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Chapter 5

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See chapter one for summary.

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Chapter 5
Author Notes:


Sorry for the frighteningly long delay (just shy of two years! cringe) posting this chapter. Along with a case of writer's block, I have had a (un?)healthy amount of real life, school, and work.

Things will begin to diverge greatly from the series time-line from here on.

I have been asked several questions about this fic and its relation to SG1 time-wise. Currently, it is somewhere in season two. An exact episode/date is hard to pin, because the events in this time-line have altered the speed at which the events happened. For instance, Apophis' attack on Earth came sooner than in the series.

I'm in no way satisfied with this chapter, but, it gets the job done, and I dare not put off uploading it, lest I never get past it, as the previous two years have shown.

Just a reminder:
Spoken Ancient
Heard through communications devices
Wednesday, 29 July, 1998
Courtroom 6
Ministry of Magic, London, UK
09:36 BST

Harry walked out of the courtroom with an extra spring in his step. They had successfully avoided any wand-snappings for the members of the division, instead following the usual course of punishment: fines for those who have already received a written warning, much to Umbridge's displeasure.

They were no closer to dealing with the charges against Dumbledore and Lupin, due to both being legitimate issues, although they had tried to push the fact that neither one was generally cause for locking someone up as opposed to simply removing them from the area of issue and fining them.
Tuesday, 11 August, 1998
Ancient Tomb
Egypt, Earth
13:14 EEST (GMT + 3)

Bill Weasley stood silently in a dimly lit chamber, looking around carefully, searching for any traps. A crash and a muffled "oof!" behind him nearly gave him a heart attack.

"Who's there?" shouted Bill, spinning around, wand at the ready.

Not seeing any movement or hearing a response for several moments, he lowered his wand slightly and made his way over to where he thought the crash had come from. As he peered behind a support column, he saw a smashed canopic jar, and a figure hunched over on its knees.

Bill was about to speak, when the figure suddenly flicked a wand at him. "Oh crap." thought Bill as his arms and legs snapped together and he fell over sideways.

The figure stood up, and looked down at Bill, a sneer appearing on its face.

"And now, I'm afraid I must be moving on." said the figure in a strange distorted voice, its eyes glowing, before stepping over Bill and out of sight.
Tuesday, 11 August, 1998
Loucetios, Low Earth Orbit
12:45 BST (GMT + 1)

"Colonel, sensors detect a hyperspace window forming just outside the atmosphere above Egypt."

"Can you detect any craft approaching it?"

"Negative, Sir. Hyperspace window has disappeared."
Thursday, 13 August, 1998
Potter Manor
11:00 BST

As the memory finished playing in the pensive, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Bill Weasley tumbled out of it and back to their feet around the table the pensive sat on.

After a long silence, Harry spoke first.

"Well, this really sucks."

"So Draco is in Egypt. What's the big deal, besides him attacking me?" asked Bill, looking confused.

"First, Draco is possessed. Second, we don't believe he is in Egypt any more." said Hermione.
Thursday, 13 August, 1998
Downing Street
London, UK
13:45 BST

"What does this mean, in short?" asked the PM after hearing the brief Harry had given on the situation.

"The Goa'uld now know about magic users, and what we can do. From talking to Teal'c, a magical is more or less exactly what they've been looking for in a host for centuries. We can be sure this will get their notice, possibly even more so than defeating them when they tried to attack us. On the bright side, they only know as much about that as Malfoy does, which is certainly not everything."

"So, what now?"

"I've suggested that everyone under my command add a bit of extra training into their routines. There's not much we can do besides wait, and continue what we were already doing at this point. We have found mention of several city-ships in the Ancient database that may have sensors capable of giving us advanced warning of approaching ships, but as of yet, we haven't found any information as to locations, or anything that would help us make our own."

"Should you find information on where they are located, consider a retrieval mission to be approved, so long as you feel it is relatively safe."
Monday, 14 September, 1998
Database Room
Potter Manor
09:00 BST

"General Potter, I think I've found something!" said one of the division members from R&D.

"What is it?" asked Harry, somewhat excitedly, as he walked over to where the private was standing.

"Mention of a city-ship, sir, named Tarris. Entry indicates that a group from there left the Pegasus galaxy several years after Atlantis was evacuated. It says the city had not been discovered by the Wraith, but with the war lost, some felt no need to remain. More importantly, it includes a location."

"We can get there by Stargate?"

"Sorry, sir. It's not a gate address we can dial with our Stargates. It is likely only accessible from other gates in the Pegasus galaxy."
Wednesday, 15 September, 1998
Nirrti's Flagship
Milky Way

"My Queen, I bring news from the planet of the Tau'ri."

Nirrti motioned to continue.

"There exists a section of humans who possess some abilities you will be most interested in."

"How have I not heard of this before? What abilities?"

"They live in secret, apart from the rest of the humans, afraid of the consequences of their abilities becoming known. They inherently have the ability to perform what they call 'magic'.

"And where can I find these humans?" asked Nirrti, her interest very much piqued.

"They live all over the planet, but a large concentration can be found in a section of nation called England, in one of the major cities, London."

Nirrti considered the goa'uld before her. His host was well chosen, as the constant smirk seemed to fit the blonde.

