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Chapter 30

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You did what?!

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Monica's POV

Before I knew what was happening he had his shirt off and he was backing me into my room. Some how we tripped and we needed up on the floor.

Everything that happened next went by in a blur. I felt my panties being ripped from me and then the incredible sensation of him entering me. The feeling was so overwhelming that it just took over me.

As he pushed inside me I could feel him belt and zipper dig into me and I knew that he didn’t even take the time to push his pants down, but I didn’t really mind the pain I felt was mixed in with the pleasure and pleasure was everything that I missed.

His thrusts were frantic, hard, and deep. Sweat gleaned on our skin as we, well as he fucked the shit out of mind and I didn’t give a shit. As he thrusts became faster I felt my body tense up as my body received my orgasm which came hard and fast. Frank still pounded into me and when my second orgasm hit I felt him spell into me.

He collapsed on top of me and we just stayed like that for a few minutes and then everything that just happened hit me full force. I pushed him off of me and walked over and sat on my bed, “I think you should leave now.” I told him.

He got up from where he was and just looked at me, “Are you serious?”

I didn’t trust my voice and I nodded my head.

He let out a long sigh and then started to fix his clothes, “I can’t believe this shit.”

“Me either.”

Walking out the room he got his shirt and then came back into my room, “What re we gonna do?”

“Do about what?”

“About this?” He said spreading his arms wide.

“We are going to do anything.”

“What if this happens again, then what?”

I looked him right in the eyes and said, “This won’t happen again. I’ll make sure of it.”

He just shook his head and laughed. Walking out the room I heard him say, “We’ll see about that.” Then a few seconds later I heard my front door slam.

The next afternoon I meet up with Nonnie and the girls for lunch. I walked into the restaurant with Anthony in his stroller peacefully sleeping. When I got to the table they all welcomed me and the cooed at the baby.

When I joined into the conversation Danna was looking at me weird, “What?”

She gave me a coy smile, “So who did you sleep with last night?”

I gave a little laugh and waved my hand at her, “What? No.”

“what? Yes. It’s written all over your face, girl; spill.” Danna said as she leaned closer to me.

Nonnie who was sitting next to me looked me over, “yeah you do have that look.”

I felt my face grow read and I didn’t want to say anything, but they kept bugging me. So, I told them. As I was taking a drink from the water glass that was in front of me I mumbled Frank’s name as I took a drink.

“Who was that?” Chloe asked.

I looked down at my hands and whispered, “Frank.”

Everyone gasped except for Nonnie she yelled out, “FRANK!”

I looked around as people looked at our table and then I looked down at Anthony. He had woken up and now he looked at Nonnie with the evil eye. I watched as Nonnie tried to say sorry to him, but he just scrunched his face and then looked at me. When I smiled down at him, he relaxed his face and closed his eyes to go back to sleep.

When I looked at my sister I said, “I think he is mad at you now.”

She gave me a look that I knew all to well, “Don’t try to change the subject. Tell and I want all the details.”

After I told them what happened they just looked at me with wide eyes, “Man, that was crazy, but did you like it?” Brooke asked me.

Before I could answer Cassie saved me, “Guys can’t you see she doesn’t want to talk about this?”

They all looked at her and then at me, “I guess we’ll drop it for now.” Brooke said and I was so relieved.

We ordered our food and then the rest of lunch went by without any more hassle from the girls, but I knew from the looks that Nonnie was giving me that I was in deep shit with her.


Sorry for not updating busy with school and what not.
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