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As the most wonderful of a vampire's child.

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A summer to remember in the thought's of 2 little boys.

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Ray's journal entry concerning the things of summer 1989:.

Have you ever layed in a spot and stared at the sky for so long that you can actually watch the clouds move?, well me and gerard have and it was by the far the most beautiful thing in life that i think i've ever done.

Every summer day behind gerard's white picket fence in his huge backyard, we would lay out there and talk for hours about nothing but everything. We would lay in his mothers flower garden and talk about comics and video games and horror movies. Nearby us was some tall sunflowers that had seeds ripe for eating so that's what we would do lay there and eat seeds talking until the hot sun went down.

Gerard told me so much about his life that he had actually been bed ridden eversince he was 6 years old and the last thing that he actually did with moving was when he and his brother and father went fishing. He loved to fish, gerard told me it calmed his nerves and soothed his soul but he would never keep them he would always throw them back, because he told me that if he did keep them he would be killing them and to him, nothing deserved to die.

Gerard was afraid of death he said and that the aspect of going to heaven scared him and when i asked why he said that he felt he wasn't good enough or cute enough. Gee and his family used to go church before gerard got sick and when he would go the pastor would draw pictures of what an angel was supposed to look like. The pastor said that angel's had pale skin but in way's beautiful, and that they always had blonde hair and blue eyes gerard had none of this.

The pastor also said that angel's were perfect that they could do no wrong no matter what they did and gerard said that he had done plenty of that. Although i thought that it was foolish the things that he said he done he thought otherwise. Gee had burned a couple of things before and started fight's with people but he had never done anything murderous or out of pure hate and cruelty, and as far as i knew gerard couldn't he was my definition of perfect.

Gerard had these long lashes that would catch every glare of sunlight and beautify his every tear, he had this skin that was lovingly pale but offset with infant pinkness, and these eyes that could burn through the human soul. His pupils were a mixture of green, blue, gray, light yellow, and black they were like cat eyes in loveliness and everything. But i admired his hair all the more, it being the darkest shade of black and the loveliness of straight it pillowed his shoulders and graced his face offsetting him as the most wonderful of a vampire's child.

Gee was a total sucker for summer romance movies we beganned to see them often as we now, ventured outside the barriers of gerard's picket fence. He worried me though, with his constant coughing and blazing pink cheeks sometimes he would cough so bad that all he'd want to do after is sleep. I worried once so bad when we were walking and gee beganned harshly coughing he wheezed and even cried begging me to hold him. I took us out of the sunlight and under a tree where i layed him down and rubbed his hair as he coughed it all out.

In the sunlight there he looked so fragile and beautiful and even more pale offsetted by pink. I gazed at him in lost of words as he layed with his eyes closed recovering lost breath, the sunlight shined all over him and i knew then he was made for me i think in the summer of 1989 i fell inlove with gerard arthur way.

But as i was gazing i noticed gerard's lip was bleeding and it had a rather thick crack in it. I guess he must have bit it when he was coughing so hard but i didn't care i was dead scared now so i asked him what was wrong and he weakly told me he was feeling so cold. I didn't want to seem strange to him but i had to do it so i crawled up ontop of gee and layed on him up under the tree, we sleeping together and me loving him.

Night's passed and there was no friendship like ours, everyone beganned to envy us and everyone wanted to be us but they couldn't. Gerard was the greatest kid that i have met in my life and i would change it for nothing, and although gerard was apparently sick he said being with me made him feel better

but to me that was the other way around.

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