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Chapter 7

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The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin…but not only a Slytherin, b...

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The Long Trip to the Forbidden Forest


Summary: The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin…but not only a Slytherin, but Snape? What secrets will be relieved?


Chapter 7


Sirius Black stirred and his senses were muddled as he slowly regained consciousness. As his mind cleared the first thought was, ‘/what happened?/ Why do I feel as if I fell off the Gryffindor tower?' He started to rise but three pairs of hands held him down.

Black flinched as he heard a shriek “Sirius! Your Alive!” from Pettigrew who fell on top of him as he hugged him.

"Peter! Get off of him..." Potter laughed. "Welcome back, Sirius."

Black was more confused then ever before. Why was his friends acting like he almost died?

"Sirius you need to lay still. You were severely injured." Lupin told him a he gently restrained him from moving.

"What happened?" Black asked in bewilderment.

"You were attacked."

With these words a memory of a growling savage beast growling, biting an flinging him into the air. He felt the pain as the beast slashed through his flesh with his razor sharp teeth… a voice that seemed far away, that he was sure was Potters, yelling “I’m coming Sirius!”

"You, James, tried to save me... Then Snape came..." Black told them, in confusion.

"Yes, Sirius-- Snape came and--helped-- us." Potter said shortly as i admitting in actual words that the slytherin was usefull, was giving him pain.

"Where in blasted H—L is he?" Black asked as his voice hardened with anger at the mere mention of Severus' name.

"Right here, Black." Severus's said in a cool quiet manner to his left. Black tilted his head toward the sound of the voice. Severus felt uneasy as he walked cautiously toward the group sitting next to Lupin.

"I am-glad- that you are alright, Black." Severus said, despite his feelings otherwise, considering the lingering hatred that was between them.

Black sighed. He knew that Snape was just saying the words. He didn't really mean what he said.

"Where are we?" Black asked, to change the subject.

"I don't know..." Potter told him.

Severus rolled his eyes at the apparent lack of memory, Potter was displaying. "Have you forgotten, Potter? We are a few days South from a village."

"What village?" Black asked blankly. 'What kind of village would be out here?'

Severus rolled his eyes again as he repeated himself. "There is a small village couple days up North from here. Black, we need to move you-"

"Didn't I tell you, Snape? We cannot move him! He’s too badly injured and weak." Potter yelled.

"We still need to keep moving!" Severus glared at him.

"James, Severus is right." Lupin agreed, as he knew it would not make sense to stay where they were.

"WHAT?!" Potter and Pettigrew yelled as they both looked at Lupin in astonishment.

"Guys, what if that--that thing is following us?" Lupin asked as he tried to make them understand the reasoning behind the decision.

Potter wouldn’t admit it, but Lupin and Snape are right. “But Black is injured! He cannot be moved!” He insisted vehemently. Then in a calmer voice he asked, "Can we at least let Sirius rest?"

Snape thought about it. "Fine.I won’t argue the point anymore but we will leave at nightfall."

Not thinking clearly Potter asked foolishly, "How can you know when nightfall is?"

"The forest would be darker." Severus answered, smirking.

Furious with Snape for making him feel foolish, Potter grabbed his wand from his filthy robes...

"PRONGS!" Lupin yelled, snatching the wand from his hands before he did something he would regret.

"Fight! Fight!" Pettigrew chanted, but stopped just as quickly when Lupin grabbed Potter's wand and glared at his friend for being so touchy.

"This is pointless. You are all fighting like small children." Severus muttered, sitting up. "If you all going to act like that, I'm leaving. Aodh come." Severus picked up his backpack and started to walk away.

"Wait! Severus! Come back!" Lupin yelled as he turned to see the Slytherin walking away from them.

But Snape was gone.

"Now look what you did, Potter!" Lupin hissed angrily. "He's gone! And now we are lost!"

"Its not my fault!" Potter croaked as he tried to still the tiny feeling of fear that was developing inside him.

“And whose fault is it?” snapped Lupin as he threw the wand back at Potter who caught it.

Painfully, Black sat up . "It was your fault, even I have to admit it, Prongs." He said.

Trembling with fright, Pettigrew asked "Do--you think. That he will come--back?"

No one answered.

No one knew for sure.


Stupid Potter. Idiot Black. Coward Rat. Cheerful werewolf.

Severus Snape thought as he silently walked, avoiding tree roots, his wand held cautiously in front of him.He wondered why he even bother agreeing to take them into the Forest anyway? Was it the money? Or was it something else?

He always wanted friends... Real friends, friends that would look after you in times of need or who wouldn’t take advantage of him and his knowledge.

He won't admit it, but he envied Remus Lupin. How did he ever get friends, considering he was a werewolf was beyond his understanding. What did Lupin do to get friends like that? Black mail? No he didn’t think so.

Severus sighed, as he jumped up and caught a overhanging tree branch and hauled himself up into the tree. Aodh flapped his wings and flew up into the tree close to where Severus sat against the trunk.

He continued to think. “Why does Potter get so angry all the time?”

Severus was shocked at himself for walking out on them, as without him helping them through the forest to that village, they would more than likely die In a few days. He shrugged his shoulders and told himself unconvincingly, “But who cares, if the Marauders die? Who will grieve their deaths? Not me.”

He still felt funny as he tried to think of why he even agreed to lead those Griffindors through the forbidden forest. It wasn't the money that brought him here. No... was it…could it be… the need to belong a group.

He wanted friends.

But he still refused to admit it to himself.

(End of Chapter)

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