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A madman.

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Breaking and entering. Sorta.

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"Of course you know her," Gray gave a chuckle, "She works here"

"No," the guard shook his head, looking from me to Gray, "I mean I saw a girl, a nut job that looked just like her"

"Oh," Gray nodded, elbowing me again, "That's probably your niece he's talking about"

"Hmm," I gulped, twitching my mouth into a smile, "Probably"

"Poor thing," Gray sighed heavily, "But she does look awfully like Dr. Parker, doesn't she?"

"Scary," the guard agreed, handing me my ID and nodding for the other guard to unlock the door for us, "Every family have one of these"

"Certainly," Gray agreed, pushing me along, "Good night, gentlemen"

The guard nodded and closed the door behind us.

"Don't quit your day job to become an actress," Gray snapped, "We got the dumbest of the bunch and you almost screw it up!"

I collapsed against the wall, my breathe raspy and every intake of air felt like knives tearing at my chest, "I can't do this...Let's just go back and forget this ever happened"

"I thought you wanted your fucking answers," Gray crouched next to me, his voice no longer harsh as he put his palm on my sweaty forehead.

"I can't," I wheezed madly, "I can't"

"We came this far," he reasoned, stroking my hair, "We can't go back"

"I can't"

"Come on, Viola. You have to"

"Is everything OK?," a voice of a young nurse asked behind Gray's back.

He didn't look surprised or taken aback by her sudden appearance, he simply looked over his shoulder, his face barely visible and shifted so that his body could block mine, "The doctor is a bit tired, Double shifter, she'll be OK"

"Can I get you anything, doctor?," she addressed me with a voice full of concern and curiosity.

"No," I shook my head violently, "Thanks"

"Are you sure?," she tried to look at my face, coming around Gray but he moved so that she couldn't.

"It's OK. I've got her"

The nurse shrugged and retreated back to her station.

"Let's go, Viola. You can't stay here."

"I'll stay here and I don't need them."

"Them?," he waited for an answer but when nothing came he got up and pulled me to my shaking feet, "Let's go, you're risking the whole fucking thing."

I staggered behind him as he walked past a few locked doors and stopped in front of one, "Here's Frankie boy."

He took a key from his pocket and inserted it in the lock when I put my shaking hand on his, "Don't. Let's just forget about it and go back."

"What about your answers?," he frowned, clearly annoyed.

"I don't wanna know," I sniffled, "I don't wanna know why everyone left me and besides I doubt Frankie will even remember me."

"It's always worth a shot."

"I don't wanna know," I grabbed his sleeve and dragged him back, "Let's just go back like nothing happened and live our life"

Gray sighed, "I want you to know. I want you to know, I think you gotta"

He yanked his sleeve from my grip and unlocked the door, stepping into the darkness and pulling me in too.
I closed my eyes and refused to open them even when he turn on the lights, my heartbeat drumming in my ears.

"Vi," he moaned, "Don't be like this."

I shook my head violently, my eyes still squeezed tightly.

"Viola!," he exclaimed.

"No! I told you I don't wanna know."

"So you're just gonna fucking stand there with your eyes shut?," he sounded half amused and half annoyed, trying to be patient he sound more like he was talking to a kid.

"Yup," I nodded, a bit unsure of my answer.

"You're being fucking ridiculous," Gray whispered, his breathe brushing my face, "Just take a look at him."

"Nope," I stepped back, my back against the door and my hand feeling around for the knob.
I heard some whimpering sounds and then a soft sob, "Gray?"

"Aw fuck," I heard Gray groan and more sobs to follow, "Calm down, Frankie. Everything is OK, we're the happy team, OK?"

"What's going on?," I mumbled.

"If you'd open your eyes," Gray snapped in frustration, "You'd see that Frankie here wet himself"

That pretty much did it, I winced and snapped my eyes open, first my right and then my left one. First I found Gray's face, but he wasn't looking at me anymore, his face was twisted in disgust and his eyes fixed on the bed. I snapped them shut again, breathing heavily.

I sensed the slight breeze on my face and guessed by the footsteps that Gray moved around the room, "So, Frank Paster...hmm...he's pretty screwed up according to this. Are you sure he'll answer your questions, Viola? Viola?"

But I already slid to the floor, panting like a madman. It felt like my ribs crushed my lungs and squeezed my heart. The disappointment felt bitter and cruel and together with the adrenaline still pumping in my blood system it was next to impossible to breathe.

Gray was immediately at my side on his knees. His face a mixture of annoyance and concern, "What now?"

"It's not him," I whispered, "It's not him. It's not Frank"

The Frank on the bed screamed something but it wasn't in English, he struggled against his cuffs. He wasn't successful at it but he sure made a lot of noise trying.

"Shut up," Gray snapped at him, rolling his eyes.

"It's not him," I chanted nervously, "What if it was all a dream, Gray? What if there were never Frank or Mikey or Gerard or anyone? What if I really am just a crazy nut job with one hell of an imagination? What then?"

"There's gotta be some background," he bit his lip, casting glances back at the guy screaming.

"I don't know," I took my face in my hands, "I don't know anything anymore. I dunno what's an illusion and what's real and I don't see anyway out of this nightmare."

"There another way," he said, "We can check your file."

"Can we, really?"

"Not technically but I guess we can try," he sounded uncertain, his eyes changing color to a metallic shade.

"Let's go then," I cried out, standing up sharply.

"Yeah," he seemed a little disoriented for a second before snapping back, "OK."

Just as we headed for the door, it opened and the nurse from before peered in, alarm all over her face, "Is there a problem?," she looked from our faces at the Frank who was now wriggling and moaning really loudly, "I thought there were no more doctor's visits for him today."

This time I answered her before Gray could open his mouth, "Yeah, we thought we'd try a new technique with him but it doesn't seem to work."

"Right," she narrowed her eyes when they rested on the dark wet circle on his blanket, "Is this scheduled?"

"Hmm, sure why not," I shrugged, not sure about the meaning of her question, but giving her a larger then life grin, "We have scheduled, so if you please excuse us," I pushed past her and waited for Gray to follow.
I was quite happy about my quick recovery but Gray's jaw was clenched and I don't know how they do things in Franklin but in Jersey it's bad news, "What?"

"Oh nothing. You just pretty much exposed us," I could literally hear his teeth grit, "Thingy? And I bet she's checking his sheet right now and when she sees there's no thingy scheduled she's gonna send the whole fucking military on our crazy asses. Welcome to the guarded ward, where they believe impersonating dead shrinks is a big no -no!," he yelled out the last word.

"Well, sue me for trying," I sulked, jogging to keep up with his pace.

"Just let me do the talking from now on."


"We have less then 20 minutes to roll this shit," he glanced at his watch, then stopped on the spot, "You're sure about this?"

"We're already in trouble," I smirked, "Let's make it count."
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