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Chapter 003: Where This Takes Us

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Chapter 003

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Chapter 003: Where This Takes Us



Mina had, of course, been kissed before now, but all those paled in comparison to what she received today. Watching him perform on stage for the past two weeks was an electric experience and she expected any kiss of Frank's to be packed with electricity. However, this epitome of Abercrombie was amazed that this rocker could indeed kiss so deeply yet at the same time so chastely. Frank was, in other words, a polite kisser, nothing with that sloppy tongue stuff she usually got from Bobby. Mina's lightly glossed lips continued to tingle as they hopped off the merry-go-round due to the dirty looks they were being given by the harassed looking mothers on the ride. Frank held her porcelain hand in his tattooed one as they made their way to an empty bench. Sitting down, Mina took a deep breath, knowing she had to speak of the case at hand.

"Frank, I like you, I really do... but I-I can't-" she stuttered, avoiding those gorgeous emerald eyes that would make her say otherwise.

Yet it seemed as though he expected this response from her as he readily said, "Its because of Bert isn't it?"

Mina's head shot up only to meet Frank's knowing gaze, "Y-yes, um, Bert wouldn't want me to do this..." she lied and thought to herself, 'You could easily bypass Bert if you wanted to, even for Frank, but you won't will you? Why? Because you're too much of a coward to let someone in!' She picked at a hole in her pants as she mentally admonished herself.

"Usually, I'd tell you to forget what Bert says, but, " he lifted her chin and willed her to look him in the eye and said, "I understand and I won't pressure you to do something you're trusted not to do."

While they were wrapped in a warm embrace, Frank failed to notice a few tears that escaped from Mina's eyes. Tears because she couldn't tell him the whole truth...


On the ride back to the next day's venue, via taxi, Mina seemed, outwardly, happy and bubbly. On the inside, however, she slowly came undone.

"Well Princess Mina, this is where the magic ends as I return you to your fortress." Frank stated dramatically, "I bid you adieu milady."

She giggled and gave him a quick squeeze, "Thanks for coming out with me today."

"No big, I would have asked you either way." he replied before trotting off to his bus with a cheery wave.

Mina watched as Frank disappeared with tears forming in her cerulean eyes once more and quickly entered her temporary home. Once inside she completely lost all control, not knowing another person was present.

Quinn looked up to see Mina collapsing onto the floor sobbing hysterically. He swiftly made his way over to the young girl, sweeping her into a brotherly embrace. He made reassuring noises and kissed her forehead as he led them to the sofa to sit. Quinn waited patiently, handing Mina tissues every so often before asking his burning question, "Do you want to talk about it?"

To his relief, she nodded and commenced to pour her heart's troubles out. When she finished, needless to say, Quinn was surprised that this had occurred right under all their noses. But, he had to admit, she and Frank would make a cute midget couple.

Mina blew her nose and continued, "I pushed him away Quinny, I pushed away a chance at being normal again. And its all because I'm too scared to take a chance with him, to trust him."

Quinn's heart went out to the miserable teen before him. It was true, she was scared and for a good reason too. Bobby had broken her mental innocence and ravaged her trust in men. It was lucky that she and Frank even got this far at all. "Don't be. I've known Frankie for what seems like forever. I trust him, you know how hard it is to get me to do that. He won't hurt you or take advantage of you like Bobby did. But the thing is Mina, you have to meet him halfway. You've got to let down your walls for him, just give him a chance."

Mina hiccupped and smiled at his encouraging words. "Alright, I'll try to, but this time around, I want Bert to know about it. Um, after Frank and I are together, that way he can't say no."

"Sounds like a great plan. Now let's get you and Frankie some alone time, like now." he saw Mina looking hesitant and added, "You're way past the point of no return, missy, so suit up cause we're gonna lasso you a MAN!"

That night's plan failed, however, owing to the fact that My Chem was living up to their claim to fame as work-a-holics and were indeed practicing for the next day's show.


"Quinn, do I look ok?" Mina asked fidgeting in front of the bus bathroom mirror. As usual, she and Quinn were the last to primp before heading out, leaving them alone for the moment.

"Better than ok! Frankie boy is going to have his Mina fix today." Quinn teased as he took in Mina's outfit for the day. It was just a pair of form fitting, low slung jeans, chucks, and a slightly tight shirt that just squeaked past Bert's inspection.

Mina pulled her blonde hair into a loose ponytail and finished off the look with just a hint of eyeliner and lip gloss. She ignored the last part of her friend's comment and said, "Thanks, I just hope I can get him alone for a moment today."

"And why would you want to do that, Mina?", Jepha stepped from out of the bunk area looking at the guilty looking pair before him.

"Oh, um, I um... what?" Quinn stuttered, trying to cover up what they had just said.

"Its no use, I've heard enough." Jepha said cutting across the explanations. "YOU LIKE FRANKIE AND I'M GONNA TELL HIM!" He darted attempted to dart out of the bus but was viciously tripped by Mina.

"Sorry, Jephy-boy, he knows and he likes me back." she said patting his head.
"Oh so you two are an item now?" Jepha asked excited about this new juicy gossip as Quinn helped him off the floor.

"Um not yet, I'm going to talk to Frank about that today." she answered somewhat sheepishly.

"Talk to me about what?" Frank said from the door wearing his adorable Cheshire cat smile.

It was really surprising to Mina, how quickly a room could clear. With all the boys gone, except for Frank, she became flustered again as he came to sit on the sofa with her.

"A-about, yester-yesterday, I, uh, well... you see... to hell with it!" and with that Mina kissed him, forgetting all the rules. They only broke apart when cheering erupted from the front window where Jepha and Quinn were spying.

"So I guess this means yes?" Frank laughed.
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