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Chapter 29

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Old feelings resurface.

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Monica's POV

I was putting on Anthony’s things when Frank entered the room, “I just want you to know that I am really sorry about yesterday.”

I looked at him and then went back to attending my son, “Whatever Frank.”

I heard him let out a long sigh as he walked over to me, “Monica you know I would never do that. You know I always answer that phone when you call. You know that. Yesterday was a mistake and I’m sorry.”

I finished up with my son and I knew that Frank was telling the truth, but I didn’t want myself feeling soft for him. I picked up Anthony who was looking back and forth between and he reached out for his father. I watched as Frank’s face lit up and he took our son into his arms.

I knew deep down that he would never do something as stupid as not coming to see his son in the hospital, but something wasn’t right and I knew it. I watched as Frank walked out with Anthony in his arms and I fallowed them out of the room and out of the building.

Frank walked over to where my car was parked which wasn’t to far away from his, “you take him home and I fallow you, okay?”

I nodded my head in agreement and I got in the car and started it up and waited until he strapped the baby in and went to his car. I was glad when Nonnie and Gee dropped my car off to take Anthony home. If I didn’t have my sister here I don’t know how I would have handled things.

The hospital wasn’t to far from my house and the whole way there Anthony babbled and tried to string sentences together that his little mind could put together for someone who was barely two. I talked to him back and that just excited him more as he repeated what I said and then talked some more.

Once we got home and I took off his coat he was off and walking around. I was shocked to see him just so happy after hurting his arm, but I guess the medicine they gave him really helped with his pain.

The whole day Frank stayed and spent time with our son. I couldn’t help, but to watch them together and it was even cuter when I saw them laying on the couch like so many times before.

My mind went to the past and I did have to admit that we did have some good times together that I would always remember. After they had woken up and did another around of havoc the Baby started to get tired. After dinner I got changed for bed as Frank put Anthony to bed.

We had gotten him a smaller bed that was in the shape of a race car that protected him from falling out, but also allowed him to get out without hurting himself. Frank had had it delivered during the day and the people had set it up.

As I watched the scene I couldn’t help, but feel old feelings stir up. It was like so many nights back when we were together. When Frank turned to me I saw the look in his eyes and my breath caught in my throat. I started to back up, but I knew what was coming. Even if I tried to fight it, I knew that I wanted it deep down inside.


Sorry guys, but I was one of the thousands of people in the Midwest that have power because of the hurricane that had hit. Now I do have power and I am updating. Hope you enjoyed it.
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