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To overcome death, you recieve a medal and a kiss.

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A story about a boy keeping a journal through a course of 4 seasons, and the friend that he accidently meets.

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Harrow here this is my first ever actual one shot so treat it kindly please and review i have designed this story to be sad and love felt at the same time. Inspired by the welcome to the black parade music video is this story and it's contents so enjoy and review afterwards thankyou:

The following is in ray toro's journal entries over the course of 4 seasons in the beginning of spring 1989 to the winter of 1989 in the beautiful travellings of the wonderful Newark New jersey.

Ray's journal entry concerning the things of spring 1989:.

I'll never forget the things that happened to me in the spring of 1989. It was by far, the best season of my life and the one i'll vow to never forget even if i am to become old and weary, short sighted, and mean.

My name is ray toro but really, it is much longer than that i am 11 years old and i have my birthday soon causing me to linger on the brink of teenagernism. I am very scared yes, but i know that my mother and father has my back. I don't do much with my time since school is getting ready to let out soon, so usually i travel around my neighborhood and write what i see down.

The other kids in the neighborhod they don't like to play with me they often beat me up if they see me too much, or just opt to call me names. These kids that mostly torture me are named bob bryar, frank anthony iero, and micheal james way. They can usually be seen on my block picking on other kids or hollering at girls, their one of those kids who usually have nothing better to do so they pick or loiter around other peoples houses all day.

I on the other hand spend my time more wisely but indeed in dorky fashions, i love comics and i love horror movies even more, i mostly adored video games though down at the old video game store. Mr. blanche the owner knows my addicition so he has beganned to let me play for free the other kids envy me for this but i don't mind it's about time somebody payed attention to me!.

Besides my mother, everyone else hates me they call me names and say i'm a dork and a fag. Truthfully i don't know what a fag is no one can ever explain that to me even the people who call me that, so i let it ease off me, for what i don't know can't hurt me. It was weeks after school had ended that i had met the person that ultimately understood me and was seemed to be made just for me.

The terms of events happened quite oddly though but nevertheless worked in my interest and for my personal good. I had been watching bob and his friends from across the street play baseball near the local way house which was some ways from mines. It was quite hot yes, but smelled fresh because it had just got through raining, so on i sat drawing in my journal watching bob and his boys hit the poor baseball.

Bob just kept whacking it and mikey just kept throwing it, i was enjoying myself sitting there really i was until i heard a loud whack and a nearby window break just in time. I looked up quickly to just catch the baseball cracked through the window of the way's house and into a bedroom. I was scared i could tell the others were but they played at it better than me, bob instantly became mad at mikey and started yelling at him. I watched from where i sat and kept my head down as mikey said he wasn't going in there to get it, the house mikey said was nasty and a really scary looking vampyre kid stayed in there. Bob laughed and said how stupid mikey sounded, considering the fact this kid was his older brother.

Mikey laughed this off as being " Fucking stupid " or something and said he wasn't going to do it so bob turned to me and said i was going to do it, i couldn't disagree or bob would have my ass ( his words not mine ).

So i stood up and made my way over to the sidewalk of the house and looked back expectedly, could he change his mind please? i was scared.

I slowly went into the house that was dark and quite dimly lit, the house was very big but had this old feel to it with it's lovely furniture and incents off burning. The livingroom had this huge tv that was playing a old time horror movie and near to it was a set of long and upwards spiral stairs, i beganned to climb them. Along the walls were old pictures of a smiling family a man, a woman, and her 2 sons one boy was very skinny while the other was doughy but in a nice way. I continued to walk up the steps and when i came around the corner i seen a pretty white door and it was half opened.

In i came as i shielded my eyes from the sunlight shinning in through the white and flowing curtains and the many white things that were in this room the rug, the painted walls, and the fluffy white bed. The ball i was looking for laid some ways from the huge bed and many sharp chips of glass that littered the floor, i beganned to bend down to get it when i noticed someone laying there snuggled in the soft sheets.

It was a oddily pale looking boy that was quite thin and wore black pajama's that had white stars on them. His shirt was pulled up to reveal his pale stomach and his neck was soft and smooth looking, his hair was thick and to his shoulders and was the darkest shade of black ever. Around his eyes were shaded a smokey black and his lips were thin and pink, his eyelashes were long and plentiful and his cheeks were a powdery pink.

That boy i later found out was named Gerard arthur way and he was 12 years old he had caught a spring fever and was being bed rested by his mother donna. After that day i continued to go back to his house and we beganned to interact and play, i found out that gerard's nickname was gee and he loved video games and comics. When he wasn't sick gee would draw and make up his own stories and tell them to his little brother mikey but when he got sick mikey beganned to hate gerard for not being able to play with him anymore.

So mikey went out now and made other friends besides gee and hated him along with everyone else. Gerard was heart broken from this so being under this stress only kept gerard sick. All throughout spring me and gee played in the confines of his lovely house, his mother fell inlove with me and i stayed over there every friday, saturday, and sunday. I loved gee's room it had this warm and lovely feeling to it and he made me feel so good and wanted, we both loved the same things and had the same interests there was nothing that he did not like that i didn't.

The days had begun to get longer and so much hotter but i stayed in that room with gee i wouldn't leave him, he had this wonderful voice that sounded like a proper white girl and his actions were effeminate sometimes but i liked it. One day while his mother was gone me and gerard had been playing in his huge room and gerard decided to go outside. I asked him wasn't he sick and couldn't go out there? and he told me that he was feeling alright since he had met me, so outside we went in his mothers huge backyard and his self grown sunflower field.

Harrow here this is my one-shot um enjoy the update will be up tommorrow i'm trying to finish this in 3 days so review and i'll see you tommorow bye guys review!.
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