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Chapter 32

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Its Monica

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I was counting down the time until Frank left. I couldn’t handle him being here any longer. I was kind of glad that they were leaving for a few weeks to go on tour, but they would be back just in time for New Year’s Eve.

After I got done cooking Frank sat the baby in his high chair and I covered his arm in a bag so that he wouldn’t mess up the cast. As we began to eat Frank startled me, “Are you going to miss me when I go?”

I looked up from my plate and just looked at him. Ever since the accident he had been spending more time over here. Even if it had only been a week I knew that he was starting to get back into my life, “I don’t know.” I told him as I took a bit of the meatless lasagna.

Frank just smirked and turned to Anthony who was making a miss even with one hand, “yeah, mommy’s going to miss me it’s she?”

Anthony looked up from his food and said, “Yep.” And smashed some food into Frank partly opened mouthed.

I couldn’t help, but laugh and when he turned back to smile at me the love I felt for Frank was still there. I felt it reawaken itself and I knew that I was in deep shit.

After dinner he helped me to clean the baby off and then Frank played with him some more and I joined in, but something Anthony would say, “Men time mommy.” And I had to go find something to do. Thought it was cute how that that was what they called their time.

After a while Anthony fell asleep while playing and Frank went to put him to bed. I learned from the first night to change for bed AFTER he left so I wouldn’t give him an excuse or maybe wearing jeans and a shirt made him want me.

I heard my cell ring in my room and I went to answer. It was Nonnie. She wanted to see if Frank was still there. Every since that night as well she made it a point to call like every 15 minutes or so when she felt like Frank had over stayed his stay.

After I was done I sat down on my bed and didn’t realize he had came into my room until I felt my bed give from his weight. He took my head from my hands and lifted it up to look him in the eyes, “Monica.” He just said my name and brushed his lips over mine, “I asked if you were going to miss me?”

I tried to look away, but he had my face still so I closed my eyes, “you have Jamia.”

He leaned forward until his long hair was hanging in his face, “Forget about her. I want you.” And he kissed me deeper this time.

I felt my whole body going hot. I wanted this so bad. He pushed my back onto the bed and he laid on top of me. His hand roamed over my body and then one snaked under my top. I put my hand over the one that was under my shirt, “Frank we can’t do this again. I won’t be the other woman. Not again.”

I pushed him off me and stood up. He stood up as well and encircled me in his arms. Placing his forehead against mine, “what if I left her and after the tour it’s just you, me, and Anthony? What if we just become a family, just us?” he whispered.

I started to feel tears run down my face, “Frank!” I yelled his name and pushed him away and ran down stairs. I couldn’t take this. I started to pave back in forth in the living room. Running my hands through my short hair.

He was right behind me and stopped me in my pacing. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and kissed me hard.

“Don’t play games Frank.” I told him with the tears coming down more.

He lifted a hand to my face and wiped the tears from my face, “I’m not playing games. I want to be a family with you and Anthony. No more women. Just us.”

We stood there for a while with just him holding me and me thinking. After a while I gave him my answer, “Okay. After the tour we can try.”

He closed his eyes and placed his forehead against mine once again, “Thank you.”

Kissing me he let go he walked to the door, “I have to go home and finish packing.”

After he left I locked the doors and then leaned against them and slide down until I was sitting on the floor. I drew me knees up and wrapped my arms around them. I wondered if I just made the second biggest mistake in my life.

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