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Chapter 3

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Chapter one is where the summary you seek is located.

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Chapter 3
Thursday, 5 March, 1998

"All ships return to orbit above the UK until further notice." said Harry, who had been awakened by the news minutes before and made his way to the Caswallawn.

He took out his plate.

"All division members at Hogwarts need to be out in front of the school geared up within ten minutes. We will pick you up in the Caswallawn and transfer you to the appropriate ships."

"Hermione, you know who to contact about this."

"I'm on it."
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
5th Floor
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Filch was annoyed. He had caught a dozen students out of bed and none of them paid him the slightest bit of attention. He was currently following Neville and Ginny, who were soon joined by others in their jogging.

"What's going on? Harry wouldn't call us out of school unless it was important."

"I don't know."
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
Control Room
SGC, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, USA
14:20 Local

"Sir, Deep Space Radar reports four blips passing Saturn. Space Command also reports that there are also three other ships in orbit above the UK."

"Goa'uld?" asked General Hammond.

"We should have a visual momentarily. Hubble is reorienting now."

"Any information on the ships over the UK?"

"Not much, sir. Space command reports that they match the rough information from several objects they've been tracking for a few months now. We are receiving reports that the UK's armed forces have gone on alert."

"Well, they obviously aren't completely in the dark."

"We have confirmation on the ships, sir. Definitely Goa'uld. We also got a visual on one of the ships above the UK. The British seem to have ships, sir. We have someone contacting them about the situation now."

"No wonder they went on alert. They're probably more informed than we are."
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
Downing Street

A dishevelled Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and several others were gathered in a conference room being briefed by Hermione.

"So we don't know if they are hostile or not?"

"No sir. For all we know they could be trying to sell biscuits. Or, they could be here to destroy us. They haven't responded to communications, but we don't know if they're ignoring us, or if they simply can't use the same methods of communicating."

At this point, a person stuck their head in the room and called the Minister of Defence out.

When he returned a few minutes later, his face was not smiling.

"The Americans say they are confident they are hostile. They wouldn't go into detail on how. They did seem pleased to hear that our ships have weapons, though."
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

As Filch came out of the castle behind the group of students, he stopped, his jaw hanging open. The sight of the Caswallawn hovering a few hundred feet above the grounds apparently left him speechless.

As the students disappeared in a flash of light, he snapped out of it, and ran back inside, heading for Dumbledore's office.
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
22:28 GMT

"Harry, we have a message coming from the PM."

"Patch him through."


"What can I do for you, sir?"

"The Americans detected the ships you mentioned. They say they are hostile."

"Are they planning any attack? The Americans, I mean."

"They plan to launch some missiles once the ships enter orbit."

"Well, that's a bad plan. For all we know they could have wiped out half our population by that point. Tell them we're prepared to eliminate the threat."

"I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you, sir."

"All ships raise shields. Phoenix and Llwyd, stay in orbit. Loucetios, with me. We're going to greet our visitors before they get here."

Thursday, 5 March, 1998
Control Room
SGC, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, USA
14:32 Local

"General, Space Command reports that another ship has entered orbit above the UK."

"More Goa'uld?" asked Captain Carter, who had entered the control room with Daniel Jackson.

"No ma'am. This one came from the ground. Likely another British ship."

"Another one? Just how many do they have?"

At this point, they were joined by one Colonel Samuels.

"What the hell are you doing here?" asked General Hammond, looking less than pleased.

"Reporting for duty, sir. I was sent by the Pentagon to coordinate the pre-emptive strike."

"Pre-emptive strike?"

"Yes. I've been working with Area 51. Two otherwise ordinary Mark-12A warheads have been enhanced by a small amount of raw Naquadah, and should now yield in excess of 1000 megatons, each. We plan to launch the two rockets simultaneously into retrograde orbit once the ships reach earth and enter orbit. The missiles themselves are made of the same material as our stealth aircraft, and should go undetected by their radar."

"Assuming they have something even remotely similar to radar." said Hammond.

"You seem to be forgetting the heat signature given off by a rocket, Colonel." said Carter.

"It's our best shot. The president seems to agree, because he's initiated countdown."

"Maybe you can tell me why our forces haven't gone on alert?" asked Hammond.

"The thinking was that if we appear unaware, the Goa'uld will not expect the attack."

"Well, that's a bad plan." said Colonel O'Neill, who had arrived in the room shortly after Colonel Samuels. "The effect is rather ruined by the fact the British are already on alert."

