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Chapter 26

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Monica thinks she's a bad mom

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Monica's POV

It was a few days after the club incident and I was lying in bed just thinking about things until I heard the worse cry in my life. Jumping out of bed I ran to my son’s room where I saw him stuck in between his crib and the dresser. His arm was stuck between the two and he was crying uncontrollably.

I went over to him and got him free without hurting him anymore. Cradling him to me I ran back to my room and called 911. As I soothed him as best I could I felt like such a bad mother. If I had gotten out of bed this morning instead of wallowing in my thoughts, he would.

Not too soon after I called I could hear the sirens of the ambulance as he came to the house. Once we were in the back in the back I tried to call Frank. After a couple of rings it sounded like he picked up, but then I didn’t hear anything.

Not bothering to worry about it I called as many people as I could. I could barely punch in the numbers. I was panicking and one of the medics had to give me something to calm my nerves. I made on final phone call before I got top the hospital and was relieved when they answered the phone, “Can you come to the hospital?” I asked

As I told them which hospital to come to I had to wait and just see if they would show.

All I could do was just sit and wait until they were done with my baby. I couldn’t stop the tears that flowed down my face. I called Frank about 50 million times and he still hasn’t answered.

I was there in the waiting room for about half an hour when I heard foot steps near me. I lifted my head from my hands and that’s when I saw him. I got up and ran over to him and he enclosed me in his arms. I was so happy that he was here, “Oh, Jepha!” that was all I got out before I started crying again. “I’m such a bad mother. I let him get hurt.”

He tightened his hold on me and kissed the top of my head, “you’re not a bad mother and it’s not your fault that he got hurt.”

I moved my head from his chest and looked at him, “It is my fault. If I had gotten up like I should…”

Before I could finish he cut me off, “Everyone needs a little time to themselves and you thought he was safe. It’s not your fault, okay?”

I nodded my and looked away from him.

“Uh uh, look at me. I want to hear you say that it’s not your fault.” He grabbed my chin when I didn’t move, “let me hear you say it.” He looked me dead in the eyes.

Taking a calming breath I did what he asked, “it’s not my fault.”

He held me for a little while longer and then he took me back to the seats. As we waited for news the doctor came out.

“Miss Lake.” She said to me as she walked over to me.

“Yes.” I responded and stood up to talk to her.

She gave me a smile and told me what I have been waiting for about an hour, “your son is doing fine. We found that he broke his arm from the X-rays and that he sprained some tendons. Now he has to go in for surgery to fix the broken bones, but he will be fine. Now, all I need for you to do is sign these papers and we can move him into surgery.”

I nodded my head and then the tears came once again. I was so happy that he was going to be okay. I felt her put her hand on my shoulder, “He’s going to be okay. You’re a good mother from what I can see. He will heal fast and he will be happy and bubbly once again. Just wait and see.”

Handing me the papers I signed them and then she was off to go and attend to my son once more. As time went by my sister, Gerard, and the girls came, but still no Frank. Even Bob, Ray, and Mikey showed up, but frank still didn’t show. I called him once more, but then gave up. He wasn’t coming. Fuck him then. He never loved us anyway.

So so so sorry I forgot to update. I just started university again and I am working as well and it slipped my mind. Please forgive me.
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