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Chapter Six

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The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin…but not only a Slytherin, b...

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The Long Trip to the Forbidden Forest


Summary: The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin…but not only a Slytherin, but Snape? What secrets will be relieved?


Chapter 6


There were unseen eyes watching five young wizards, one of which was floating alongside his comrades as they raced with lightning speed through the forbidden forest as if demons from hell itself were following them. It was barely a half hour since the five were attacked by a large beast that they could not identify, and two of them were severely injured in the attack. Severus Snape was in the lead as he followed Aodh the winged black wolf while while Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew followed James Potter who used his wand to cast a levitating charm on Sirius Blacks’ unconscious form and to keep him floating beside him.

After what felt like hours, the five wizards plus the wolf finally stopped, panting from exhaustion. Finding a small clearing, they crouched down on the forest floor, Sirius Black was set down carefully nearby.

"Do you think we lost it?" Potter asked no one in particular.

Severus nodded his head slowly. He winced in pain as he took a few uneasy deep breaths, then he took his bloodied right hand and placed in over his blood soaked shirt.

"Yeah James, it’s gone. I can't hear or smell it." Lupin said as he sniffed the air around him. "But I do smell blood. And isn't Sirius's." Everyone then glanced over at Severus, who glared back at them.

"I'm fine, Lupin. Deal with Black. I can take care of myself." Severus snarled. "He is in more danger of dying then I am."

Lupin looked silently at the surly, moody Slytherin and then turned to look at his friend Sirius Black, Lupin then agreed with Severus that Blacks

condition was much more severe as compared to his. "Do you know how to clean these wounds?" Pettigrew gulped while his face turned green from seeing all the blood. Blacks' eyes were open but had a glazed unseeing expression as if he was dead.

Feeling helpless Potter shook his head as he stared at his friends extensive injuries . He looked over at Lupin with a worried expression.

"I know a little about cleaning up wounds as I spent a lot of time with Madam Pomfrey. Sometimes I helped her heal some people, but not those with injuries as severe as these." Lupin said, as he opened up his backpack and pulled out a homemade first-aid kit.

"What is that thing?" Potter asked Lupin. He had never seen one of those kits before that he knew of.

"This is called a first-aid kit. Muggles use it to treat injuries, clean wounds, control bleeding and swelling, care for bruises, minor burns, support sprained ankles wrists and all sort of stuff.” Lupin said. “At least till they can get the victim to someone more qualified to deal with the injuries. He glanced at Severus, who was now looking for something in his own backpack with this left hand. "You can use some of the stuff in this kit if you need to, Severus."

"No thank you, Lupin." Severus hissed as he felt the pain from his injured ribs. "I have my own remedy." as he pulled out a weird shaped bottle. He uncorked it with his teeth and drunk the contents straight from the bottle. Severus gagged and shook his head as if the contents tasted like rotten eggs. Potter face twisted in disgust as he watched Severus continue to drink the potion. He hated taking potions, especially ones that tasted bad. If he had his way, he would never taste potions again.

"What is that potion called?" Lupin asked.

Severus glanced at Lupin. '/Should I tell them/?' he asked himself.

"It’s something that my mother... my real mother made. Its better then Skelo-Grow potion, for Skelo-Grow is painful and takes a day or two to heal bones. This," he lifted the now empty bottle. "Is less painful and it takes less time to heal bones. But it tastes worse." They watched as Severus started cleaning the vial with water and putting it back into his backpack.

"If its better then Skelo-Grow, then why didn't I hear about it before, huh?" Potter asked snottily.

Severus glared at him. "This potion is illegal to make in England." he said smirking.

"Illegal?" Pettigrew yelped, grasping James’ filthy robe in fear.

“If it illegal in England, then why do you have it, huh? Want to be sent to Azkaban or something?” Potter asked coldly. Lupin didn’t say anything. Knowing Slytherins, they looked for loopholes around laws.

"It’s illegal to make it. It’s not illegal to have it." Severus said firmly. At these words, Lupin smiled shaking his head. ‘/Slytherins/.’ He thought, rolling his eyes, as he took off Black’s shirt and pants, and did his best to relieve Blacks injuries.

"Hey, Severus, do you have a potion that helps in case of infection or heals deep wounds?" Lupin asked as he tended his unconscious friend.

Severus didn't reply. Instead he looked into his backpack, then pulling out a medium sized vial, tossed it. Lupin caught the potion vial with ease with one hand. He looked at it with curiosity. “How do I use it?” he asked stupidly. Potter reached over and grabbed the vial, opened it up and smelt it.

“EWW, WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT?!” Potter shrieked, as he quickly closed it then gave it back to Lupin, who was again rolling his eyes at Potter’s stupidly. “It smells like rotten meat!”

In the background, Severus was smirking. “You’re not supposed to smell it, retard.” He said with a slight snort.

Potter glared at him with hatred.

“You wouldn’t want a …accident, now would you?” Severus asked, smirking, as he tore then wrapped one of his old but clean shirts around his chest. There was nothing else he could do at this time for his cracked ribs. Hopefully his ribs would start to feel better in a few hours, but it will take few days for them to be fully healed even after taking the potion.

