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Chapter one.

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Chapter 4 – Aftermath
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
Control Room
SGC, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, USA
14:39 Local

"Well, he wants to meet with you. General, is there anywhere we can land a transport to either take people to our ship, or bring the Jaffa to you?"

"How much room do you need to land?"
Friday, 6 March, 1998
Orbit above North America
01:05 GMT

Colonel O'Neill, Captain Carter, and Daniel Jackson found themselves on the bridge of the Caswallawn. Teal'c had stayed behind with Bra'tac in the conference room.

"Welcome aboard the Caswallawn. I'm Major General Potter. I had hoped to meet you when you arrived, but some issues came up."

"You're General Potter?"

"Yes. Is there something odd? You look a bit surprised."

"Well, I don't know about the other two, but I was expecting someone a bit older."

"Most people do. Who are your friends, anyway?"

"That is Captain Samantha Carter, US Air Force, this is Daniel Jackson, civilian. I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill, Air Force. Teal'c is still with Bra'tac."

"So, what were those things we just destroyed? I'm curious as to how you knew they were hostile."

"Teal'c called them Ha'tak. They're Goa'uld motherships."

Harry blinked and frowned.

"Damn. We were hoping that they'd managed to vanish into the mists of time. How'd you know about them, though?" asked Harry.

"That's a long and interesting story. One I don't believe I'm allowed to tell you."

"I can understand that. I'm going to go out on a limb here. You, that is, your country, hasn't moved a person any farther away from the earth than the moon. Using spacecraft, that is." said Harry, watching their reactions.

"Now, the only other way we know of that might allow you to run across the Goa'uld is the Astria Porta. Star Gate, in English, I suppose."

This got a reaction.

"How do you know about that?"

"I read about them." said Harry with a grin.

"Carter? I thought we had people watching for books like that?"

"Oh, it wasn't in a book. Nor was it written in the last three millennia."

"I thought these symbols looked familiar." said Daniel, looking at the panels and screens. "We found them on a planet in what we think was a gathering place for four different races, called Heliopolis. Hang on, you can read this?"

"I can speak it too. Why?"

"What race used it originally? You're obviously human."

"Actually, I'm descended from the race that used it. They apparently mixed with the local population, and eventually died off. They were called the Ancients. I'm impressed that you managed to learn to use the Star Gate. They didn't exactly leave you an instruction manual."

"No, they didn't. This one here actually figured it out." said O'Neill, indicating Daniel. Harry took out his plate.

"Hey Hermione, you'll never guess what I just found out."

"What did you find out?"

"You know those Goa'uld mentioned in the database? They're not as gone as we had hoped. We just blasted 4 Goa'uld motherships. The Americans have been a busy bunch lately."

"How so?"

"They found and managed to learn to use the Stargate."

"I guess that answers how they knew about the Goa'uld, and probably why they knew they were hostile."
Thursday, 5 March, 1998
Dumbledore's Office
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
22:35 GMT

"Argus, slow down. I missed everything after 'disappeared in a flash of light.'" said Dumbledore.

"The students. They disappeared in a flash of light. There was a large object hovering above the grounds. The students seemed to be unconcerned by it. All of the students completely ignored me, too." said Filch.

"Which students?"

"There was Longbottom and Weasley, and then Bones joined them, and then"

"Ah. That explains most of it."

"It does?"

"Yes. I think we can expect an explanation later this evening or tomorrow. Those students are part of Mr. Potter's group. Something big must have come up for him to call them from school."

At this point, Professor McGonagall entered the room.

"Albus, you wouldn't happen to know why I have students telling me about being woken by a large flying object making a loud humming sound, would you? The muggleborn keep talking about spaceships and aliens, whatever they are, and everyone else is confused."
Friday, 6 March, 1998
01:15 GMT

"Harry, Dumbledore is curious about why we left." came Neville's voice form his plate.

"Old man doesn't miss a trick. Are you with him now?"

"No, I just finished giving him a vague explanation, but he seemed a bit sceptical."

"He'll just have to remain that way, then."

"What is that plate thing?" asked Carter.

"A sort of two-way radio plus some." said Harry.
Friday, 6 March, 1998
Potter Manor
09:45 GMT

"Well, that went well." said Harry, suppressing a yawn, and preparing to return to the manor for a few hours of sleep.

The Americans had been returned a few hours before, plus the Jaffa. All of the division that had been pulled from Hogwarts had returned, and the Caswallawn and Llwyd were the only ships still in orbit, both back to a skeleton crew.

Harry made his way back to the Manor, and his room. Flopping on the bed, he promptly fell asleep.
Friday, 6 March, 1998
Briefing Room
SGC, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, USA
03:05 Local

"They know about the Stargate, sir."

"What?! How?" said Hammond, expecting that statement as much as he expected an elephant to waltz into the room singing.

"Apparently, some of them are descended from the race who built them." said O'Neill.

"Well, I expect we'll be hearing from them at some point. They'll probably want to know about the ships they just destroyed, and how we knew they were hostile." said Hammond.

