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Rule #2 Get direct connections.

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Get direct connections.

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"So you really are going to do this bet?", Mikey asked.

"Yes. Goddamnit, it is so annoying to watch anorexic people eating pills! It's disgusting!", I said.

"I can fix that!", my brother said while rising.

"What?!", I questioned, very confused with what I was about to witness.

He took a half burger and... oh no.

"You people need to eat! Stop dieting or you're going to die! Eat this!", he commanded.

"Ahh! It's the nerdy emo boy! Get away from us!", Miley screamed.

"I find that very insulting when I'm trying to give you food! Now eat this!", Mikey screamed.

Oh my god... He just shoved it in Miley's friend's mouth. Haha. That's kinda funny. Oh shit! She's having a seizure! AHAHAHAHAHA!

"Hey! Stop that!" Miley's friend said between shovings of a greasy sandwich.

"Sorry.", Mikey apologized.

"What was that for?!", Miley's friend asked.

"You need to eat!" said Mikey almost about the reshove the sandwich.

"Why do you care?!", asked the friend.

"Cuz it's disgusting! Eat!", Mikey exclaimed while throwing his hands in the air.

Alright that's enouph.

"Mikey come here! What the hell are you doing?!", I questioned.

"Fixin' something!", he responded.

"You're doing a great job! Now get here.", I commanded.

"No wait! Hi, I'm Tara. You're Mikey?", asked Tara.

Ooh. Maybe this is good. I can use Mikey as a spy. Hehehe. I'm so clever!

"Yes. Hi! I'm that nerdy emo that goes to our school!", he responded.

"You're that kid? Oh. You're not so bad.", Tara said.

"Tara! Do you hear yourself?! We were the ones that used to bully him at the playground and we are the ones that hate his group at our school!", Miley asked angrily.

"Why?", Tara asked.

"Because he deserved it!", Miley said.

Wow. What a bitch. So they were the girls that made him come home crying? They were meanies ever since they were little. Hmph.

"Really? Well I'm sorry. Can I make it up to you? We can go out on Saturday as my treat!", Tara offered.

"What about Travis?!", Miley asked.

"That boy is a complete asshole. He cheated on me.", Tara stated with annoyance.

"You were the one that didn't listen to me when I told you to wear a shorter skirt!", Miley said in an i-told-you-so voice.

Oh Jesus. That's fucked up logic.

"Well I don't like him anymore!", Tara said.

"Hey, hey. That's alright. Calm down. I forgive ya and sure we can go out on Saurday!", Mikey said wanting to end the discussion of the old ex-boyfriend.

"Yay! Wanna hang with us now?", Tara asked.

"Maybe next time. I have to go back to my brother.", he said.

"Oh, ok. Bye.", Tara said while Miley just ignored his existence.

"Bye! I'll call you!", Mikey yelled after himself.

What an idiot. This is the most retarded way to get a girl.

"Woo! I got a date!", he said while coming up to me.

"How the hell did that happen?", I asked completely dumbfounded by what just happened.

"I shoved a sandwich in her mouth and oh look! She's eating it!", he replied.

"Oh Lord. You are something.", I said.

"Thank you! And I'm not just thinking about myself here, I can help you! I'll be around them more.", Mikey said with a plan in his head.

"Smart kid too. Good. We'll do just that. I have big plans.", I said and I can picture the creepy look on my face when I did say that.

"Umm... Okay? Dude... You look creepy.", Mikey said whilst trying to back away from me.

"Eat your food before I shove it in your mouth.", I said, instilling fear in the young boy.

"Oh....kay...", he said.

Yes. Be scared! Hah. I know just what to do.

Rule #2: Get direct connections.
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