“Clean the blood away first with a wet cloth, and carefully, drip few drops of that potion onto each and every wound. And please, be careful with it.” Severus explained to Lupin who listened carefully and nodded to show he understood.

Lupin then whetted a cloth from the water flask that he had brought and carefully wiped off the blood from Blacks body. Lupin told Pettigrew to hold onto the vial so he could clean the bloody wounds before applying the potion which also helped the other boy, feel somewhat useful for Pettigrew looked like he was going to puke. Pettigrew sat beside him, holding the potion as if it was large spider.

Potter watched the proceedings with a critical eye as Lupin followed Severus's instructions. Potter didn't believe that the potion was all that safe since it had belonged to the Slytherin.

Potter also helped clean Black’s wounds, but from the other side. He glanced over at Severus every so often as if he expected the Slytherin to do something to harm them. Severus was making a small circle with stones, pulling some dry wood in the middle. Suspicious of what Severus was doing he grabbed his wand to strike if necessary as the Slytherin calmly caused the dry wood within the stone circle to burst into a warming blue flame.

“There is a small village a few days up north. We will head there to get a real healer.” Severus said as he made sure the fire was going properly and then looked over at Lupin who was uncorking the vial, and dripped the potion onto the wounds. Potter and Pettigrew watched in horror as the drop landed on the open wounds, hissing as if burning the flesh. It was a good thing Black was not awake. Pettigrew covered his mouth, and ran as fast as his short legs would take him to the edge of camp and vomited.

“What village? There are no villages in the Forest.” Potter said disbelievingly, ignoring the hissing sound as Lupin dropped another drop on Black’s wounds and the sounds of Pettigrew puking to his left. Severus rolled his eyes as he wondered why Potter always had to question everything that he said.

“It’s not wizarding village. But those who live there know about… our kind.” Severus said, with a very weird look on his face, but then his expression changed as he asked sarcastically. “Wow, Potter, where were you during elementary school when they taught World History?”

“What?” Potter said flabbergasted. “What’s World History?”

“Oh my God.” Severus said, shaking his head. “There is no hope. The Potters are idiots!” Severus declared to the world. Potter glared angrily at Slytherin. How dare he insult his family!

“It’s a muggle class, James. It’s a class that teaches you the world’s history and it also teaches you how to read a world map.” Lupin said knowingly.

“Really? Why were you in a muggle school, Snape?” Potter snapped. “I thought you were a pure-blood. What are you half?” Potter then smirked as he was thinking that Severus was a half-blood or what many pure-bloods considered worse, a muggleborn.

“How’s Black?” Severus said ignoring the Gryffindors question.

“Doing better. Thank you for asking.” Lupin said smiling. “Here” He said, handing back the vial. Severus grabbed it quickly from the werewolf’s hands. He looked up toward the moon. ‘/Two more weeks and it will be a full moon/.’ Severus thought a little nervously.

What will he do during the full moon? Hopefully Black will be better able to transform into his grim-doggish form in two weeks and be able to look after the werewolf. Maybe around that time he and Aodh should go ahead of the group and scout out the area? He would have to think about that later.

“We will need to move soon.” Severus said, suddenly.

“Sirius needs to rest before we continue on anywhere.” Potter said irritably, as he folded his arms across his chest and glared challengingly at Severus.

“Do you want that thing to come back and finish off what it started? If you like I could easily leave you four here alone to deal with that eventuality.” Severus threatened off handedly. “Though of course that would more than likely end with your deaths.”

Potter’s eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t.” he said with a slight hint of panic in his voice.

“I can. And I will if necessary.” Severus snapped. He wouldn’t though, it was not his nature to leave people for dead, especially in this god forsaken Forest, but Potter wouldn't know that. Besides it was fun messing with Potter’s head.

“Prongs stop angering him.” Lupin sighed. “Peter stop trying to puke your guts out. Can you please pass me that blanket over there? Thanks.” Taking a thick blanket from Pettigrew’s shaking hands, covered Black gently and carefully to ward off shock and also to keep him from getting cold.

Potter turned his head towards Lupin. “You’re taking 'Its' side again?!”

Severus didn't care if Potter called him ‘Snake’ ‘Filthy Slytherin’ or anything else that he and Black came up with but he was getting a little more annoyed with the Golden Boy continually calling him an 'it '. He had been called worse names like Snivellus, Filthy Slytherin, or Snake but just hearing the word it in reference to himself sounded as if he wasn’t human, just nothing more than an inanimate object.

“Don’t call me that.” Severus snarled at Potter as he clenched his fists.

“Shut up, scum.” Potter snarled back as he moved towards the defiant Slytherin.

“James! Severus! Can you-” Lupin started to yell, but was interrupted as Pettigrew started to jump up for joy.

"SIRIUS IS AWAKE! HE'S WAKING UP!" shrieked Pettigrew, jumping and pointing at Black whose eyes were starting to move as he struggled to regain consciousness..

(End of Chapter)

Words: 2,200

Author's Notes: hehe. A cliff hanger. So mean of me, huh? After months of not updating. hehe

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