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Make A Wish

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Before Anna knew what was happening she found herself in Willow's bedroom having her hair styled by Kelly. She scowled as Kelly quickly weaved tiny black rosebud slides in Anna's hair. Kelly laughed at Anna's expression.
"Aww come on!! It's not for that long!!" She said. Anna pouted.
"Are you sure nobody will notice if I wore my Allstars underneath???" Anna complained. Maille looked up and laughed.
"Anna your dress is knee high!!" She laughed. Anna glared at her.
"So?!?!" She cried crossing her arms like a litlle kid. Willow came in looking stressed.
"Willow you haven't done your hair yet!!" Kelly cried. Willow groaned.
"There's so much I've still gotta do!!" She wailed sinking onto the chair in front of the mirror. Maille got up and went behind Willow. She immediatly started combing out her long black hair. Willow smiled at her gratefully.
When the girls were all finished getting ready Willow lookd at the clock on the wall.
"Oh my god we're gonna be late!!" She gasped. Anna turned to look.
"We've got loads of time!! Weddings are never organised!" She cried.
"We're finished here anyway. We better get going" Maille said putting the makeup away. Kelly ran out to get the car started. When everything was cleared away they all got ready to go.
"You ready?" Maille asked. Willow nodded nervously but a tear rolled down her cheek. Anna got up and hugged her quickly.
"It's all gonna be fine!!" Anna assured her quickly. Maille hugged Willow from behind. Willow laughed softly.
"I know..But..I'm getting married.. Im getting married today..I'm marrying Mikey!!" She cried looking shocked. Maille laughed and nodded.
"C'mon. We're gonna be late" Maille said. They all linked arms and quickly walked out to the waiting car outside.
They pulled up outside the church which was decorated outside with red balloons attached to long black strings. There were tiny white lights draped around the bushes that lined the stone gravel path leading up to the old wooden door. Willow turned to look at all the girls in the car.
"Well...This is it.." She said nervously. Maille grabbed her hand tightly and smiled. Willow smiled back and took a deep shaky breath.
"Ready?" She asked. They all nodded. She opened the door and everyone got out. The air was icy cold and snow was still drifting slowly onto the already snow covered ground. Anna smiled as she kicked the snowy ground. She loved the winter. All the girls smiled at eachother again and took eachother's hands. They all walked up the snowy path quickly. There were a couple of people waiting inside the hallway. Frank rushed up looking stressed.
"Willow, There's a problem.." He said. She stared at him.
"What?? What's happened??" She asked quickly.
"Nothing in the church is ready. No decorations.. nothing." He replied.
"Oh god.." Willow groaned. "Everything's ruined!!"
Gerard suddenly appeared from no where. Willow opened her mouth to sepak but he quickly cut in.
"Mikey knows. He's freaking out too. Don't worry about it I've got an idea Willow. Everything's under control. I just need some help" He said looking quickly at the three girls standing around Willow.
"I will" Anna said without thinking. Gerard smiled warmly at her then walked out the front doors. She went to follow but Anna could feel Frank tensing beside her. She glared at him quickly.
"I have to" She said quietly. Then before he could answer she turned and followed Gerard outside.
He was out there pulling the lights off the small bushes.
"Im thinking that if we get these off here, Find some other lights, We can make this place look a million times better than in there.." Gerard said quickly without looking up at her. She nodded and came beside him to help.
About an hour later, Anna was inside filling up a cup of coffee. (It had been too awkward out there with Gerard so after about 20 minutes Anna had given up and gone inside.) A moment later Gerard walked in grinning.
"Everything's finished. Lights, decorations, everything. Come see!" He said pulling her arm. Anna followed him out. He led her over to where the trees were. He silently bent down behind the trees. A second later Anna gasped. The tall willow (coincidence?!?) trees were laced with twinkling lights. There was still snow falling so the trees were lightly dusted with white. There were candles lit all around the bottom of the trees and rose petals were scattered on the floor. Everything looked beautiful.
"Well?" Gerard whispered softly in her ear from behind her.
"Gee, This is amazing.." Anna cried. He chuckled.
"Thought you'd like it.." He whispered. He pressed his cold lips against Anna's neck, Making her shiver as his warm breath touched her skin. Then as quickly as he'd done it he had gone and was walking back to the church. Anna realised that again she wasn't breathing and took a deep breath. She stood in the same spot, fists clenched, breathing deeply.
"Why do I keep doing this?" She asked herself. "I left him! Why do I still get these feelings?" There was a gasp from behind her. She turned to see Willow and the others stood open-mouthed.
"Gerard!! This is incredible!!" She cried excitedly. Gerard smirked.
"It's...." Frank started frowning. Anna looked at him with pleading eyes. "It's beautiful.." Gerard looked at him and smiled. Frank's mouth twitched at the corner but stopped quickly.
"Well! Get everyone out here!! Im freezing and I wanna get married!!" Mikey cried. They all turned and headed back to the church.
Eventually everyone was gathered around the trees. Willow and Mikey were stood in front of the priest facing eachother.
"We are gathered here today..." The priest began. "To witness the marriage of Michael Way and Willow Summers" (random last name). Anna clutched the small red bouqet she held in her hands. She shivered and folded her arms around herself trying to get warmer. She felt something being placed around her shoulders. She turned to see Gerard slipping his coat around her.
"But.." She protested but Gerard shook his head. She smiled up at him.
"Do you, Michael James Way, Take this woman, Willow Ann Summers, To be your lawfully wedded bride?" The priest asked.
"I do" Mikey replied grinning.
"And do you, Willow Ann Summers..." Anna felt Gerard take her hand. He squeezed it tightly. She blushed and squeezed his back. She noticed Gerard's cheeks turn slightly pink. She chuckled softly and turned back. Gerard let his hair fall forward over his eyes but the smile never left his face.
"Does anyone here have any reason why these two should not be married?" The priest asked. Nobody answered much to Willow's relief.
"Then I now pronounce you, Husband and wife." The priest said smiling warmly. "You may now kiss the bride" Mikey leant forward and gently kissed Willow's frozen lips. Everone started applauding and Anna smiled. She leant back against Gerard's chesy happily. She felt Gerard sigh and he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. He kissed the top of her head.
"Baby you're shaking. Wanna go inside?" He said softly into her hair. Anna nodded and the followed everyone walking up the church path to go back inside to the warmth.

Note : (Haha that chapter was pretty crappy and EXTREMELY cheesey XD But cheesey is good!! Rate and reviews please!! xoxo)
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