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Chapter 3

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The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin...but not only a Slytherin, b...

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The Long Trip to the Forbidden Forest


Summary: The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin...but not only a Slytherin, but Snape? What secrets will be relieved?


Chapter Three

"Snivellus shall pay big time for what he did! 70 galleons! I was saving that for a new racing broom." Sirius moaned. The four of them were in the dorm room that they shared. James looked at his friend with sympathy. He knew how long Sirius had been saving the money. Peter on the other hand, was wrapped in his blanket, shivering nonstop. Remus was on the other side of the room, preparing for the trip that was to be made in two days.

"Well all pitch in to help pay that slimy Snake, Padfoot." James said as he patted his friend on the back, trying to make him feel better. Sirius looked up at James, a sudden smile formed across his face.

"You mean that, Prongs?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah, Padfoot. Hey, Moony, Wormtail, how about it?" James called to the others. Peter nodded slowly, snuggling back under his favorite blanket so he could slip back into his dream of his own personal paradise.

"That's great, James, but you know my family was never that rich, so I could only give few galleons." Remus said sadly.

"That'll be fine." Sirius said. He was honorable person, and he would keep his promises even if he had made a deal with the devil himself. He got up from where he sat, went over to his truck and pulled out his moneybag and took out 30 gallons.

"You're seriously going to go though with this deal?" James asked, as Remus put five galleons into the pile. He was shocked that Sirius wasn't putting in any fake gallons or cursed ones into the pile, as he normally did when paying others. 'Why is Sirius being this honorable for a filthy Slytherin?' James asked himself.

"Surprisingly, yes I am. At least my parents taught me something good, heh?" Sirius asked him. James shrugged, putting 30 galleons from his savings into the pile that was on Sirius bed. Peter put in five (he had a habit of spending his money on junk food). "Okay, we now have the 70 galleons.... What's half of that?" Sirius asked looking up at James.

"Dunno, mate. 25? 30 something? I've never good at math." James said rubbing his head unsure.

"35." Remus said, off-handedly in the background.

"Okay, 35 it is." Sirius said, counting out the money, and then placing it into two cloth sacks. He looked up to Remus. "What are you doing?" He thought it was strange to see someone packing in the middle of the night.

"I, unlike you three, am packing." Remus said, as he folded one of his shirts, shrinking it then placing it into a worn backpack.

"We have all day tomorrow to pack, now is the time to sleep. You know, rest, sleep, and retire?" James said. It is the middle of the night for crying out loud!

Remus glared at him. At times like this he wished he listened to the sorting hat when it wanted to him to be sorted into either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. But at least he had friends here, unlike Severus Snape, Arthur Weasley and the other rejects, know-it-alls and nerds in the school. But, to be totally honest his friends could get annoying at times.

"I know what sleep means. I just don't need that much sleep like you guys do. I just need four to six hours of sleep tops, not eight to ten hours of sleep that you," Remus stopped to think of the best word to phrase this so they could understand. "Humans need to."

"Okay, whatever Moony." James said while taking off his shirt, then flopped himself under his bed covers. Sirius yawned, then climbed into his bed. He couldn't understand Moony sometimes; he was either acting so Slytherin-ish or Ravenclaw-ish at times. 'It's probably because he's a werewolf.' Thought Sirius, as he snuggled into his bed, his head sank softly into his pillows. Ah, peace and quiet except that annoying sniffling sound he heard in the background.

"Hey, Pete, are you okay back there? You seem paler then usual!" Sirius heard Remus ask Peter. Remus and Peters beds were close to one another. His was on the left side and James was on the right in the northern end of the room, Remus on the left side and Peter on the right in the southern end.

"Can you people quiet down for once! Few of us are trying to sleep!" James moaned, flopping himself to the other side of his bed while covering his head with his pillow. Sirius sat up. Peter did look sick. Ever since they came back, he was more shivery and seemed paler than normal.

"Do-you-think," Peter gulped. "We shouldn't-do-this? Peter asked them. This time James got up.

"What wrong, Wormtail?"

"Snape, he's-he-he did something to me at," Peter began.