"Well, we kinda already told them that, though they did manage to guess most of it." said O'Neill.

Hammond shook his head.
Wednesday, 11 March, 1998
Briefing Room
SGC, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, USA
09:35 Local

Harry, Hermione, the PM, SG-1, and General Hammond were in the briefing room. Harry, Hermione, and the PM had just been briefed on the Stargate program.

"So, you've been travelling to other worlds, attempting to gather technology. And you made an enemy of these Goa'uld in the process?" asked the Prime Minister.

"That's about right, yes."

"So, have you found anything interesting yet?"

"Actually, no. We've been fighting with the powers that be over the funding of the program for just that reason."

"At least you rid us of Apophis." said O'Neill.

"Actually, we're not entirely sure we did. You see, we found a Stargate in the debris" said Harry.

"Well, that sucks," said O'Neill after a few moments of silence. "The escape possibility, not the Stargate."

"Indeed." said Harry.

"Now, you've heard about what we do, and we know nothing about what you do." said O'Neill. "Several of us have found it odd that we never heard about you. Things like that generally make the rounds."

"Well, only about ten people know that the division I command exists. I can't tell you the official title of it, nor can I tell you what we can do. I can tell you that my division is responsible for defending against unusual threats."

"What do you mean by unusual?"

"Hostile alien races, evil egomaniacs leading cults bent on world domination, that sort of thing."

"So, basically, this is nothing surprising for you?"

"Pretty much."
Saturday, 21 March, 1998
Gate Room
SGC, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, USA
09:55 Local

Harry, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville were geared up and waiting for the Gate to dial. They were going to accompany SG-1 to a planet that was supposed to contain a repository of Ancient knowledge, known to the SGC as P3R-272.

O'Neill was in the Control Room with General Hammond, watching the gate being dialled.

"Do we really have to take the teenagers?"

"Yes, Colonel. I've been assured they are more than capable of holding their own, having done so on several occasions."

"When? They look like they just got out of school, and the red head looks like she's still in school."

"They didn't get into it."

"Chevron 5 is encoded."

"Well, I'd better join the team in the gate room." said O'Neill, making his way down the stairs to the hall.
Saturday, 21 March, 1998
Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group
10:00 Mountain (Earth)

"Noos ani Anqueetas. Hiq qua Videum." said Harry, looking at the floor. "We are the Ancients. The place of our Legacy."

"So, this thing is...?" said O'Neill, walking over to the device on the wall, causing it to activate and extend part way.

"The repository of knowledge. It should contain all the knowledge of the Ancients at the time it was created."

"So, if I use it, I'll know the same thing as the Ancients did?"

"For a bit, yes, until your brain overloads and you die." said Harry. "Your mind is not capable of handling the device."

"I see. I'll just step back, then."

"Good idea. Now, I need to obtain some information from it. Namely, how to extract it from this structure and take it with us." said Harry, walking up to it. As it grabbed his head, Harry let out a colourful metaphor.

After a moment, the device retracted, releasing Harry's head.

"Well, that was sudden. Damn thing tried to download all of it into my mind before I could control it. Keep your guard up if you use it, Hermione. I got what I needed, plus the complete history of the Ancients, unabridged."

"I guess it's my turn, then." said Hermione.

"If you want to. I know how to remove the device and hook it to our computers now, so you can use it either way." said Harry. "I'm not sure I like this method. Much faster, though not as safe."

"Now, we can access the contents once we get back to earth, right?" asked O'Neill.

"I don't see why not. I'm certain we'll be asking to use the gate again. We wouldn't have to deal with securing and coordinating two gates that way."
Saturday, 21 March, 1998
Gate Room
SGC, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, USA
10:45 Local

SG-1 exited the gate, followed by Harry and Company, carrying the device.

Hammond noticed that Carter and Daniel were looking like Christmas had come early.

O'Neill, noticing where he was looking, shrugged.

"We've been told that we can look at the information once they get it hooked up. Apparently, it's a bit overzealous when it comes to giving out the information on its own. That, and apparently our minds can't handle it yet. What did you say would happen again?" said O'Neill, turning to Harry.

"You would gain the complete knowledge of the ancients for a short time, until your brain overloads and you die." said Harry cheerfully. "The only reason we use it directly is because we can control what we get. We'd die as well if it dumped everything."

"Yes. That. So, they're going to hook it up to their computers so it can be browsed safely, and these two can hardly sit still."
Friday, 3 April, 1998
Potter Manor

Harry took the Daily Prophet from the owl, paid, and opened it up.

He frowned.

'Umbridge' legislation passes
Wizengamot confused, vote is odd.

In a surprise twist, the much debated and so-called 'Umbridge' legislation, introduced by Delores Umbridge last week, passed by a large majority. How is unknown, since nobody will admit voting for it. Despite this, the tally clearly shows nearly 2/3 voted for it.

The legislation, which will take effect the 20th of this month, will make it illegal for muggleborn and half-blood witches and wizards to seek employment in the muggle world for a period of five years after completion of schooling. Violators will face penalties ranging from stiff fines to incarceration. When asked for the reasoning behind the proposal, Umbridge said that "The muggleborn are leaving the wizarding world in droves. This legislation will keep their wages and taxes in our economy, and our businesses staffed."