"You have done well, and anticipated my interests. Tell me more."
Thursday, 24 September, 1998
Situation Room
Potter Manor
21:00 BST

"The Ancients in the Pegasus galaxy were fighting a war against the Wraith, we've learned that much from the archives here. We also know that the majority of those who evacuated from Pegasus left through the Stargate on Atlantis. We had believed that all of them had evacuated at that time, but it seems not." said Harry to the assembled group in the Situation Room, around the now generally disused map table, which was now covered in charts and reports.

"You're saying there may still be Ancients in the Pegasus Galaxy, living in the city-ship?" asked Ron.

"That would depend mostly on whether a sufficient number remained for there to be a viable population," said Hermione, looking at the notes in front of her. "We've found no mention of the actual population, so we can only guess."

"Anyway, now that we have located the Tarris, we need to see about acquiring some enhanced sensors, either by returning the city ship to earth, or finding out how to construct said sensors. Neville, that's where you come in. If you'd like to command the mission?"

"Certainly! It's bound to be more interesting than hanging around here."
Friday, 25 September, 1998
Potter Manor
13:45 BST

"Sir, we have re-stocked the supply of drones, and all tests indicate they are all functional."

"Excellent, keep me informed." replied Neville, who was levitating several crates of supplies in front of him onto the Loucetios.

They were storing enough supplies for roughly a month, just in case something went pear shaped, and Neville had been assisting in the transport of the supplies for a few hours now.

The journey to the Pegasus Galaxy, and their destination within it was expected to take about twelve days, though it could be shortened considerably if they pushed the engines. They had decided to run them at slightly over half capacity to try and avoid any issues, as they had never been used for any length of time nearing what they would need to.
Wednesday, 30 September, 1998
Loucetios, Earth Orbit
21:00 BST

"Colonel, you have a go. Check in when you arrive, if possible. Have a safe trip."

"Understood, and thanks." said Neville, closing the communications channel. "Navigation, set a course for the provided coordinates, and prepare to enter hyperspace on my mark."

"Course laid in, sir."


As the Loucetios sped into hyperspace on the twelve day journey to another galaxy, Neville exhaled. Standing up from the command chair, he gave his uniform a quick adjustment.

"I'll be in the commissary, let me know if anything changes." said Neville, intent on getting something to eat, as he made his way out of the Bridge.
Monday, 12 October, 1998
14:30 GMT

"10 seconds until arrival, Sir."


As the ship dropped out of hyperspace, a scan of the planet below was conducted.

"Scans indicate that the city has the shield raised, and there are many life-signs on the surrounding grassland."

"And inside the shield?"

"Scans were unable to penetrate the shield, sir."

"Very well. Communications, open a channel."

"Channel open."

Neville took a deep breath before speaking. "Tarris Control, this is the warship Loucetios, do you read?"
Monday, 12 October, 1998
Control Room
Tarris City Ship
Pegasus Galaxy
Mid day

As a console chimed in response to the appearance of the Loucetios, all usual activity in the control room ground to a halt as everyone turned to look at the console.

"Get Kallum!"
Aurius Kallum was the one in charge of security on Tarris. His easy-going nature was seemingly at odds with his borderline-obsessive attention to detail in regards to the security of the city.

"Kallum, you need to come to the control room immediately."

"I'm on my way. What's going on?" responded Kallum into his communicator.

"There's an Aurora class warship in orbit. The computers don't recognise the identification."

"What has it been doing?" he asked, breaking into a run heading for the nearest transporter.

"Nothing, as far as we can tell."

Kallum strode out of the transporter and into the control room, just as the speakers came to life.

"Tarris Control, this is the warship Loucetios, do you read?"

Kallum motioned for the communications channel to be opened.

"This is Tarris Control, we read you. Our computer does not recognise your ship's identification. Check 4792."

"Confirm 75-A-6-V?" came the response a moment later as Neville found the relevant section in the ship's computer.

"Please dock on pier four, and remain on your ship. We will be there shortly."

"Understood. Loucetios out."

"I want a security team to meet me there as soon as they have docked." said Kallum after the communications had been cut.
Monday, 12 October, 1998
Conference Room
Early Afternoon

Neville looked over the table at the Head of Security for the city ship. He appeared to be middle-aged, with short dark hair, and carried himself with the air of someone who had no lack of confidence.

"I apologise for the restrictions placed on you and your crew, but we take the security of this city very seriously. It has remained hidden from the Wraith, and the galaxy at large for thousands of years, and we intend to keep it that way. We were unsure of who you were." said Kallum, looking at Neville, who looked somewhat uncertain about the situation.

"Quite understandable. We had to really dig to find out where you were. It was almost as if the others from Atlantis didn't know you were here." said Neville.

At this, Kallum laughed.

"Atlantis! Those stuffy fimus plasmatis knew about us, they just didn't interact with us much. Too busy making rules, and generally starting things they were incapable of finishing. Anyway, what brings you back to our little corner of the universe after so long?"

"It's a long story. Basically, we've lost most of the knowledge you once had, and need some help catching up."

"How? Nearly all of the 'thinkers' and scientists returned to Terra."

"They ascended. Left us in the dark about pretty much everything. We've only figured out who and what we are in the last few years..." explained Neville, continuing on to explain a brief history of Harry's group of friends and what had happened.
Author's Note:

Next up, what's happening on/near Earth while Neville and company are in the Pegasus galaxy.
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