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Chapter 10

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Gerard's family and maybe his feelings too.

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"So Gerard, tell me." My mother crossed her legs and focused on him.

I was surprised by Gerard being calm and all which is weird because its not easy being calm under my mother's watchful eye.

"Tell me about your family, you never talk about them." She said.

It was true, although Gerard was a vampire - which my mother still didn't know of - he must have had some sort of family, not now but before when he was human. I leaned in to show my interest.

Gerard slowly licked his lips before saying anything. "Well my father is a very inspirational man and I hope that one day I'll be like him. He has never given up on anything and I love him for that. He has worked hard to support his family and become what he has become today, a worthy man. My mother is the same she has inspired me with her strength and support. My mother is a beautiful woman and my father is lucky to have her." He took a glimpse of me. "And I do hope that I do end up lucky as my father is."

My mother grinned at me. "That is so nice, I'd like to meet them one day."

Just great.

"I really like this man Elizabeth." My mother said in the kitchen. She made sure that Gerard couldnt hear a word that we were saying but puting a spell around us. "I mean, did you see him look at you when he said that he wanted to be lucky like his father? He's refering it to you, you know."

"Yes I know." I sighed.

"Then why don't you do something!"

"Mum! Just get those freshly baked fruit cake before he gets suspicious!" I said.

My mother sighed, she can be a child sometimes.

The following day was again a school day and it turned out to be a very dull and gloomy day with the clouds that crawled back to the sky before the sun even risen. Gerard and I sat at a table in the library at lunch.

I tried to ignore the occasional stares and whispers of Chantelle and Caitlyn. Sometimes I did wish I wasn't immortal so I can completely not hear or sense them.

"Relax, they're just jealous of you." Gerard smirked. "I think you are use to these sudden jealousy's aren't you?"

"Yes I know but still I am getting very annoyed." I slumped my shoulders.

Gerard chuckled. "So you're going to that formal thing with Ashley aren't you?"

"You read Ashley's mind didn't you?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Hey its not my fault his mind is full on thinking about you and the family formal thing." He said innocently. "Well you just stay safe, don't do things that you don't wanna do." He said.

"Where did that come from?" I asked looking very confused.

"I was just saying...."

"I'm not a mortal Gerard, there's no need to say that."

"Fine." His eyes wandered to Chantelle and Caitlyn and gave his famous smiles to them which made them suddenly blush and their heart to flutter.

"Oh quit playing with them." I frowned at him.

"What? Its fun!"

I sighed, "Anyway, my mother is seriously on to you. She's actually suggesting that I should marry you instead."

"Really?" he seemed surprised.

"Yes. Really, what am I going to do with you if we ever do get married." I let my hand sway.

Gerard chuckled.

"Seriously, my mother thinks you're in love with me now." I rolled my eyes and was about to laugh when all of a sudden he kissed my cheek ever so softly. I froze and looked at him.

He looked calm. "Well maybe she might be right." He said.

"What?" I said in disbelief.

He seemed to find that as a cue to leave as he stood up. "I gotta go. See you later." And he hurried off very unhumanely.

I sat there very still, maybe too still as I replayed every aspect in what just happened. No, nope, nah Gerard wouldn't feel that way. There must be another reason.

"OMG Gerard kissed her!" I heard Chantelle whisper to Caitlyn. "Did you see how he kissed her?"

"Yea he really likes her I think." Caitlyn said absently.

"How could this happen! Why does it have to be her!" Chantelle whimpered.

I focused back to myself. Sometimes we have to trust human instincts. But I can't not this time. This is a vampire we're talking about! No one can trust those creature even if it involves the most fragile situations like love.

Ummmm I don't know if it's short but if it is then don't kill me. I'm real sleepy lol. I wish one of you guys can be my counselor and so you can help me with the situation I'm in.... then again.... meh.

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