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Chapter 002 : Ta-Twos?

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Chapter 002

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Chapter 002: Ta-Twos?



Mina blew a stray lock of hair from her face as she continued to push her way out of the crowd. After two weeks on the tour, she had been hit on every single day, and finally enough was enough. She tried to remain inconspicuous as she left the crowd after seeing The Used perform. But all her efforts were to no avail as someone grabbed her hand from behind, pulling her to a stop in between two tour buses.

"Listen, buddy--!" Mina began angrily as she did a ful 180 turn, only to come face to face with, "Frank?"

"Woah, kinda scared me there, Mina." he replied taken aback by her uncharacteristic mood, "Did someone ask you to give them a lap dance again?"

"Sorry. ummm... no actually I got hit on by a kid, an old guy, and this guy with tattoos and eyeliner."

Frank's eyebrows jumped into his hair line, 'Am I that obvious?' he thought wildly. "When did I hit on you?"

Mina giggled as she shook her blonde head, "Not you silly! This guy from one of the other bands asked me if I was busy tonight and I..." she trailed off blushing.

"Did you say yes?", Frank asked, masking his feelings of deep jealously

"Wait what? NO! I told him to mffmmslf." she mumbled the last part quickly, taking care not to look Frank in the eye.

"Huh? Say that again."

"I told him to go eff himself... but I used the real word."

Mina expected Frank to be upset and was quite bewildered when he enveloped her into a tight hug squealing, "I can't believe it! You said your first swear word!"

"Let's just not tell anyone about that mmkay? But yay all the same."
"No worries Mina, it'll be our dirty little secret." And without thinking, Frank gave her a kiss on the cheek before he took her hand once more to lead a very dazed Mina back to the crowds.


Mina and Frank showed up together at dinner that night in a near by restaurant to a worried Bert.
"Why didn't you call?", he berated Mina when she sat down with the rest of My Chem and The Used.

"I thought you wouldn't mind, I was with Frank the whole time.", she answered, hoping she wasn't in too much trouble.

"Frank, you swear you were with her?" continued Bert.

"I swear on Pansy."

At this the mood was lightened as Mikey brought up a hilarious moment of another bassist from a band they were friends with.

"...So Pete walks up to her all shy like and asks her if she was busy tonight. He said, 'You'd think she'd be nice 'cause she looked all sweet right?' Wrong! She blew him off, telling him to eff himself!", guffawed Mikey, sending everyone else into fits of laughter; everyone except Frank and Mina. The pair exchanged nervous glances when Jeph came up for air.

"You mean she didn't even recognize him?", he asked, wiping tears from his eyes.

"Didn't seem like it by the way she replied to him.", Ray said as he pulled a fork from his hair, planted by Bob and Branden.

"Who's Pete?", Mina asked nonchalantly, thinking, 'There's a chance it wasn't him, right?'

"Oh you don't know him either?", Gerard asked as he took a sip of his Coke. "He's the bassist from Fall Out Boy."

"Pete's got tattoos running down his arm and wears a lot of eyeliner.", supplied Quinn. "Kinda like Frankie over here."

"Oh." was all Mina could muster, feeling as though someone had poured a bucket of ice-water. She nudged Frank beside her and mumbled, "I blew off Pete."

Frank was about to respond when Branden whipped out his cell phone, "Let's invite Pete and them for dinner!"

'Shit a brick.', Frank thought as clasped Mina's hand under the table reassuringly. "Maybe we shouldn't, they might be busy."
"Don't kid yourself Frankie, they just sitting in their bus.", said Bert, waving off the comment.

"Yeah... No we haven't ordered yet... just across the street. Mmkay, see you in five, ciao." Branden ended the conversation and said, "They'll be here, all they have to do is get Pete stop thinking about that girl."

"Poor guy." Bob said simpatheticly.

"I have to um... bathroom." whispered Mina to Bert as she made a quick escape. Once there she celled Frank. He arrived to see Mina in high distress.

"What am I going to do?!", Mina whimpered, "He's going to be here any minute!"

"Calm down, breathe, okay, just let me handle it. Follow my lead, ok?" Frank said giving her a quick hug. "Now you go out first."

Mina and Frank settled back into their seats, unnoticed by anyone as the men got up to exchange friendly hugs with the new arrivals.

