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Two Beds and a Coffee Machine

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I knew Gerard will be in a bad mood for a while now after that. I picked Lizzy up, wiped away her tears and turned my attention to Mikey.

“Listen Mikey. He’s had a hard time coming to terms with the fact the mother of his kid is…” I looked at her, more tears were running down her face. I wiped them away before continuing. “‘Gone’. It’s hard enough for him now. And with you showing up, it’s only made it worse. No offence.”

“It…it’s okay. He only wanted to protect us. I'm such an idiot.” He put his head in his hands and started to cry. That's all I really need. First Gee, then Lizzy and now Mikey! Brilliant I thought to myself.

“Mikey, he still loves ya. He used to sit at his laptop every night and read your Myspace blog and cry before he met me. I helped him stop because it was killing him on the inside man.” He looked up at me.


“Really, really.” I smiled at him. “Listen, take Lizzy into the lounge room for me and I’ll close up shop and make coffee. Wanna cup?”

“Yeah. That’ll be great. Thanks.” I handed Lizzy over to him and pointed out where the lounge room was. I headed out the front of the shop and pulled the gate across one half of the shop and then the other. I quickly walked around to the back entrance and went back inside to finish up. I put up the closed sign, put all the tattoo and piercing equipment away then waked to the bathroom. I knocked on the door.

“Gee? Honey, let me in please?” I twisted the nob, finding it open, but I didn’t go in. “Gee, I'm making coffee. Wanna cup?” I asked, but when there was no reply, I decided to go in. “Gee? What’s…Gerard!”
I walked in to find him lying on the floor, with a pool of blood around him and a razor lying beside him. His sleaves were rolled up, revealing a multitude of fresh cuts.

“GERARD! WAKE UP! GEE!” I screamed. He had lost so much blood from his body. I was scared.

“DADDY!!!!” I heard Lizzy’s high pitch scream from behind me. This can’t be happening to us. It just CAN’T be! We were already a broken family. We can’t be broken anymore than we already are!

I lifted his limp body into my arms, holding him tightly, I gave him soft pecks on the lips, attempting to wake him up like he had done for me. But it didn’t work. I slapped his face a couple of times with still no reactions. I can’t give up. He didn’t give up on me so why should I give up on him? I turned to Mikey.

“Get Lizzy out of here.” I then looked at Lizzy. “Lizzy, sweetie, take Uncle Mikey up to your room. I’ll take care of your Daddy. I promise.” She nodded and did what she was told. She took Mikey’s hand and led him up the stairs. I waited till they were out of site before I did what I was about to do. If he was low on blood, then I would give him some of mine.

“Please God, let this work.” I prayed.

I raised my wrist to my mouth and bit down on it, hard enough so there was a sufficient amount of blood seeping from the wound. I out it to his mouth and titled his head back to make sure that the blood would go down his throat. I stayed like that till I felt sick. I could tell I’ve given more than I should have. I was about to give up. The room was starting to spin. I looked down at him, tears streaming down my face. I’ve lost him. That’s all I thought.I just lost the love of my life.


What have I done? That’s all that went through my head as I watched Lizzy lying in her bed, crying herself to sleep. I got up and sat on the other side of her. She moved over and cuddled me.

“Is Daddy going to be alwight Uncle Mikey?” I looked down at her. Her eyes looked so familiar to me. Gerard's eyes. My eyes began to water when I saw them. What am I going to tell her?

“I…I don’t know Lizzy.” I sighed.

“Did you mommy’s wiv tha angels now?” she asked me.

“Yeah. Your dad told me.”

“They were bad people. They always try to hurt me and mommy and daddy. But now they gone. So we meant to be okay.” She told me.

Jesus Christ. I’ve just destroyed my niece’s life. I've been her Uncle for less than 24 hours and I've screwed up her life. I look down at her. She had finally fallen asleep. Tears were drying on her face as new tears ran down mine. I'm a screw up. I slowly got up off her bed and tucked her in. I quietly walked out of her room and down stairs. I walk into the bathroom to find Frank still sitting there with Gerard in his lap.

“He…he’s gonna be alright…he’s got most of my blood now. He’ll be okay. I know it.” he must have known I was there. He seemed to be talking to me. “Where’s Lizzy?” he asked.

“Asleep. Can I ask you something Frank?”

“Go ahead.”

“What happened…the night Lizzy’s mother…died?” I chocked out. He was hesitant to answer. After a minute, he started.

“I never knew he had a daughter either. When I found out, we…we kinda had an argument. I ran off, found the hunters, led them to him, and they tried to kill me. Gerard never gave up hope on me. Even when I forgot everything, he helped me to remember. Then Ray, Bob and Krysti were fighting the hunters. One of them, Jessica, she tore out Krysti’s heart. Literally. She had Krysti’s heart in her filthy hands…and it was all my fault.” He looked up at me, his face paler than when I first saw him tonight.

“I killed her. Jessica. I had the knife. I walked up behind her…and cut her throat wide open.” He repeated the actions with his hands, sliding a finger across his neck. Chills ran down my back. There was suddenly a groan of pain. Frank and I looked at Gerard. He was finally coming through.

