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Chapter Eight

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The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin…but not only a Slytherin, b...

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Un-beta-ed Chapter! I have sent a MySpace message to wingnutdawn, and so far I have not have a reply back from her. I will post the edit chapter, if she replys back and still wants to be my beta. If you are reading this wingnutdawn, you still want be my Beta friend? Look in your in-box on MySpace.

The Long Trip to the Forbidden Forest


Summary: The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin…but not only a Slytherin, but Snape? What secrets will be relieved?

Chapter 8


There was undead silence between the four friends who glared at each other in loathing. Each of the boys was lost in their thoughts. All of them knew that their lives are now in Snape’s hands. Most of them couldn’t admit to themselves that they are fearful and in hopes that the young Slytherin would come back. The Forbidden Forest was deadly quiet, but not so like when the unknown beast attacked. The forest seemed darker as the minutes turned in to hours, which didn’t lighten either of their moods one bit.

“He’s never coming back.” James said after hours passed. His kicked a stone as it rolled onto Remus’ lap.

“Because it’s your fucking fault!” Remus snapped at him, he picked up the stone that James kicked at him (either by accident or deliberately he wouldn’t know) and throw it over James’ head.

James got up onto his knees. How dare that werewolf throw that rock at him!

“Guys enough!” Sirius said getting up, not wanting his two friends go into a fight. Both Remus and James stopped and turned from each other not wanting to look at the other boy.

“Do you think that thing got Snape?” Peter asked them, as he wrapped his cloak closer to himself. Oh how he missed his blanket back at Hogwarts.

“Good riddance.” James muttered under his breath folding his arms on his chest. He was still pissed about what that Slytherin said to him hours ago.

“Don’t say that!” Remus hissed at him. “It’s your fault that he left. Why can’t you keep your mouth shut for once?”

James was fed up with Remus. Why he is on his side? What makes that Slytherin better than him to have his best friend against him?

“Why are you on his side, Lupin? Why? He is nothing but a slimy Slytherin! They are nothing but evil bastards! It’s his fault not mine!” James snarled at him.

“If he dies then we die as well. If he never comes back we are done for either way. And if we die, I swear by the gods James, I will make sure you go to hell!” Remus roared.

James was taken back, as everyone else at the clearing. Never in his life did someone, other than a Slytherin ever say that to him. And having it come from Remus, it freaked him out.

Everyone on camp was deadly silent. The silence between them was thick and none of them wanted to break it as if it was made from glass. Everyone knew that Remus was right, which made everything else less bright. “I never thought in my life that Snape of all people, have my life on his hands.” Sirius said to himself.

Silently everyone agreed.

Remus got up from the ground. “I’m going to look for him.” He announced.

“No! You can’t do that! If you go out there you will get lost. If you get lost, then how can we know you are? Do you remember what he said before we come to the forest? They are foul beasts living out there. What if he comes back and you are not here? I rather not find your corpse when we go out and look for you…” Sirius said.

“I agree with Padfoot, Moony. Don’t go. You don’t know what’s out there.” James said.

“Yeah yeah your right. I just wish we know if he is alright or not.” Remus said as he went back sitting next the fire.

“Oh my god, Remus. Are you gay or something?” James asked, smirking at the look that Remus gave him.

“No!” Remus said. What made James to think that?

“I’m only joking, Moony. Chill out.” James laughed.

“Unlike you three, I have a heart, that doesn’t make me gay. I care about other people including Slytherins.” Remus snapped at his three friends. The three of them look at him as if he was crazy.

James chuckled. “Our Remus is turning into a Hufflepuff! Haha!” he gasped as he fell onto his side laughing.

“I have a heart!” Sirius said over the laughter of James. “I give them to all the pretty ladies.” He smirked.

Remus’ eyes turned darker. “No you don’t. None of you care about Snape, not even little bit! You only care for yourselves!” he yelled back.

“SHUT UP!” Peter bellowed all of sudden making the three friends stare at him wide eyed. “I am sick of hearing you yell at each other! Yelling will not save us! Yelling at each other only make things worse. It will only bring us to death. Snape will come back, I believe that. Now please, don’t yell at each other anymore. Let us just sleep it off.”

“Wormtail, I never thought you had it in you!” James praised him.

Peter glared at him.

“Either way, I know Severus better then you three put together. He will be back.” Remus told them.

The other three didn’t agree with him. Who can trust a Slytherin?


Severus woke up with start. He painfully got up of where he fall asleep. Aodh lay on his lap, silently growling as Severus slowly got up.

Severus slightly smiled at the wolf, as Aodh too got up.

He sighed as he looked around himself. Time to get back to the group, he decided.

What made him walk out from them anyway?

‘/It all Potter’s fault.’/ Severus thought, as he walked down the path that he made hours before.

“They all should pay, Aodh.” Severus told his wolf friend.

Aodh tilt his head at the side.

“Don’t look at me like that!” Severus told him. Aodh again looked at him as if to say, ‘it was also you fault. Should you too pay?’

Severus stopped and looked at the wolf. Why must Aodh always have to make him do stuff like a stupid Gryffindor?

Severus growled under his breath. “Fine.” He said. “I will only say sorry IF they apology first.”

'Besides,' /he thought, '/I still need the rest of that money.'

Severus grinned.


It didn’t take Severus long before he found the camp where he lastly left the three Gryffindors. As he stood there, he was slightly surprised that the three friends wasn’t laughing at each other nor was making fun of him when he was gone.

He watches them for moment or two, until Lupin caught his scent. Severus watch as the werewolf stood up, turned to face and started to grin.

Severus rolled his eyes and stepped into the clearing. As he did so the other three Gryffindors stood up. The five of them stood face each other, not saying one word.

What felt like hours, Lupin this spoke first. “I’m glad you came back Severus.”

Severus wasn’t surprised. Of course Lupin is happy to see him, who else was going to help him pass Potions?

The other three stood not looking at him.

“James, Sirius, Peter, you are going to say something?” Lupin asked his three friends, as he stepped beside Severus, folding his arms like a mother would do to her rotten children.

“Glad to have you back.” Black muttered, not liking the fact that he had to say it.

Lupin grinned.

Pettigrew was the nerviest out of the three. “Welcome back.” Was all he could say.

“James?” Lupin asked.

Potter growled. “I am sorry of what I said to you. It was wrong.” He said, his teeth grinding in his mouth. He turned angry at his friend. “You happy now?”

“Yep.” Lupin said. He turned to Severus. “Are you camping here for the night or heading out?”

Severus who stood there silence was taken back of how his enemies said sorry to him. Aodh beside him push at his legs. Severus bites his tongue. He will not say sorry!

“Let us head north for a few miles.” Severus said. Lupin nodded.

Silently the five boys picked up with belongings and headed north. As Potter, Black and Pettigrew were out of hear shot, Severus turned to Lupin. “Thanks.” He said.

Lupin stopped. Did he hear the Slytherin right? “What?” he began to say, but Severus was not beside him. Instrest, he was ahead of the group.

‘/How does he do that?’/ Lupin wondered. He shrugged and ran towards his friends.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 1,656

Author’s Notes: I am so sorry for the long wait! I have been very busy. I am getting married this December, my soon-to-be husband joined the Air Force (haven't seen him over three months) and we are moving to an AFB in North Dakota. I never thought, when I get out of the house for the first time, I would be moving that far away. lol!

Anyway, to those that think that it’s little OOC of Severus Snape of talking to a wolf, it not little farfetched. I talked to my pets all the time. Because of them, when I do talk to them, I choose better choices. Pets are like that you know? They made the best out of you!

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