"Mina, I want to meet our friends," Bert said, "Andrew, Patrick, Joseph, and Pete. Guys this is my cousin Mina."

Pete squinted at her and her eyes widened as she realized he recognized her. Fidgeting she gave them all shy hellos and waited for Frank to commence with his plan.

"Wait you're the girl I was talking to today." Pete said, sitting down across from her.

Gerard looked surprised as well as everyone else. But before Mina could say anything, Frank spoke up.

"Hold on, you're the guy who hit on Mina today?", he said watching Bert for a reaction.

Just as expected Bert became protective again as well a Quinn, Jepha, and Branden.

"Is that true?" the air seemed to taut and strain as Bert said these words, looking from his cousin to Pete.

Mina could only nod as Jepha came to stand next to her. Pete, all the while seemed confused, unknowing of the wrong he had committed. Just as the tension was becoming unbearable, Gerard stood and began to steer a very angry Bert away from the group saying, "Quinn, maybe you should explain things to Pete, we'll be right back."

"I better go talk to him." mumbled Mina, hurrying away before anyone could say a word against her.
"Something tells me she's off limits." Pete stated.

"Off limits doesn't even cover it, bro." Frank replied as Bob gave a low whistle.

With that the men got together to sort things out with Frank telling them the real reason Mina blew up at him earlier.

"You have to understand, she's been getting a lot of fucked up comments, just 'cause she's cute. And today she finally lost it and let fly on the next person that tried her, and its bad luck it was you, Pete." Frank concluded as Gerard, Bert, and Mina came back in time for the start of dinner.

Bert was in a considerably better mood as Mina apologized to Pete quietly.

"I'm sorry about earlier, perhaps we could start over on that one?", she asked bashfully.

"Its cool and yeah, Miss Mina we may.", Pete said thankful that everyone was engrossed in one thing or another.

The two continued their dinner talking with only one another while a jealous pair of eyes and ears watched and heard everything their said. He hated the fact that Bert was doing nothing to stop the constant flirting. Moreover, he began to despise Pete for even being there.

'Wait, what are you on, Iero! You don't like Mina do you? You've only known her for three fucking weeks! Yeah... but who's been hanging out with her more often than not? Me. I should be the one making her laugh, not Pete. Yep, I've really got it bad. Fuck me.'

But his train of thought was interrupted when they all started getting up to leave and Frank noticed Mina was waiting for him, looking elated. When everyone was out of earshot, she burst.

"Frank! You are so awesome!", she gushed, " You got me out of that mess!" She hugged him in thanks.

"No prob, Mina. I wouldn't let you down." He replied, thankful for a moment alone with his new interest.

"But, um, I was wondering... since tomorrow is your day off..." Mina closed her eyes and stopped walking toward the tour buses. 'I can't believe I'm doing this.' Mina thought but went on anyways, "If you'd want to do something with me." She held her breath as Frank watched her with a playful smirk.

"Just us?"

"No, me, you, and the Dalai Llama! Of course just us... unless you want to invite someone else, which is cool too."
Frank shook his head and replied, "Alright then, what did you have in mind?"

"Let's go to a mall, I know how much you love going to places like that."

They continued their walk until Frank asked, "What's a Dalai Llama?"


Early the next morning (almost noon to regular people), Mina left a note for a sleeping Bert of her whereabouts and was off with Frank to the locale mall. Considering they were in Orange County, they decided to visit the South Coast Plaza, where an episode of each Laguna Beach and The OC was shot.

"I'm serious, they actually did shoot it here!", Mina exclaimed trying to convince her companion.

"Eh... I've never even seen that stuff so I can't argue much." Frank and Mina had been walking about the massive mall for about two hours, picking up a few things at some stores. "Let's go on the merry go round!"

Without warning Mina was pulled towards the short line for the said merry go round. Frank helped trap her onto her mechanical horse.

"You are highly random, Mr. Iero." Mina giggled as the ride commenced.

"Only for you, Miss Dean." he replied, flapping his arms and making cawing noises, scaring the little kids. Mina mimicked Franks movements right beside him.

"Mr. Iero I do declare, I like this lovely little horse!" Mina said in a false southern accent, turning to him as the ride slowed minutes later.

"You know what I like, Miss Dean?" he asked, and not waiting for an answer he said, "You." and kissed her.
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