At this point the phone rang, and was answered by General Hammond.

After a few confused moments of conversation, he hung up.

"We've been ordered to call off the missile strike. Apparently the President has found a better alternative to your plan."


"We have a General from the British Army on the line. We should be hearing from him momentarily."

"Can anyone hear me? Is this working?"

"We read you. This is General Hammond."

"You can save your missiles, we've got something much better."

"Who is this?" asked Colonel Samuels.

"Major General Potter, British Army. I'm currently moving to intercept the incoming ships."

"You're confident you can eliminate the ships?"

"We'll find out, won't we. Although, from what I just started seeing, I may not have much to deal with. They've started attacking each other. Hold on, Launch fighters. I don't want those things getting near me or earth. Only fire if they shoot at you."

"Confirmed, sir. The ships are firing on each other."
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
22:33 GMT

"We'll find out, won't we. Although, from what I just started seeing, I may not have much to deal with. They've started attacking each other. Hold on, Launch fighters. I don't want those things getting near me or earth. Only fire if they shoot at you."

"Sorry about that. A group of ships just broke off from the battle and headed toward our ships. Curses. They stopped fighting amongst themselves." said Harry.

"Have five fighters escort the three that approached us into a bay. Keep the bay empty and them under heavy guard until we can figure out what they're doing. All other fighters concentrate on the rest that just started this way. Loucetios, prepare to launch drones and fire beam weapons."


As they started seeing explosions between them and the Goa'uld ships, Harry figured any chance that they might not be hostile was effectively eliminated.

"Fire weapons."

"Two ships destroyed. All four destroyed. Drones are targeted on the small ships."

"Well, the large ships have been eliminated. We're cleaning up the smaller fighters, whatever they are." said Harry, getting up.

"Have we lost anyone?"

"No, sir."

"Excellent. I'm off to see what we have in the bay. Once we have finished up here, head back to earth."

Thursday, 5 March, 1998
Control Room
SGC, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, USA
14:35 Local

"Well, the large ships have been eliminated. We're cleaning up the smaller fighters, whatever they are."

"Stop sending groups through. Inform the Alpha Site that the threat is eliminated."

"Did we get any images of this?" asked Carter.

"Checking... Yes." said the technician, bringing them up on the monitor.

"Looks like we aren't the only ones keeping secrets." said Daniel, as images continued to display.

"We should see if we can work out a way to acquire some of their technology. The ability to dispatch four Goa'uld ships without breaking a sweat..."
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
Fighter Bay
22:36 GMT

"What do we know about our visitors?"

"Not much, sir. They say they caused the fighting between ships, and then headed to us. I think they defected."

"Interesting." said Harry, before walking over to the strangely dressed individuals.

"Can you understand me?"


"Excellent. I'm Major General Potter."

"I am Bra'tac, and these are Jaffa who are loyal to me. I have heard that one called Teal'c has allied himself with your world against the Goa'uld. He is an old friend of mine. I would be grateful for an opportunity to meet with him."

At Harry's confused look, he continued.

"He is said to be a part of a group known as SG-1."

Harry's eyebrows raised, and he pulled out his plate.

"Can someone patch me through to the Americans again?"


"General Hammond, do you read?"

"We do."

"You wouldn't happen to have a Jaffa there by the name of Teal'c, would you?"

"How...? We'll get him on the line. One moment."

"He's here."

"Is the name Bra'tac familiar to him?"

"Indeed. He was my mentor." came a different voice.

"Can he be trusted?"


"Well, he wants to meet with you. General, is there anywhere we can land a transport to either take people to our ship, or bring the Jaffa to you?"
A/N: After some half dozen rewrites of this portion, I finally decided to stick with one. I don't think it's the greatest, but it's been one of those times when rewriting it fifty times wouldn't really improve it any.

To explain some oddities you may notice:

- SG-1 never left the SGC to prevent the attack, since the ship had moved from it's location before they tried to dial its gate (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp").

- For those who haven't guessed, the mystery ship was a Goa'uld scout seeing what resistance was likely to be had. Even Goa'uld, in their nearly infinite arrogance, would be unlikely to go into a situation completely uninformed. This is also why there were four ships instead of two.

- The reason for lack of lag in communications is because the signal between the SGC and the Caswallawn is using subspace between the shipyard and the ship, and is bounced to the SGC using satellite/land line from the shipyard/Manor.
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