered, not to be non-plussed. "You'll meet them once we arrive at the first venue---"

But the doorbell rang through the house and the front door opened with a crash. Mina exchanged looks with her cousin and went to investigate as male voices began to fill the foyer. Before the pair to a few steps, however, Jepha popped into the kitchen nervously.

"Bert could I have a word with you about our guests?", he said urgently.

"Guests? Bert what is he talking about?", Mina asked completely bewildered at this new development as Branden entered the room.

"Jeph, don't tell me you didn't tell Bert that Gerard and them were coming for a visit.", Branden testily.
"Gerard's here?! Why didn't you say something?!", cried Bert happily and dragging Mina behind him they made they're way to the foyer where Quinn was exchanging hugs with a group of men.

Mina hung back while Bert went off to tackle a baby faced man as Jepha and Branden joined the group.

"How some no body told me anything?" Bert asked as he gave a lanky guy with glasses a playful kiss on the cheek.

"Ah, you probably weren't listening, where's my kiss?", responded another, who was adorned with colorful tattoos and piercings about his face. With that he was given a quick peck on the lips by Quinn.

"Happy?", he quipped as the tattooed man laughed.

They continued exchanging greetings until one with a curly mess of hair noticed Mina observing them. "I didn't know you Bert had a girlfriend." He stated, making Mina blush at being mentioned.

"What?" gasped a chubby blonde haired man theatrically. "Dude don't you know its illegal to date a minor?"

Mina then realized she was still wearing her Catholic School uniform and had no make-up on, making her look quite young. She began to stutter when Branden came to her rescue.

"Shut it Bob, you're making her nervous." he said as he led her to the group.

"She's the lady of the house and my cousin, Mina.", Bert giggled at the assumption he was dating a student.

"Ohh...." Was the collective response.

"Sorry about Bob, I'm Gerard." apologized the baby faced man, then motioned to his companions as she shook their hands tentatively, " My little brother Mikey, Frankie, Ray, and Bob."

"These are the guys I was telling you about earlier." Bert explained, "They're My Chemical Romance, maybe you seen them on T.V. or something?"

Then it clicked, Mina had seen them plastered all over MTV ever since 2004.

"Oh you guys had the World War II and the funeral video!", Mina exclaimed. She may have been clueless about rock, but she knew her general music.

"Yeah that, I hope Bert told you that we're all sex addicts." Frank said unknowing of Mina's past when Jepha punched him in the arm. "What the hell? It was just a fucking joke!" This time Branden punched him while Bert shook his head and the others looked on amused.

As uncomfortable as she was, Mina still maintained her cool and stopped an oncoming argument, "Stop Jeph, Branden, he doesn't know any better." smiling she continued so as to avoid the awkward moment, "So who's up for lunch?"
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