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Chapter 24

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(Nonnie's POV)

I couldn’t believe. At first I thought that he wasn’t going to do anything to them at first. The way that he kept looking over at them while he was dancing with Jamia, you could tell he didn’t like them together. But all hell broke loose when the two of them kissed.

I knew that my sister hit it off with Jepha the moment she looked at him and her smile brightened, but frank didn’t like the idea of them together.

I watched as the two threw punches at each other and the guys from both bands went to break them up. As the dragged them apart Monica went o Jepha’s side and cradled him to her chest, “Fuck Frankie what the hell is wrong with you?”

The two men just looked at each with hate in their eyes, “I want you to get away from him now Monica.”

“are you crazy Frank? We’re not together any more.”

I watched as Frank got loose for Gerard’s grip and went over to my sister. Grabbing her by the arm he yanked her up and was pulling her away until Jepha got off the floor, “Let her go,” he said.

“Fuck off Jepha.” Frank said as he continued to pull my sister away.

Everything was in chaos as Frank pulled my struggling sister away with him, “Do something Gee,” I yelled, but then Jamia jumped in.

“What the hell Frank? What is going on and who is she?” She cut in front of them.

“I’m nothing to him. So, let me go.” She said as she pulled herself from his grip. She walked over to me and hugged me to her as she started to cry.

I knew this because the music was longer playing and she was asking if we could go home. I looked at Frank with disgust, “Why in the fuck can’t you just leave her alone? Haven’t you broken her heart enough already?”

I guess a light went off in Jamia head because her eyes got big and she turned to Frank, but pointed at Monica, “she’s the one? HER? I fucking hate you right now.” She said and then she slapped before she walked away.

People all around were staring and some were even taking pictures or recording what was going on. Walking over Jepha grabbed my sister from me and held her close to him and then walked her out the club.

We all left soon after my sister walked out and I found her and Jepha to be gone and so was Jamia. We all waited outside for the boys to catch a cab and all I could do was stare at Frank with contempt in my eyes. Hated the way he always seemed to hurt and ruin my sister’s life.

“Are you happy with yourself now Frank?” I asked him, but he didn’t say a word.

He just looked at me and then went to go sit on one of the benches out side and put his head in his hands. At that moment I wanted to feel sorry for him, but I couldn’t. He had made his bed and now he had to lay in it.

Soon after the guys left and the girls climbed into Brooke’s SUV and made our way to Monica’s. once there the girls got in their own cars and went their separate ways.

Walking into the living room I saw the two of them on the couch. He was holding her as she talked to him and crying. I knew then that she was spilling her heart to him; something that she was unable to do with me. I walked away from the scene and made my way to the room I used when I stayed her.

Getting dressed for bed I wondered how this new situation was going to turn out and who as going to walk away with a broken heart this time.
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