James suddenly got out of bed. "What did he do?" He demanded grabbing his wand from the bedside table. He would kill Snape for whatever he did to Peter,

"I-I-I don't know. One minute I-I was he was staring at me, He-we locked eye connect, and I-I just don't know!" Peter whimpered, hugging himself.

"Take a deep breath. What exactly did he do?" Remus asked calmly.

"When, when he stared at me, I suddenly saw my memories and felt feelings that I-I never knew I-I had! It was as if he was going into my mind, reading my mind as if as if reading from a book. It, it was so awful! I thought I was going to die!" Peter said remembering the horror.

"Do you think Snape's tried to kill him?" Sirius asked. It unnerved him that someone would dare try to kill one of them or even thought of attempting to do so in the school.

"I don't know. I never heard of mind magic that kills. The only mind magic I know is Legilimency and Occlumency. There were only few rare cases that the victims were killed; only because the intruder went too far into their minds or that they were weak minded." Remus explained.

"That bastard. He will pay." James snarled at the thought of the Slytherin killing one of his best friends. Remus frowned. 'Why does James act so different when he heard Severus name or that of any other Slytherin?'

"Don't worry, James. We will have our revenge in the Forest." Sirius promised.

"Whatever it is, don't threaten his life! He's only coming so we can go." Remus said.

"Hey, hey, whatever party pooper." Sirius muttered. Remus heard him, but decided to ignore him. Peter whimpered again.

"Pete, there's nothing going to happen to you, okay? Snape is just being Snape. He wasn't going to kill you," Remus told him. 'I hope.' he thought to himself.

Peter nodded. "I think, Pettigrew said as he yawned, still trembling. "I think-I'm going to bed. Night."

Remus smiled. "Good night." He went back to packing his knapsack. He knew that Sirius and James weren't asleep yet, they were probably still angry with Severus for tricking them into paying all that money and the incident with Peter. Remus shook his head. His friends and Severus were the type of people who could hold grudges for years. He only hoped that during the trip, that they wouldn't kill each other and that he wouldn't end up digging their graves


Severus Snape silently stepped out from his family's ancient fireplace, trying not to alarm any of his family members or their friends (they have habit of attacking anyone who alarmed them). The room was pitch dark, but with his keen eyesight, it was bright like daytime. There was no one in the room, for this, he thankfully felt relieved.

Looking around the room, he saw the usual ancient battle weapons and armor hanging on the stone walls, cobwebs hung high above on the ceilings with poisonous spiders hanging from them, and a thin layer of dust coated everything; the floor and the furniture. Dark covered book selves were covered with old texts of dark magic and other things such as jars of mini skulls with dead eyes in their sockets. Everything in the room (like everywhere else in the house) was dark, gory and even sickly looking, making visitors shiver in either fear or dread.

Severus smiled. 'Home sweet home.' He thought to himself remembering all his not always so happy childhood memories. He almost laughed at the thought that half of the rumors at the school were true about his home life.

"Severus!" shrieked a young child. Severus suddenly felt something or someone landing onto his back, hugging him tightly to his neck. He knew instantly it was His youngest sister, Anuja (1).

"Anuja!" Severus yelled in fake surprise, it was like a tradition to her nowadays to fly on top of him every time he came home from school. Severus grabbed his sister from his back and tackling her onto the stone floor (not hurting her from slamming her onto the floor), he started tickling her. "Stop-stop it!" Anuja giggled happily. "Severus! That-that tickles!" she started to laugh unstop, happy that her older brother was home early.

Severus grinned at his five-year-old sister. Anuja was short for her age, just as he himself was. She had dark hair and eyes, light skin that had tanned from running wild outside all the time under the hot sun. She wore a worn black dress with bright gold and silver designs on every edge of her dress, making her (what he liked to call her) a dark angel.

"What are yeh doing ere early, Sev?" she asked. Severus was about to reply when his mother who stood behind him, spoke in a cold voice. "I too, would like to know."

Severus slowly picked up his sister by her armpits, sat her on his hip, then turned around to see his mother, also holding a child on her left hip. The child was one of the many brothers that he had. His name was Mordred Snape. He was about seven almost turning eight this September. Sadly he couldn't talk, so the only way to communicate with him was sign language and hopefully when he was older, he would learn telepathy.

