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Chapter Four

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The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin...but not only a Slytherin, b...

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The Long Trip to the Forbidden Forest


Summary: The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin...but not only a Slytherin, but Snape? What secrets will be relieved?


Chapter 4


It was a few days after the agreement that Sirius and Severus had made for the trip into the forbidden forest. James and Sirius were still very angry with Severus because of he tricking them of paying so much money and for what they thought was the attempted murder of Peter Pettigrew. They would have had their revenge on Severus but they needed him on the trip to guide them safely through the forest. Severus was also avoiding them, for what reason they did not know.

Remus looked around for his friends as the student body of Hogwarts students was boarding on the train to go home for the summer holidays. To be honest he was nervous and he was also ashamed of himself for not thinking of the future or the dangers that lived in the forest when he agreed to this trip with his friends. He was worried about what would happen during the full moon after he changed into a werewolf. He didn't fear for his friends who could turn into animagi forms but he did worry for Snape's safety.

He was also worried about the other dangers in the forest like; acromantula, centaurs, giants, (It was rumored that a couple of years ago one student who went into the forest with Hagrid the grounds-keeper saw a giant but most everyone thought he was mistaken because Hagrid was really tall himself). Remus wondered why he even agreed to go in the first place, it was only going to cause problems.

"Hey, Moony! Over here!" called a voice behind him. Remus looked up and saw his three friends, carrying backpacks over their shoulders hiding behind the thickets near the train station. When he got there, they all smiled at him.

"Have you got everything you need, Remus?"

"Yeah. Do you?" Remus asked uneasily.

"Yep. Lets go!" Sirius said happily, As they started to head out towards the forest.

"We can't go yet! Where Severus?" Remus asked as he looked around for the young Slytherin, who was not in view anywhere.

"Do we have to wait for that scum?" James asked Remus, he really hated the thought of having to wait for Severus who he considered an enemy.

"Yes, James we have to. Unless you really do want to go without him!" Remus told him.

"Yes, I want to go, but I don't like the idea of waiting for that slimly piece of shit." James said folding his arms, looking around making sure that Snape wasn't around to hear him and have a reason to attack them.

"How do we know he isn't plotting for just the right moment to kill us in the forest anyhow? Look what he did to Peter!" exclaimed James

"Prongs, I really don't think he tried to kill Peter. Maybe you guys are just looking for reasons to accuse him."

Sirius looked up, eyes widened. "Your not siding in with him, are you Moony?"

"No." Remus replied. "I just don't think its Slytherin-ish to do that in front of us. Don't you think that if he wanted to kill any of us, he would have waited to do it when no one is around?"

"Don't try to think of the ways Slytherin minds work, Remus." James said pityingly while patting his shoulder. "They're nothing but evil gits. Their minds are so twisted that they really do believe they are geniuses when they think and carry out their plans."

"Yes, few of us think that don't we, Potter?" a chilling voice behind them said. Everyone whipped around in the direction of the voice and saw Snape standing there. He wore dark green worn muggle jeans with many pockets, black shirt with a worn-out army shirt over it.

Remus eyed the muggle army shirt and saw what the tag read in bold letters on the front and on side of the sleeve: Russian Army.

It was Snape, If they didn't recognize his voice they could easily have mistaken him for someone else. Behind was an unknown creature that looked like a black winged wolf with abnormal different eye color, growling at them.

'What is that creature?' Remus thought in awe.

"Easy now, Aodh. We don't want them to be scared do we?" Snape asked his creature, that stopped growling to look at him, and barked happily, but went back glaring at the Gryffindors, alternately showing his teeth and growling silently at them.

Remus was shocked that Severus trained that creature pretty well. To him the creature was pretty beast. "What hell is that?" James said, readying himself to hex the creature, if it would ever attack him or his friends.

"A family pet you might say. His name is Aodh. Treat him like you would like to be treated. Because if you don't treat him well, don't expect me to save you if he retaliates." Snape told them.

Peter's face paled even more, if that was possible. He eyed the wolf with a fearful gaze; wondering if that winged creature would eat him when he moved from where he stood. Remus on the other hand smiled happily at the idea of the four-legged creature, a fellow wolf (in twisted way) coming with them through the forest. If it was possible he felt somewhat safer then he was a moment ago when he sensed a fellow moon-dweller. He wondered also, as to where Snape's family had gotten it.

"Are we going? Or are we just standing here waiting for the teachers to come by and make us go home?" Snape sneered. He grabbed his bag that he hid from the others and headed off into the forest, the wolf followed him. Snape did not look back to see if any of the Gryffindors was following or not.

'Maybe this trip won't be so bad after all.' Remus thought to himself with a grin, and followed the young Slytherin, leaving his other three friends behind. The others came after Remus after a few moments of contemplation of the situation.

