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Chapter One

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Flora stared at the ceiling as she lay restless in her bed. She had gotten no sleep that night as her mind had been running rampant with thoughts of her father’s violent nature. After a few long minutes the sound of her Hello Kitty alarm clock seemed to echo throughout the suffocatingly silent room.

Quickly Flora jumped out of bed and ran to her closet to retrieve her uniform. She slowly removed her pink floral print pajamas revealing many bruises and cuts before slipping on her uniform which consisted of a white t-shirt tucked into a knee-length forest green skirt. Next she put on the matching forest green vest and tied the black cord that went under the color of the t-shirt into a bow near her neck. White knee-high socks and black flats completed the ensemble.

Once she was finished dressing, Flora ran to her dresser to brush her long brown hair that had two lighter streaks that framed her face. Next she began applying make up, opting for rose pink lipstick and lavender eye shadow. Shifting through the jewelry that lay spread out on her dresser she chose a slim silver bracelet and matching hoop earrings to accessorize her uniform.

Slowly Flora walked to the far corner of her room to retrieve her backpack before exiting her bedroom. She put the backpack on as she carefully descended the stairs leading to the living room. Fortunately her father had already left for work meaning that she wouldn’t have to worry about a beating before school. Deciding that she wasn’t hungry, Flora skipped breakfast and rushed straight out the door.

Alfea High was only a few blocks away from Flora’s house and though she had left home with plenty of time she still ran as fast as she could to get there. She reached the campus within about five minutes and began ascending the stairs leading up to its entrance. Unfortunately she stumbled over something and fell right into some one.

“I’m sorry!” Flora exclaimed, looking to the person she had fallen on. As if to add to her misfortune the person she had knocked over was none other than Darcy, one of the meanest girls at Alfea.

“Watch where you’re going, loser!” shouted the green haired girl as she rose to her feet and dusted herself off, “People are walking here you know!”

“There’s no need to be so mean to her, Darcy!”

Flora looked to the source of that last remark. Now standing beside her was a red haired girl who was staring at Darcy with angry blue eyes.

“It was clearly an accident so your rude remarks were unnecessary,” said Bloom as she crossed her arms.

“Whatever. I don’t have time to deal with you two right now. I have t meet Riven inside,” Darcy said before walking away.

“Are you okay?” asked Bloom, helping Flora back to her feet.

“Yes,” Flora replied nervously, “Thank you, Bloom.”

“No problem!” the redhead replied with a friendly smile.

“Hey Bloom!” a voice called from a short distance away.

“Be right over, Stella!” Bloom yelled recognizing the voice, “Let’s talk later.”


“See ya!”

Flora watched as Bloom ran over to two other girls who were smiling at her. Stella was stunningly beautiful with long golden hair and brown eyes. She was the most popular girl in school, head cheerleader, and not to mention she was dating Brandon- captain of Alfea’s basketball team.

Standing to Stella’s left was another girl. She had dark skin, long brown hair, and green eyes. Her name was Layla and she was the captain of the swim team and the tennis team. She was also dating a guy named Shawn who was a talented all-around athlete.

Flora let out a sigh before turning away. She slowly ascended the stairs and walked into the Alfea school building. She didn’t stop walking until she had reached her locker. Slowly she unzipped her backpack and began putting books into her locker.

“Good morning, Flora.”

Flora turned her head to see who it was that had spoken to her. Standing next to her was a girl with short pink hair that was longer on one side and green eyes. Tecna was the top student in their class and student council president. Her locker happened to be next to Flora’s and she always greeted her every morning.

“Good morning, Tecna.”

“How are you doing this morning?” Tecna asked politely.

“I’m alright,” Flora lied with a small smile, “How about you?”

“I’m doing very well, thank you,” replied Tecna returning Flora’s smile.

“Tecna!” called a masculine voice causing the two girls to look in the speaker’s direction.

Running toward them was a boy with short blond hair and blue eyes that resided behind a pair of glasses. Flora immediately recognized him as Timmy. He was student council vice-president, and honor student, and the boyfriend of Tecna.

“Good morning, Timmy!” Tecna greet with a smile as she looked to her boyfriend.

“Good morning, Tecna, Flora,” said Timmy who appeared to be in a good mood.

“Hello,” Flora said shyly.

“Would you walk with me to homeroom?” Timmy asked his girlfriend, “I need to ask your opinion on something.”

“Alright,” Tecna agreed. Waving to Flora she said, “See you later, Flora.”

Flora watched as the two walked down the hallway until they blended into the other students. Quietly closing her locker she decided it would be a good idea for her to head toward her homeroom as well.

Taking slow, unsteady steps Flora made her way through the groups of students standing around. Being the quiet girl that she was she went pretty much undetected through the bustling halls until she had reached her destination; Room 105- Miss Harrison’s Math class.

Taking a few more uneasy steps Flora was able to make it to her seat. Next to her sat a girl who was listening to her cd player. She wore her black hair in pigtails on the top of her head. After a couple of minutes she opened her darkly colored eyes and, noticing Flora, removed her headphones.

“What’s up, Flora?” she asked casually.

“Not much. How are you today, Musa?” Flora asked politely.

“Not too bad,” Musa replied.

Just then two boys took their seats in at the table in front of the two girls. One was a blond with blue eyes and the other had dark skin, black dreads, and deep brown eyes. The blond was the captain of the soccer team and the boyfriend of Bloom. The other was Layla’s boyfriend Shawn.

“Hey Shawn,” said Musa causing him to turn and face her.

“What’s up, Musa?”

“You should give this track a listen when you get the time,” Musa replied as she handed Shawn a cd, “It’s my latest track. I think it turned out great.”

“Hey Flora,” said Sky, startling her, “Seems Musa and Shawn have forgotten about us.”

“I guess so…”

“Hey Sky,” a feminine voice interrupted.

Sky and Flora looked to the speaker to discover that it was none other than Icy, the most malicious girl in school. Standing to her left was another not-so-charming girl named Stormy.

“What are you talking to that loser for?” asked Stormy disapprovingly.

“What business is it of yours?” Sky retorted with an angry expression.

“Watch who you associate with or you’re liable to become a loser yourself,” Icy warned before she and Stormy walked to their seats.

“Sorry ‘bout that,” said Sky apologetically as he turned his attention back to Flora.

“It’s okay…” Flora murmured, looking to her hands which were folded neatly on the table in front of her.

Before Sky could reply the bell rang, signifying the start of class. Everyone stopped their chattering and turned to face the front of the room. A few minutes later the teacher entered the room followed by a student that nobody had ever seen before.

“Before we begin class I would like to introduce to you our new student,” stated Miss Harrison. Motioning to the unknown boy she continued, “This is Helia.”

Helia was a handsome boy who had long black hair and gentle eyes. He was dressed like all the other boys at Alfea wearing a white t-shirt tucked neatly into forest green pants and worn under a matching forest green jacket. Completing the out fit were a black necktie and black dress shoes.

“Hello Helia,” the class said in unison.

“It is a pleasure to meet you all,” Helia said with a polite smile.

“Let’s see…” Miss Harrison said thoughtfully as she scanned the classroom, “You can sit behind Flora.”

Following the teacher’s gaze Helia started toward his seat. He couldn’t help but to smile at Flora as he walked past.
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