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Moonlight strolls...

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"No. You can't treat people like that"

Gray carried on glaring at them.

"Stay," I cried out urgently, "Everyone just sit back fucking down!"

To my surprise most of them sat back down, wearing a puzzled look but not daring to stand up. Their eyes jumped from me to Gray.

"Leave. Now," he growled.

"Stay!," I shrieked, aggravated by this awful display of power, too desperate not to use it.



Again they stood and sat back down at our command.

"Viola," he turned his blue orbs on my weak hazel-turned-green, "I need to talk to you. Now. Privately"

"I...I..Then I want Lily to stay."
Lily looked like she was floating in her own world, occasional twitches shaking her slender form.

He nodded and everyone but Lily drifted away from our table. I gulped, looking from Lily who was in her own happy lala land to Gray who didn't look happy.

"You lied to me," he stated firmly.

"I thought you wanted me to wear the dress," I shrugged.

"It's so ugly I don't even want you to touch it," he put his head in his palms, his voice muffled, "I told you that"

"I thought you changed your mind," I looked down at my lap.

"No, what you did is lie to me," I could feel his eyes on my while I was fiddling with a loose string on my jeans, "I never lied to you, Vi. How could you?"

His tone made my insides squirm, he looked so strong yet his voice was trembling occasionally, "I didn't want you to lose it," I glanced up, meeting his eyes, "I didn't want to hurt you. I don't remember things but I want to...I just can't"

He didn't say anything but clenched his fist and stuffed them into his pockets.

Another rush of warmth ran through me as I studied his profile, making me tremble with it's intensity, "I need help, Grey. I need you to help me remember"

He nodded silently, his hair flying into his eyes with the wind, but he didn't bother to remove it. A flash of Gerard constantly brushing his hair out of his eyes brought a chill down my spine, contrasting with the warmth overflowing me earlier.

I spent the rest of the day up in my room since these were visiting hours and most of the others spent the time walking in the garden and talking to their relatives.
I had no one who was scheduled to come, it wasn't a surprise to anyone but I had to deal with the sinking feeling of loneliness that threatened to overwhelm me.

We weren't the closest family ever but we never abandoned one another. At least one parent was always present at mine or Alex's school functions or plays or whatever the fuck we used to do.
We were never the type of kids to be sitting alone while everyone had a blast with their parents. Not ever, it was just the natural order of things.

I used the little alone time to go through my room, looking for anything that can at least clue me in on what caused such a harsh ignorance on behalf of my stupid family.
I found no diaries, photos or letters. No gifts, no cards.
It was stripped of identity, you could search all you wanted and never know who the clothes belonged to.

The only things I did find were drawings. Some I recognized to be my own drawing, they had the same intense coloring and shadowing I used, but some were clearly a child's paintings. Careless crayon strokes that appeared to form a house, a sun, a family, a dog.

That puzzled me greatly. I had no young family members that could produce such paintings that I was particularly close to. The only cousin younger then 10 was Ciara and they lived in fucking Germany. My slut of a mother lost her only sibling when she was a teenager so there were no little cousins on her side.
For the life of me, I couldn't figure out who they belonged to and what sentimental value did they have.
Obviously they meant something to me cause I kept them and nothing else but why was beyond me.

I haven't heard from Gray all day and when he didn't show up by the time it was bed time I gave up on him and cuddled in my bed, still thinking of the mysterious paintings.
He was supposed to come and take me to Frankie but he didn't at 10, nor at 11 and by midnight I was drifting to sleep when the door to mine and Lily's room creaked and I instinctively knew it was him.
I shot up in bed before he managed to close the door silently behind him.

Dressed in white staff robes, Gray gave me a wide grin, "Great instinct. Wear this," he threw a white bundle of fabric my way and leaned on the wall with his arms crossed.

"I," I looked from him to the bundle in my hands, not sure was comes next.

"Come on," he urged, "wear it"

I didn't hesitate and stripped of my PJ in favor of the white uniform, "What are we going to do?"

"Visit Frankie boy of course," Gray stretched his hand to grab mine and opened the door to a little crack, peering outside.
I watched enough spy movies to keep quiet and listen closely for any footsteps.
After a minute of a nerve racking silence Gray finally crept outside, pulling me behind him like a little child.

To my surprise once we stepped outside, he straighten up and started for the stairwell leading to the guarded ward. I grabbed his forearm with panic, "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Please, Dr. Parker," he squinted at the badge on the front of my uniform, "Don't sexually harass me where everyone can see"

"Doctor-," I trailed off, looking down. I indeed had a badge ID on my uniform with my picture and a little bar code next to a name, Allison Parker it said, "Gray, how did...What the?"

"Let's just say it's not our first moonlight stroll," Gray smirked, "Dr. Parker"

"But what if we run into her or," I squinted at his ID, pinned to his white robe, "Dr. Baileys?"

"It would be kinda hard considering Dr. Baileys was dead for the past 15 years," he whispered back, "I found him in the hospital's records. Great guy. Jumped off a window. Probably charming as well"

"But how did you get his shit?," I felt my heart explode in my chest.

"The wonders of the Internet," Gray said, "And Tom's brain. It's not a first, we did this before"

I didn't say a word. It did sound like me to do something as reckless as this.

"Oh don't worry," Gray's wide steps echoed around the hall as we approached the nurse station.
I felt all blood drain from every part of my body, it was a struggle just to keep my feet moving.
"Good evening," Gray nodded shortly at the nurse behind the counter before she even managed to lift her head from the magazine she was reading.

"Good evening, Doctor, " he voice responded tiredly behind us.

I closed my eyes for a moment, feeling the pressure peck without mercy in my temples, "This is crazy"

"Yeah, the adrenaline rush is unbelievable," Gray beamed happily like a kid getting away with playing with matches under his parents nose.

"This is not a fucking game," I hissed, "What if we get caught?!"

"And what?," he waved his hand carelessly, "Been there, done that and came back to tell the tale"

We were climbing the stairs, passing another two staff members, Gray avoided looking at both by pretending to show me some article in a magazine he whipped out of his back pocket. Each time I thought I'd faint with the lightheaded sensation gripping my brain and my shaking knees.
Each time Gray gave me a sly smile and brushed his hand against mine with a cocky reassurance.

We reached the second floor and headed for the double doors in front of which stood two body guards, looking grim and big.
I swallowed hard, seriously considering to run back and hide under my bed. Who needs answers anyway, being dead to the world had it's perks.

"Evening gentlemen," Gray nodded at them, confidence radiating from every pore in his body.

"Evening," one of them grumbled, "Identification, please"

Gray showed them his ID without hesitation but I froze. Absolutely and utterly froze, my palms were sweaty and even my forehead was gleaming with perspiration. I stared blankly at the guard, breathing hard and not daring to move a muscle.

The guard cleared his throat and spoke louder then before, "Your ID, ma'am"

I blinked, opening and closing my mouth, aware that Gray elbowed me slightly. With a trembling hand I removed the ID and handed it over to the guard.

He frowned at me, and studied my ID for something like eternity. Then he looked up again, scanned my face thoughtfully with his deep set brown eyes and returned to gaze at my ID, "Say ma'am, don't I know you?"

I gasped audibly, my eyes wide with shock. This was it, I just knew it.
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