'Here we are; at the foot of this godforsaken forest. Merlin, help me!' Severus thought to himself. He and Aodh were waiting for the four Marauders. In the lead, ahead of his three friends, Lupin walked along happily eyeing Aodh as if he just met a long lost brother. Looking at his wolf-friend beside him, Severus almost smiled (but stopped himself doing so) at Aodh while he jumped up from his crouched position watching the young werewolf, also as if happy that he wasn't the only wolf in the group. From the middle of the group Black and Potter eyed him like cats watching a mouse. At the very end, Peter was walking slowly, his face whitened even more with each step he took, fear glowing from his eyes.

When the four finally arrived, Severus said, "Finally! Where is the other half of my pay?" he demanded.

Black, slowly reached into his backpack, pulled out one of the sacks, and threw it at him. Severus caught the sack with one hand, opened it up, and drew out one of the golden coins, then he bit it, to see if was real or not.

"What is he doing?" Black whispered to Potter, as Snape did this.

"He's making sure the galleon is real or not." Lupin calmly told his friend. "That's what muggles do."

"Weird." Potter said. 'Muggles were werid of putting coins in their mouths, biting it no less.' Potter thought.

Severus put the galleon back into the sack, satisfied that it was real, then placed the sack into his pockets for safekeeping. "You're in luck, no fake or cursed galleons." Severus said.

"Who do you think we are, Snape?" Black asked. "You think we would do that?"

"You can never be too careful." Severus answered with a smirk. He then turned around, and silently walked into the forest, knowing that if he made any loud noises it would give them away and alert any large and dangerous animals. "Watch your step." Snape advised them. "There are more foul things in the darkness of this forest. Be on your guard. Don't expect me to save you if you fall behind and get lost or something." Snape smirked.

"You're just trying to scare us." James said.

"Perhaps." Snape said slowly, knowing that Potter wouldn't believe him even if a foul creature were right in front of him. He walked carefully along the trail so the small group could follow his lead .He must make sure of where he was going. With one bad step, he could easily land into quick sand, and would never live to tell the tale.

The five wizards silently walked without talking very much among themselves. It was unnerving to the four who were so used to talking to stay so quiet to the point of almost being mute. The sunlight was gone, disappeared long hours before, after they entered the forest.

"Hey, Snape!" Potter hissed. Severus turned his head still kept walking. "When can we sleep?"

Severus sighed. He wasn't tired, yet. But he knew if they didn't retire for the night soon, all of them would be whining about being tired.

"Just a little bit further. There's a stream about mile and quarter away. We will stop there." Severus answered.

"Why can't we stop here?" Sirius asked, clearly not understanding why they must keep walking, over a mile.

Severus stopped and whipped around. "I don't know about you, but I would like some water when I get up in the morning. It would be easier to be near a river instead of having to walk miles for a drink." Severus walked on, as he wondered why he had to explain such an obvious reason. Then again Black would never think ahead.

"Think the bright side of this. At least you can get a bath." Lupin told Black, smiling while having the time of his life. Black glared at him. Aodh growled at Black as if protecting the young werewolf.

"Get your mutt away from me, Snape!" whined Black.

Severus hissed to himself. 'Why did I agree with this?'

"Aodh, come." Severus said in his first language. Aodh obeyed his young charge as he grinned at the young Gryffindor with his long teeth showing.

When Severus and the young wolf was out of earshot, Sirius asked, "Did you just see that? The beast just grinned at me as if I was his next meal."

"You're just imagining things, Padfoot." James said, wincing painfully with each step he took. His feet hurt from walking.

"When are we going to stop?" Pettigrew whimpered.

"We're almost there. Just a half of a mile left to travel." answered Snape who was getting slightly peeved listening to the wining. Within a short five minutes later, just beyond the darkness there was suddenly a slight glow of light. The four Marauders stood there in amazement. There in front of them was a river of beauty, with fluttering fairies flying over it humming a lullaby. Unnatural dim lights covered them as if stars fell out of the sky. They looked up at the treetops; there was gap, showing the half moon, and brightly covered black sky.

"We're resting here for the night." Severus told the group. He turned away and dropped his pack on the high ground and waved his hand at the small human-like fairies that flitted close to his head. Slowly the others followed and got themselves ready for bed. After a while later, everything was quiet. In the background, Severus could hear snoring. He took a deep breath, reaching out his arm to Aodh and petted him, silently watching his wolf-friend sleeping. Severus smiled. For the time being he was at peace. Slowly, ignoring the constant whimpers from Pettigrew, the happy humming from Lupin, and the snoring from Black and Potter, Severus Snape closed his weary eyes in peaceful sleep.

End of Chapter


Words: 1,941

Author's Note: I'm so sorry for the long wait! I had problems with my dad's computer (the only computer in the house with Internet). And then after when I fix it, the mouse and keyboard wasn't working. Do you how hard it is to finish a chapter with no mouse or keyboard, when everything else is working fine?

Anyway, I'm in College, so updating would be slightly slower then usual.


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