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Chapter 28

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Nonnie's take on things.

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(Nonnie's POV)

Some how I ended up seated cross from Jamia and Frankie with Gerard next to me. I looked at the girl in front of me and for some reason felt like I couldn’t trust her. it was the feeling I got with Kaitlin’s crazy ass, but this was 10x as worse.

Gerard rubbed my thigh underneath the table and gave me a smile that I couldn’t help, but to return. He was the first white guy I ever dated and it was something new and strange and erotic all at the same time, but my thoughts got interrupted by Frank.

“So, Gee how long have you been here?” he asked.

“A few hours.”

“So, who was the first one here with her?”

I knew it was going to feel good when I tell him who, “Jepha.” I said. I felt pure pleasure when I saw his face harden and he looked like he wanted to smash something. That was what he got. He did a number on my sister and now it was his turn to feel some hurt and pain when it comes to love.

I watched as he turned his head to the couple at the end of the table. If one was just to look it would seem that they had been together for years instead of days. I loved the affect the Jepha had on my sister. It was nothing like Frank’s influence, like where he was able to make her cry just y the snap of his fingers. I hated the bastard and this is what get deserves from all the shit he put my sister through.

Just seeing her happy made me happy because that meant that she didn’t need to be protected from someone hurting her. I was glad that I had to stop standing for her and that she was starting to put her foot down and not letting anyone else walk all over her. She learned that lesson from being with Frank for all those years.

Me and Frank watched the two of they snuggle up to each other and how Jepha would whisper to Monica and kiss her forehead or softly kiss her lips every now and then. We were interrupted by Jamia, “So, how long will he have to stay here?”

I turned back to face her, “until tomorrow. They want to make sure that he is healthy before he lives since he so young.”

“Oh, I just feel so sorry for the little guy.”

Looking at her I could tell that she really meant what she was saying, but something was off with her and I couldn’t put my finger on it. True I didn’t like Frank, but I knew that he always had his cell on just in case something was going on with Anthony. I just had a feeling that she may have done something, but I couldn’t prove it.

After dinner we all went back up to Anthony’s room and found him awake and playing around with one of the nurses.

Upon seeing his parents he laughed, “Mama, Dada!” he shouted and reached out his good arm.

Walking over both Monica and Frank reached for him, but Frank let her hold him first. Carrying him over to us we all said goodnight to him and left the two couples in the room.

I was glad that we were finally leaving because then I would be able to spend some much alone time with Gerard because we rarely had any. Plus, today was kind of hard with Anthony’s arm, but all was good now and I couldn’t wait ti get my man home.
Taking my hand Gerard led me out the hospital and to the car. Once inside he looked over to me, “oh, baby I can’t wait to get you home.”

I smiled over at him, “I can’t wait either.”


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