“Gee! Gee, babe it’s me, Frankie. remember?”

“How can I forget?” Gerard whispered. He sat up slowly, as if there was nothing wrong with him. His clothes were covered with blood. As was his hair and skin. Gerard and Frank hugged each other until Gerard lifted his head up and saw me standing in the doorway.

“Get out.” he growled.

“Shh…babe I explained it all to him. He’s cool with it all now. Isn't that right Mikey?” Frank said to me.

“Yeah. I understand now Gerard. I should never have yelled at you. I guess I better go then.” I turned around to leave when Gerard spoke up.

“I'm sorry too Mikey. I've just put you all through Hell tonight. Do me a favour?”

“Sure.” I was willing to do anything for him at the moment.

“Tell mom and dad, I love them, and I’ll see them soon.”

“Defiantly. Hey, maybe you can meet Alicia.” I said smiling

“Alicia hey? I can’t wait to meet my lil’ bro’s girlfriend. I’ll get Ray or Bob to walk you home safely okay?” He said, smiling back. I felt myself blush.

“Thanks Gee.” Frank got out his phone and handed it to Gerard. I wasn’t listening. I kinda spaced out for a bit. But I came back to earth when Gerard started to talk to me again.

“Bob’s gonna be here in 10 minutes.”

“Thanks again Gee.”

“Where’s Lizzy?” he asked. Frank replied for me.

“Mikey took care of her. She’s fast asleep.” I started to blush worse now.

“It was nothing really.”

“It takes me forever to get that kid to sleep! You must be a miracle worker Mikes!” he joked. Frank giggled and I let out a small laugh. It felt like old times again. It felt great. A sudden bang on the door interrupted us.

“That’ll be Bob.” Said Frank, helping Gerard to his feet. Frank left to go and open the door for Bob. Gerard walked over to me and pulled me in for the hugs I’ve missed so much.

“I’ll see you soon Mikes.” He whispered. We walked out and met Bob. I looked over my shoulder when we got outside and waved goodbye to them. I walked with Bob back to my house.


I took Frank’s hand and led him inside. Lizzy was asleep and we had some time to ourselves. We walked upstairs and into the guestroom, where’s Krysti’s human brother or sister would stay. I lied down on the bed and Frank lied down next to me. I started to stroke his hair softly.

“I'm soo sorry I did that to you Frankie and Lizzy babe.”

“It’s okay. I forgive you. You’ll always be forgiven.” He said. He reached over and picked up the remote for the tv and switched it on. The late night movie was ‘An American Werewolf in Paris.” It was either that or ‘Calcium Kid’ with Orlando Bloom. We laughed quietly at the director’s interpretation of werewolves. It was hilarious. But still, it was a good movie.

I looked down at my Frankie lying next to me. I kissed him on his temple.

“I don’t know how I ever made it without you Frankie.”

“When are you talking about?” he asked, looking up at me.

“Before I had the crazy idea of wanting expose my secret to you.”

He smiled my special smile. The one that was special to me. I leaned in to give him a kiss, him meeting me halfway there. I moved myself so I was ontop of him. I started to leave his mouth and down towards his neck. But

“Daaaaadddyyyyy! Uncle Fwwaannkkkiiee!!” Lizzy yelled from her room. I jumped up off Frank and walked into her room. She was sitting up in her bed crying.

“Hey baby. What’s wrong honey?” I whispered as I sat down on her bed, putting my arms around her for comfort.

“They were…tryin ta…get me…daddy!” She sobbed.

“It’s okay baby girl. I'm here and no one is going to get you. I promise.” I whispered in her ear.
“Like Uncle Fwankie pwomised that…you’d be okay right?”

“Yes baby.” I kissed her gently on the top of her head.

“Can I sleep in your woom daddy?” I was slightly hesitant, but I couldn’t leave her in here by herself.

“Sure. But don’t forget…”

“Daddy stays up when I sweep and daddy sweep when I'm up. I know. Like mommy.” She finished. I lifted her up and carried her into our room.

“We have a guest Frank.” He looked away from the tv and to me and Lizzy. I shrugged as I carried her over to the bed. “Now go to sleep honey.” I told her. She snuggled between Frank and me.

After she fell asleep, Frank leaned over to me and whispered

“I told you that you are able to take care of her.”

“Yeah but don’t forget, I have you to help me.” I stated. I looked at Lizzy. She reminded me of Krysti so much.

“Hey Gee, the sun will be up soon.” Frank said, looking at his phone, reading the time off of it. I had to put a note out for Bob or Ray or whoever was coming to look after Lizzy. I carefully got up and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. I quickly scribbled down

'She’s in our room. Just come in and check that she’s awake. If not, wait in the kitchen. She knows to go straight down there in the mornings. Thanks a heap


I stuck the note on her door and headed to bed. I climbed back under the blankets and looked at Frankie, who was already asleep. I then looked at Lizzy. These two were now my life. No one else. I smiled to myself before I fell into a deep sleep.

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