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Chapter 31

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Frank's POV

Every time I saw her I felt like screwing the shit out her and claiming her as mine again. I knew that she wanted it as well. It was the day before we went back on tour for a few weeks and I was over at Monica’s. The little incident we had was over a week ago and now I can’t help, but think about doing it again.

I watched as Anthony tried to put his casted arm into an opening that he could fit his arm through to get a toy. I watched with amusement as he tried a few more times, but then switched to his good arm. After that he would use he good arm to reach for stuff. I was proud, my son was smart. He learned from experience, which was maybe something I need to learn to do.

Monica came and sat next to me on the floor to watch our son. I was lying on my stomach and she sat on her ass. I couldn’t help, but take in the view that I got from her sitting next to me like that. I wanted to reach out and take her right here, but I couldn’t our son was right in front of us and he wasn’t asleep. So, I had to control myself.

As I thought about having sex with Monica, Jamia popped into my head and I realized I could always go home to her and screw her, but it wouldn’t be like my times with Monica.

Monica was the best girl I had ever been with and no other girl compared, but I wouldn’t allow myself to be with her. I thought and still think it’s best to keep her at a distance. I didn’t want another Amanda.

Just thinking about Amanda makes my blood run cold and I just realize all over again now much I hate that bitch. What she did to me was unspeakable and I wanted nothing more than to wish her to hell.

I must have been really lost in my thoughts because the next thing I know is that Anthony is hitting me with his cast and laughing while yelling, “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”

Monica had taught his to say mommy and daddy and he seemed to like that better than saying mama and dada. I shifted myself so that I was sitting up now and I scooped him into my arms. With one hand I lifted up his shirt and placed my month on his stomach and let out air making a bubbling sound. The sensation that he felt caused him to laugh and I did it again.

After a while I got an idea and I whispered into Anthony’s ear and he nodded his little head. Once I put him down I attacked Monica. We tickled her and made her laugh, but then she was able to get away. I was disappointed when she went into the kitchen and made dinner.

It felt so right to hold her in my arms. Even if it was just in play.
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