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Chapter 25

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You Can't Make Me Stay

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She rushed straight home after the fight. She couldn’t believe that Kaitlin would provoke her like that, but she knew that she couldn’t take any more crap that came with her relationship with Frank. She had to let go.

Monica was glad that Anthony was with Linda for today and she started to pack their bags. Starting in his room she gather as much of his things as she needed and then she started on her bags.

As she was packing he came into the room, “Monica, don’t.”

Stopping what she was doing she looked at him, “I can’t live like this anymore. I’m tired of being the other woman. I’m tired of what people are saying about me.” She went back to packing her things.

Walking over to her he grabbed her by the arms and pulled her back up to face him, “You just can’t leave me.”

“Yes I can and I am.” She said as she shook herself from his grasp and finished packing.

He watched in desperation. He couldn’t let her leave. He loved her, “Monica we can make this work. We always have.”

Tears started to flow from her eyes, “No we can’t. There will always people who will look at me as a slut and look at our son as a bastard and I can’t live like that.”

Frank went to stand in the door way, “I won’t let you leave like this.”

“get out of my way Frank. Please just get out the way.”

He refused instead and grabbed her again. This time he started to kiss her and she dropped her bags. He backed her up to the bed and they fell on top if it.

Her body started to respond and she knew she couldn’t let him do this. Every time she tried to get away from him he would always do this and she didn’t want the empty promises anymore. She pushed at his chest breaking the kiss, “No, Frank. This won’t work any more.”

Pushing a little more she was able to get from underneath him and off the bed, but he was too fast for her. Gripping her wrist he pulled her back to the bed on top of him, her back to his front, “I need you.”

At his words she really started to cry and she knew that he never loved her. After all this time of giving her heart to him all he did was stomp all over it and then threw it away.

After awhile she was able to stop, “well Frank love and want are two different things. Now let me go.”

His grip tightened on her. How can he let her go? How can he tell her he loved her when he can’t allow the words to spill from his lips? He thought he showed in the things that he did for her, but he guess it wasn’t enough.

He wanted to tell her that he loved her, but the words wouldn’t come forth. He refused to trust her with his heart. He didn’t want to repeat what had happened with Amanda and he wouldn’t repeat it. If she didn’t understand that he loved her by the things that he did for her then it was her fault that she could see it.

Letting her go he watched her collapse on the bed beside him crying. He felt his own tears come forward, but he refused to shed them in front of her. He didn’t want to be weak again like how he was with Amanda; he just couldn’t live through something like that again.

Getting up and walking away from her he walked away from her. Once at the door he turned to her and saw that she was looking at him. All the hurt and pain that she was feeling shone in her eyes. His heart broke to see her like this, but he was not going to be weak again for another woman, never again.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself he said, “Do what you have to do.” And with that he walked away.
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