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Chapter 5

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The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin...but not only a Slytherin, b...

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The Long Trip to the Forbidden Forest


Summary: The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin...but not only a Slytherin, but Snape? What secrets will be relieved?

Chapter 5

There was some serious yelling, and a loud cry for help that pierced through the silent Forest, early in the next morning. The group instantly woke up as they were disturbed by the sound echoing around them. Severus pulled out his dagger from under his backpack that he used as a pillow, as he was expecting something like this to happen. He glared around himself to spot the person who yelled.

Not surprisingly, at least to Severus, that idiotic person was none other than Sirius Black. By the looks of things, he had slept too close to the water and rolled in as he slept; now he, along with everything he had brought with him was soaked.

Potter wrapped his arms around himself, as he was laughing hysterically. He fell onto his back at the sight of his best friend. Who was drenched and dripping, yelling and cursing at the water as if it were able to understand him.

Pettigrew was wide eyed; disappointed that he was woken up so early. Lupin was dozing off and on where he slept, ignoring Black, who was yelping "Bad water! Bad evil water!" at the top of his lungs. It was as if was quite a normal daily event for Sirius to fall into the water. Aodh was growling at the commotion Black was making as if to say shut up.

Severus had enough of this, fearing that Black would wake up some nasty hungry creature who would look upon them as a feast, jumped up and went to where Sirius Black was still yelping and grabbed the drenched wizard, who fell backwards causing Severus to fall on top of him. Severus slapped his hand over Black's mouth and told him to be silent. Here was a sudden silence everywhere, not only was Black now silent, so was the forest surrounding them, as if its attention had been drawn towards the small group and was now waiting for the next move.

Severus was listening for sounds that would indicate some monster heading their way, Ignoring the muffled sounds under his hand that Black was trying to utter. Black glared with hatred at the greasy haired teenager who was still sitting on him. Severus ignored Blacks efforts to speak till he hoped that nothing in the forest had been disturbed enough to investigate them. He took his hand away and moved away from the angry dripping wet teen.

"Get off me! What in hell did you do that for?" Black said angrily.

"Will you shut up!" Severus hissed back firmly. "Unless of course you would like to get all of us killed. Now be quiet and let me listen for anything that may be coming our way."

"Hell I-" Black snarled, but stopped when he saw the irritated and impatient look Severus and Lupin gave him. Both Severus and Lupin looked around, as they listened for movements.

Then, from deep in the forest there was a growl, which wasn't Aodh's. Severus glanced down at his wolf friend beside him. Aodh looked up at Severus with a fearful gaze. Severus looked over at Lupin who had heard it too.

"Pack up!" Severus hissed at the group. "Hurry!" The group followed his orders; not caring that it was Snape who was ordering them around. Quickly they grabbed everything that they brought. Severus grabbed up his pack as he watched for whatever it was that had growled and listened as it came closer. He ordered them to follow him across the river. Severus knew that they must get across the river to survive or get eaten.

"I can't touch the bottom!" shrieked Pettigrew as he panicked, when the group was in the middle of the river. Potter, who was the closest, grabbed his friend by the hand and helped him the rest of the way across the river, which was barely waist deep. Severus who was already on the other side watched behind them as a huge beast came within view, out from the line of trees. Just few seconds behind him, Lupin pulled himself out of the water with ease and then Black, who was still shaking from the realization that he was one who cause this speedy exodus.

From what the boys could see the huge beast had teeth and claws that were very long and obviously as sharp as knives. Its glowing yellow eyes glared with blood lust over at the boys on the far bank. Its jaws slavering with saliva at seeing the fresh meat that had just escaped him. He shook his thick dark fur that was coated with mud and blood from a former kill, in anger.

"James! Peter!" Black yelled excitedly. Potter and Pettigrew were still coming slowly across the river, as Potter had a problem with trying to keep Pettigrew calm and moving, as Peter was still afraid that he might drown. "We must help them!" Black cried out.

"We?" Severus asked him silkily, raising an eyebrow. Black must be joking to think that he would risk his own hide and go back into the river to save them. The water was only waist deep once you got past the middle for Merlin's sake.

Black scowled at Snape, as he thought 'Doesn't he have a heart?' "Not you. Remus and me." Black snapped at the reluctant Slytherin.

"Be my guest and get yourself killed then." Severus replied back. Black jumped into the water. 'Idiot!' thought Severus. He grabbed Lupin by his arm. "You aren't going to risk your hide too." He said as they watched Black walk through the waist deep water towards Potter and the struggling Pettigrew.

'Why am I doing this? Why not let Lupin get himself killed for all I care!' Severus thought to himself.

Lupin ignored him, but stayed where he was, still eyeing the beast that was moving speedily through the water towards his three friends, who were just a few feet away! They could get killed! But he could not risk going in himself. Sirius was always the stronger one and had the better chance to save them.

"Sirius! James! Peter! Look out!" Lupin yelled. But it was too late. The beast aimed for and bit into Black's leg, then ripped him up out of water and threw him towards the opposite bank of the river. Potter and Pettigrew finally got out of the river, just as the beast bit into Black's leg.

The four of them watched as the Beast eagerly attacked Black. Bloodstains flowed by them in the water beside them. Severus then felt a pain in his heart. Was it guilt or something else?

"I'm coming Sirius!" James yelled, as he raised his wand and cast a spell at the beast, which just bounced off of it. James ran back into the river after his friend.

