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Chapter 27

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The real reason why Frankie didn't show up.

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(Frank's POV)

I just felt like something was off the whole day and I couldn’t shake the feeling. It was around 5 in the afternoon when I finally figured it out. I haven’t heard my cell ring all day.

I got up from he couch and went into the kitchen where Jamia was preparing dinner, “hey, babe. Have you seen my phone?”

She seemed to tense up, but then she turned to face me, “no, I haven’t. Why?” she asked me.

“I just feel like something’s off and I don’t know what. I’m about to look for my phone.” I told her as I backed out of the kitchen.

“okay.” She told me and went back to preparing dinner.

It took me about half an hour to finally find my phone and it wasn’t where I expected it to be. It was in the night stand that was on Jamia’s side of the bed. Taking it out I thought I must have put it there last night, but I would have heard it ring because it wasn’t on silent.

Flipping it open I looked at all the missed messages and missed calls. I good number of them were from Monica and I panicked. Calling my voice mail I listened to the first message or two and then I was running towards the living room.

Grabbing my keys and jacket I was opening the door I was about to leave, but Jamia called out to me, “Where are you going Frank?”

“To the hospital. Something happened to Anthony.”

I heard her gasped and the, “I’m coming too.”

I waited for her to cut the food off and then she followed me coat in hand. Running down the stairs of our apartment building we ran to my car and hopped in.

I don’t know how we got there so fast because my mind was on my son. I went to the nurses’ station and got his information and then I was off again with Jamia running behind me. I felt like how I felt when I found out that Monica had went into labor. It seemed like I was never there for her.

Getting to the floor and walking quickly I made my way to my son’s room. The sight that caught me took my breath away. Monica was setting in Jepha’s lap with Anthony in her arms feeding him a bottle, while he rubbed my son’s head. They looked more like a family than we did and it hurt like hell to see that.

Going into the room Jepha looked up, “hey, Frank.”

Monica looked up at me when she heard my name and the look that she gave e was ice cold, “I see that you finally came.”

“Monica it…”

“Save it, Frank.”

She went back to looking down at our son and kissed his forehead. I walked further into the room and looked over at him. when our eyes connected he stopped sucking the bottle and said, “Dada.” He started to wiggle and I went over to him.

Monica handed him to me without word or a look and I held him close to me, “Daddy’s so sorry buddy. I should have been here sooner.” I kissed his forehead and walked over to the window with him.

I heard him let out a sign and he rubbed his face against my chest and then signed again. After a while I could feel and hear the stead rise and fall of his breathing and went over to the crib like bed that they had for him. Laying his sleeping form down I sat in the other chair that was in the room.

Jamia came over and sat in my lap and for some reason I felt uncomfortable with her there, but I ignored the feeling, “So how did it happen?” I asked Monica.

“he tried to climb out of the crib.” She told me.

“Shit.” I said, “He did that a couple of times at my place.”

She looked up at me then, “Why didn’t you tell me that?” she asked a little outraged

“Because I didn’t think anything of it and he didn’t get hurt.”

She was about to say something, but Jepha beat her to it, “Just calm down Monica.” I watched as she closed her eyes and took deep breaths as he rubbed her back.

As I watched I just felt like punching him again for touching her, but I had to remember that we were in the hospital and that she was no longer with me.

Not wanting to watch any more I turned my attention towards my son. I looked at him as he spelt and I felt a rising of quilt hit me. If only I could have picked up on my phone being missing I would have been here with them both instead of Jepha.

After a while we all got hungry and went to go get something to eat from the café and we went to go get the rest of the gang.

I knew from the look at Nonnie was giving me that she was going to let me have it.

(Jamia's POV)

I felt so bad for what I did and I felt really stupid as well. When frank was in the shower that morning I heard his cell ring and when I went to pick it up I saw he name. I felt hate course through my body and I hung up on her and turned his phone to silent and placed it in my night stand.

No when I think about what I done I knew that she had a right to call him they had a child together, but I didn’t think about that. All I could think about was that night at the club and what he did for her. I was livid when I saw him fight for her.

As long as I known Frankie he only allowed one girl to do that to him and she turned out to be a fucking user. So, when I saw he fought for Monica it just made me jealous.

I always liked Frankie. he was a good man when he wanted to be, but his soul a tainted by the slut and now he just bottled up what he felt. Never telling anyone what he truly thought, but I could tell he was changing.

As we sat eating in mostly silence. I felt really bad for what I done. I felt so bad for baby Anthony. I lobed that kid. If I had a child I wanted it to be just as perfect as him. I wanted to say what I did, but I didn’t want to start anything so I just kept my mouth shut and pray that all this will just blow over soon.
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