We asked a number of muggleborn who had found jobs in the muggle world why they left, and the responses were all generally the same.

"I couldn't get a job. Nobody wants to hire a muggleborn, unless they are not just head and shoulders above the rest, but entire body lengths." -- Fred Wemply, aged 42.

"Nobody'll hire a muggleborn unless they absolutely have to." -- Ernie Dillick, aged 30.

With statements like these, is it any wonder that muggleborns are 'leaving the wizarding world in droves'?

Umbridge, who introduced the legislation, recently finished her sentence in Azkaban...

For more, see page 4.

"She's as thick as Malfoy."
Friday, 3 April, 1998
Granger Residence

"Hey Hermione, guess what?"

Hermione was busy eating a slice of toast before heading to the Shipyard.

"What, Harry."

"She's done it again. Or at least, she's certainly trying. She may have problems proving the ministry has jurisdiction in the muggle world. Somehow, that wildly unpopular proposal passed."

"Great. Now what?"

"No idea. If she tries to go after division members retroactively, she's going to find herself facing some opposition. It isn't retroactive. How that toad managed to regain her previous position, I cannot begin to guess."

Sunday, 19 April, 1998
Situation Room
Potter Manor

"How did I guess. There's half a dozen Aurors outside the Creevey house now. No idea why... Colin is at Hogwarts. Speaking of... Ah, there we go. Come on Umbridge... How thick can you get? Huh? What the hell are they doing there?"

Harry was looking at the map, which was showing around 15 Aurors at the gates to the school. In addition to the Aurors, Harry noticed a pair of Dementors on the map a short way away.

"Ron, you notice what you have outside the gates?"

"Yes. Why are they here?" said Ron, sounding displeased. Ron was looking at his portable version of the map from Hogwarts.

"Excellent question. I suspect that Umbridge is back to her old games."
Monday, 20 April, 1998
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry had decided to join Neville and the rest of the students who took part in the morning run around the lake.

"So, any sign of over large toads or Aurors yet?"

"No, amazingly. I'd have expected them to interrupt our little run."

"So did I. Well, I'll leave you to it. I'm going to talk to Dumbledore." said Harry, breaking off and veering toward the castle.

As he reached the large double doors, he heard shouts from behind him.

Turning, he saw that the Aurors had decided to crash the party. The Aurors, however, instead of bothering the students, were making their way up to the castle.

Harry continued to Dumbledore's office.
Monday, 20 April, 1998
Headmaster's Office
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry knocked on the door, noting that the Gargoyle moved aside for him without a password.


Harry entered the room.

"Ah, Harry. I was wondering when you'd be making a visit. Please, have a seat. I assume from the look on your face this is about that new law?"

"Indeed it is. Does the ministry have jurisdiction here?"

"Technically only in certain circumstances, but there has never been a need to enforce that."

"You may have occasion today... Some fifteen Aurors are making their way here as we speak."

On cue, a knocking sounded from the door.

"Enter." said Dumbledore.

A pair of Aurors came in.

"What can I do for you?" asked Dumbledore.

"We are here to take the yourself and the following persons into custody: Remus Lupin, Colin Creevey, Dennis Creevey, Justin Fitch-Fletchley, Harry Potter..." started one Auror.

After he finished the list some minutes later, Harry cleared his throat.

"So, um, why am I to be taken into custody?"

"Violation of the Restriction on Underage Sorcery."

"I see." said Harry.

Dumbledore spoke next.

"Why are you taking my Defence professor into custody?"

"He is a werewolf and knowingly endangers students."

"Oh please..." said Harry with a snort. "He's about as dangerous as a first year. Unless you try something stupid, in which case, how fast do you run? Now, I'm afraid I have to be going." said Harry, popping off to the Manor again and rousing Hermione.

The first Auror looked angry. The second looked like he was trying to contain his laughter.

"I did tell you he wouldn't be an easy one to bring in." he said.
Monday, 20 April, 1998
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

As students and staff sat down and began their breakfast, Dumbledore stood.

"I would like to make an announcement." he said, and the Hall grew silent.

"As of this morning, Professor McGonagall is Headmistress of Hogwarts. DADA classes are cancelled for the immediate future until a replacement professor is found. The friendly Aurors you see around the hall are here to escort myself and Professor Lupin to the Ministry. If any attempt to detain students, kindly remind them that their jurisdiction does not extend to students in this case. Enjoy your meals." said Dumbledore, before standing, and making his way to the doors out of the hall, followed by Lupin.

Muttering and whispering exploded in the hall.
Elsewhere in the world, Draco Malfoy was still alive and still arrogant, though he had become rather bitter as well. He was not, as people tended to think, completely hopeless at organised thought, simply arrogant and prejudiced in the extreme. And he was currently following a certain Weasley in Egypt, unaware of the events that would begin to unfold as a result of his actions.
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