Mordred, like all his brothers and sisters, he had dark hair and eyes but what stands out the most from them all (including their mother and father) was that he had a strip of white hair across his hair)(2). It was a sign that he had witnessed something tragic, causing him to lose his ability to speak.

Severus mother, Mrs. Aknaksha Snape stood there tapping her foot (3), a habit she picked up throughout her years of motherhood. She was tall, thin, and slightly sickly looking (a trait that their family seemed to be cursed with when they got older); she wore a long, blood red gypsy dress with a thin cloth around her thin waist.

Severus took a deep breath before speaking. "Mother I fear that I wont be back until next month."

Aknaksha's lips thinned. "For what reason?" she asked, trying not to get angry to her son. She knew that whatever reason he had, it was for the good of the family, because her husband had spent the past four years in Azkaban for the crimes he committed. One of the reasons Severus had for finding extra work was the simple but undeniable fact his mother did not have enough money to feed the whole family. That included grandparents, children (her own and others that sought refuge in the house) that ranged from the ages of newborns through late teens.

"I'm taking a job." He said, unsure of what his mother would do if she knew what he was going to do.

Aknaksha knew there was more going on then what he had told her, but his statement wasn't false, for she knew when a person was lying or not. "What kind of job?" She asked.

"I'm a guide." He said.

"A guide to where?" She knew it was something big, probably through somewhere she wouldn't like and dangerous.

"It is a forest that will take a month to go through."

"How much are you being paid?"

Severus smiled. "About 70 British gallons. I'll get half tomorrow and the other half when my job is finished." He said proudly to himself. Aknaksha smiled at him. 70 British gallons was a lot of money, his father would be proud of him if he knew.

Aknaksha suddenly stepped forward and hugged him tightly. She knew that there was a chance he could never come back knowing that this forest was more than likely a dangerous one and he could easily die. She didn't want to know which forest it was, knowing she probably wouldn't let him go if she knew, for she loved all her off-spring, wanting to protect them from all danger in any shape or form.

She felt tears in her eyes. If only his father was here and not in Azkaban. Why? He only did was necessary for his family survival. Her children were lucky in that they had schooling, but the money situation was tight.

"Its all right mother," Severus said, hugging his mother back, trying to calm her somewhat. He knew what was wrong with her. She missed his father. "I promise I'll return safely, count on it."

Aknaksha let go of her son. With tears flowing from her eyes, she smiled at him. "I know you will my son. Come back to us safely you hear?"

"I will mother." Severus said. "Before I go, can, can I say good bye to the others?"

"Of course." She watched as Severus, still holding Anuja in his arms, left the room to say goodbye to the family.

Minutes later he came back, a sad smile on his face. Aodh, who was a black winged wolf, followed close behind him (4). Aknaksha suddenly had an idea. "Take Aodh with you." Aodh jumped up happily. Severus smiled, nodding.

Severus sat Anuja down onto the floor. She hugged him. "Bye yeh, Severus." she said to him.

"Bye, Anuja." Severus turned to his mother, and hugged her. "Bye, mother." He turned to Aodh. "Come one Aodh." Aodh walked side by side to him into the fireplace. "Hogwarts, Scotland, Severus Snape dorm room!" he yelled. Severus and Aodh disappeared.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 2,408
(1): Anuja: Feminine form of ANUJ: Masculine (male), means, "born later, younger" in Sanskrit (Indian). This name is sometimes given to the younger sibling of an older child.

(2): usually when someone gets so scared almost to death, they have lost some color in their hair making it turn white and in some cases they turn mute.

(3): Aknaksha: Feminine (female), Possibly means "desire, wish" in Sanskrit (Indian).

(4): Aodh: Masculine (male), from the old Irish name ed, which meant "Fire". This was a very popular name in early Ireland, being borne by Numerous figures in Irish mythology and several high kings.

Author's Note: At Severus' house, when he was talking to his mother and siblings, he was talking in a different language that I made up. It a cross between Sanskrit, werecat, Irish, Latin and Romanian. (Don't ask me why I choose those languages.) And I haven't decided what to call my "language".

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