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Chapter 11

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Ashley's little family gathering and whats this?

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I pulled on my dress that I was going to wear for Ashley’s little family gathering or what he may call the ‘family reunion thing’. I briefly observed my reflection in the mirror. I wore a plain navy knee-high strapless dress. Nothing too eye catching which was good. I grabbed my black purse and went downstairs.

“Is that my old black heels?” my mother asked as she admired the black heels that I had on my feet.

“Yes, and they are not old.” I answered her.

“Ah.” She nodded. “When will you come back?”

“Late probably… I don’t know.” I thought aloud.

“Hmmm…” she nodded.

“Well Ashley just arrived, he’ll be knocking the door any second now.” I walked towards the front door.

“Have fun.” My mother called from behind me before slowly wandering back out of the room.

I smiled and opened the door a second after he knocked. “Ashley.” I grinned at him but slightly cursed myself for being a little over impressive because his eyes balled out when he suddenly saw me.

“Eliza.” He breathed out. “You look beautiful.” He seemed dazed.

“Thank you.” I tried to sound please. “Lets go then shall we?” I walked out and closed the door behind me.”

“Of course.” He smiled and led the way to the car.

“Wow.” I stood with my eyes wide open in front of his house.

It was huge. I mean you don’t expect that from Ashley, he doesn’t act like he came from a rich family. The house or should I say mansion was made of pearly white bricks which made the place look fantastic. It also had a great front yard with a fountain in the middle. Along the sides of the yard was filled with roses and flowers of different kinds. Not to mention that it was filled with many cars around the mansion on the road which shows that there must be a lot of people at the gathering. I couldn’t wait to see how the inside of the mansion looks.

“Wow.” I gaped. “You never told me that you live in a splendid mansion.” I turned to him.

“Yea.” He chuckled and scratched the back of his head looking bashful. “I forgot to mention that.”

I laughed. “It’s okay, I like surprises.”

He sighed a relief. “Well my family are in the backyard.”

“Are we late?” I asked as we walked down a path that led to the backyard.

“Uh… nah most of the family has arrived but I wouldn’t consider us as late.” He shrugged.

I smiled at myself as I heard his thoughts struggling to take my hand or not. I snaked my arm around his which made him stagger a bit.

As I have expected, the crowd that stood around the big pool looked very stunned with wide eyes as they stared at me in awe. I sighed.

“Don’t worry; you’re beautiful that’s why they’re staring.” Ashley murmured.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” I mumbled.

We walked in through the crowd who just stood in awe. We stood in front of his family that seem to not take their eyes off me. His mother looked just like him and his father was fairer.

“Mum, dad, meet Eliza.” Ashley gestured to me.

“Wow, you’re a pretty girl.” His mother admired me with her bright blue eyes. “Nice to meet you.” She hugged me.

“You too.” I said politely.

After the whole introducing to his close relatives, everyone seemed to not look at me much although there were some those kept looking at me every minute. A slow classic song started to play from the stereo and slowly everyone started to dance with their partners.

Ashley turned to me looking bashful again. “Would you care to dance with me?” he asked.

“I would love to.” I took his hand as he led me to the dance floor.

“Oooh! Ashley’s getting laid tonight!” one of the boys from the side lines called out.

I gave a sour face to them.

Ashley sighed as he blushed. “Ignore them.”

I giggled just to make the situation as humanly as possible.

All through that event I have tried to ignore everyone’s thoughts. But some I could not ignore, like Ashley’s parents. They grew to like me and now they were hoping that he and I were together. Overall most men wanted me like I was asked for a dance from several men which I have politely declined which always relieved Ashley. He didn’t want to be alone and I wasn’t planning on doing that. “You know you can dance with them if you want… I wouldn’t mind.” He once said to me after the 5th man asked me to dance. “No I like dancing with you,” I answered him. He blushed just like he had several times that day. The women were unsurprisingly jealous. Who could blame them?

It was dark and Ashley suggested that I should go home.

“Let me just go to the bathroom.” I said and squeezed through the intoxicated crowd.

I let out a huge sigh when I locked myself in the bathroom.

“Tired are we?” a gravely familiar voice echoed.

My nose alerted my brain with a fowl smell before my eyes shot open. I gasped when I saw the person that I thought I wouldn’t see for awhile. I couldn’t believe that I haven’t noticed that I was walking into a room with a very dangerous vampire in it. I guess I let my guard down because I thought I was surrounded by harmless humans. “Ethan.” I tried to sound unsurprised and calm. “So good to see you after all this time.”

“Yes and you too.” He bowed; letting his ash blonde hair fall out of place. “You look beautiful tonight, I wouldn’t have had this any other way.” He smirked.

“What do you mean?” I gulped.

“I think you do remember Elizabeth that I vowed to kill you next time I see you. After what you have done to my dear friend Henry.” He frowned. “You mother finding your poor ragged body with a magnificent dress on would look so memorable and beautiful. Everyone likes dying looking beautiful. Anyway I’m here to revenge Henry’s death.” He smiled.

“But what had happened to him was 100 years ago.” I tried not to stutter.

“Yes well it’s not easy to forget what you have done to him and you knew that I was coming after you. You should thank me for letting you live a hundred more years.”

“But I didn’t mean to do that to him-“

“You killed him Elizabeth and now I have to kill you,” he interrupted me and stepped forward. “Don’t worry, this wont hurt a bit. I’ll be done with you very quickly.”

“But let me explain first!” I let my fear show and I tried to step back but I was already leaning again the door. I had no where to go.

“I don’t need you explaining. I saw what I saw.” His eyes blackened from thirst. “Your blood smells very inviting.” He licked his thin lips.

I cursed myself. Well this is it for me. I can’t get out of here because there were humans out there and I sure can’t cry for help. I’m done for. I could fight him off, but from experience I needed my mother to save me from him. Ethan was the only bloodsucker that I could not defeat on my own. I shut my eyes as I stood ready for his fangs to sink deep into my skin.

I never expected this! O.o
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