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Chapter 12

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As I stood there with my back against the wall and I felt my nails dig into the door behind me I felt someone knock the door.

“Hey Eliza? You okay in there? It’s been almost 15 minutes…” I heard Ashley’s muffled voice.

I cleared my throat. “No I’m fine. Just a moment.” I noticed that my voice was shaky.

“Okay.” I heard his footsteps walk off only a few steps.

I sighed and cast a silence spell so what ever that is to happen in here no one will here. No one. No one will notice that I am no longer living. No one will remember me. No one will care. I shook my head. Think happy thoughts!

“Naww… your boyfriend?” Ethan asked.

“No.” I spat, “Just let’s get this over with.”

“Naww, you really wanna die that soon?”

I didn’t dare to open my eyes, I was about to say something when the sound of glass smashing into pieces. I felt a number of the small pieces dig into my skin. I winced in pain but still didn’t dare to open my eyes. Maybe Ethan thought of a new way of killing me… with glasses?

“What the?” I heard Ethan say in a confused voice.

I still was stubborn and didn’t open my eyes but instead slid down o the cold tiled floor. I accidentally stabbed my hand into another glass piece. I gasped in pain but didn’t dare to do anything else. I would heal myself on the spot but what’s the point? I’m going to die anyway. I felt my blood ooze out of my cut from my senses it felt like my cut was bigger than I thought. I knew my blood will tempt Ethan more but somehow as I waited I did not feel anymore pain or didn’t feel fangs digging into my flesh. It was strange. I didn’t dare relax though. I suddenly froze, my ears picked up a sound of someone jumping terribly out of the bathroom window… as if they were injured. What? I didn’t trust my senses at all. It was playing with me, I know it. Is this how you feel just before your death?

“Eliza? Shit, your bleeding… please tell me your okay.” I heard the most familiar voice. It was like music to my ears.

I slightly smiled with my shut eyes as I felt a cold hand on my bare shoulder.

“Eliza, please! You can’t just die like this!” the voice seemed ferocious.

I opened my eyes and saw the face of Gerard. “I’m fine.” I smiled at him.

He raised an eyebrow. “How are we going to stop… the … the bleeding?” he gulped and avoided looking down at my hand.

My eyes widened. “Oh shit.” I looked down at my hand. The cut was ever so big and the blood seemed to be flowing out of my cut like the flow of the river. I looked up at Gerard’s unnormally dark almost black eyes. “Leave, you’re thirsty.”

“No.” he shook his head. “You’re hurt! I can’t leave until I know you’re going to be fine.”

I frowned at him. “Gerard leave now or I’ll zap you out of here.” I was serious. I sensed Gerard’s thirstiness, his tempt of drinking my blood.

He stood up. “Fine.”

“I’ll see you at school.” I looked down and with that he left.

I hit the back of my head onto the door. Gerard, the bloodsucker just saved my life. Has history ever written a situation like this? Between a vampire and witch? I don’t know.

and there it is.
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