Sometimes it sucks being around Gryffindors, they always jump into danger to save their friends, even at the risk of getting their own selves killed, but Severus decided to go help. "Stay here!" Severus ordered with a hiss of anger in his voice. Lupin nodded, as he understood that he must stay and look after Pettigrew who whimpered, and shook with fear.

They watched as Severus went after Potter, raising his wand in front of him. Lupin thought that Snape would probably regret this action he was taking afterwards, if any of them survived that is.

'This is stupid! This is stupid! Why am I doing this?' Severus thought as he ran back through the river after Potter, who was only few feet away. Why help his enemies from been eaten from that monster? It was crazy; after all it wasn't his fault that they voluntarily ran into danger of getting eaten by a monster after being told by him to be quiet, when in the forbidden forest. After all it was common sense, to not draw attention to oneself or beasts such as the one that was attacking Black would show up.

Did they not bother to learn the valuable lessons of caution and common sense when they were kids or something? Severus cursed to himself.

Severus looked up ahead of him as he got closer to the beast, which was disgusting rotten smelling besides very large and savage looking. Suddenly, in heroic fashion, or in Severus opinion, stupidity, James climbed out of the water onto the top of the beast's back towards the great beasts head, vainly attempting to choke it, but his hands were too small to go around the beast's thick neck.

All Potter has done was anger it even more and the beast dropped the battered boy he had been toying with first back into the shallow water and decided to attack this other annoyance that had clung to his neck.

Severus ran through the shallow water over to Black, who was starting to black out because of the loss of blood, he was suffering from. Severus grabbed him by his now filthy and ruined shirt, and dragged him further onto dry land, which wasn't that difficult, when Black was half unconscious and fear of the maddened beast lent strength to Snape's thin arms. Black was muttering to himself, his eyes unfocused.

Severus looked back towards Potter who was now dodging the beast's claws reaching behind him towards the boy who was desperately trying to stay out of reach, of the maddened creature

Severus, for split second, thought about saving him. But Black needed him more. Looking back down at his fallen enemy, he tore open Black's blood soaked shirt to check his injuries. Black was covered with very deep cuts and bites that looked painful and infected. Severus then felt a twinge of guilt. He should have at least helped him in the moment the beast attacked him. But come to think of it, would Black do the same, if he were in his position? And what about Potter, would he jump to save him? Or would the whole group just leave him to die?

Severus looked up, and saw Lupin now, coming towards them. For the first time, Severus felt glad that Lupin was coming to his aid. Pettigrew wasn't in sight. 'Probably hiding in fear.' Severus thought to himself. Just as Lupin approached, "Look after Black." Severus told him. Lupin nodded.

Severus turned away as Lupin knelt beside Black, raised his black wand, and cast a hex at the beast that once again bounced off the thick furry hide. Potter had fallen off the beast as the Slytherin struck the beast with another hex. The beast turned and looked at Snape bared his bloody sharp teeth, then growled in anger. Potter also looked at him, but not in anger, but in shock. He always thought that Snape would be glad if he ever witnessed one of them in danger of being killed. He wondered why Snape was there trying to help him? Was it because of the blood-debt from their 5th year or is it something else?

The beast suddenly ran toward Snape, who instinctively jumped back as the massive clawed paw skimmed across his chest, tearing his shirt and leaving five deep rips of dripping blood forming across Severus's chest. The impact sent the Slytherin flying through the air. He felt his ribs cracking from the force of impact as he landed hard against the trunk of a tree.

Aodh, the winged wolf, racing out from nowhere, jumped up at the beast, and bit into its neck with his own very sharp teeth. The beast yelped in pain and anguish. The beast twisted his body and slashed at the elderly wolf. Aodh landed hard onto the ground, yelping, shaking.

"Aodh! Aodh!" Severus cried, seeing his wolf-friend hurt. He would not forgive himself if Aodh was killed.

'I must save, young cub!' Aodh thought to himself as he growled at the beast, telling it to leave. The beast glared at the elderly wolf. Blood lust could be seen in its angry eyes. The beast stepped back, seeing that the elder wolf wouldn't back down, even if it took its last breath.

The beast decided enough was enough, after all he could return to finish his work. He will eat the human cubs, not now but soon. Until next time...

Aodh watched as the beast left into the darkness. When the beast was long gone, Aodh limped over to his master's cub, licking his face. Severus smiled, petting his wolf friend. He was very glad that his mother told him to bring the elderly wolf.

Potter walked, horrified about what had just happened. That growling wolf just saved his life! No wonder Snape brought that thing. "Ah, Snape, are you okay?" Potter asked him. Snape looked up at Potter. He didn't answer.

Snape slowly got up onto his feet. Pain shot through him as his blood dripped onto the forest floor. It hurt to breathe. 'Just some deep cuts that needs stitches and few broken ribs.' Snape thought to himself.

"Yeah, Potter." Snape winced in pain. "Black isn't dead." Severus said to divert the Gryffindors attention

"Sirius!" Potter said. How could he forget about him? Potter ran towards his fallen friend.

"Come on, Aodh, let's get out of here. Before that thing, comes back. " Severus told his wolf-friend. Aodh barked in agreement.

Severus and Aodh slowly limped following Potter, who was now, checking over Black, who by the looks of it was now unconscious.

Guilt crawled into Severus heart once again. Why did he feel so guilty? It wasn't his fault that Black decided to go back in to the water after Potter and Pettigrew.


Words: 2,328
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