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Chapter Two

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The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin...but not only a Slytherin, b...

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The Long Trip to the Forbidden Forest


Summary: The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin...but not only a Slytherin, but Snape? What secrets will be relieved?

Chapter Two

"HELL NO!" James yelled at the sight of his worst enemy before him. Snape watched him in amusement. He knew why he was there (he had to bully Dylan to get it out of him). He cursed himself for doing it, but from whom else could he get information? After all what he wanted to know why they wanted to go though the Forbidden Forest. Did they know what lives there with the kind of dangers that dwells in the darkness?

Some things in this world are better off left unknown, and some things that dwelled there could not be killed by magic. How in the world would they survive, when they would not be able to use their magic? And what about Lupin and the full moon? He knew Lupin would be okay more than likely since Lupin was a half-blood before he was bitten. He didn't think the others would fare well being Purebloods.

He turned to Malfoy. Oh Merlin how he hated him. "What do you want, Malfoy." He folded his arms in front of him. In the dungeon darkness, he appeared very frightening Pettigrew whimpered.

"Snape, you have been called forward in my hour of need." Malfoy said. Severus snorted. 'Yeah right and I'm the Dark Lord.' He thought himself. Malfoy ignored him. "You will help get rid of my debt to them."

Snape almost burst out laughing but didn't. He kept his face calm and unemotional. 'Malfoy has a debt to be paid with group of Gryffindors?' Black mail galore. "Your point." His voice was deadly with venom.

Malfoy stepped back suddenly. Dylan in the background was enjoying this, but slightly frightened himself, he wouldn't admit it anyone, but he agreed with the Rat, Snape was freaky. And it wasn't everyday that you witness Malfoy, one of the most powerful Slytherins in their House, back away like a coward from an outsider and have to pay a debt back to a Gryffindor.

"You will guide them through the cursed Forest." Malfoy ordered him. 'Wrong move, Rich-snob.' Snape thought angrily, hot boiling angry swelling up within himself.

Snape stood there, glaring at him. If looks could kill Malfoy should be dead. "I am not your servant, Malfoy, don't order me around, or you will regret it. And why should I be guiding them?" He was slightly curious as to why he was picked to guide the Gryffindors though the God
forsaken forest.

"You will get paid." Malfoy knew what would make him listen.

"Hell we-" Potter started to speck, but Sirius covered his mouth before he put his foot in his mouth again.

"Shut it!" He hissed at him. Everything is going perfect; except the chosen guide had to be Snape, of all people.

Snape thought about it. He could use some money. He came from a large poor family (maybe larger then the Weasly family and then some) who lost their wealth centuries ago from war and other misfortunes. They didn't care about money, but money does help. He licked his lips. "How much?" He dared to ask. He will try getting much from them as possible.

Malfoy turned to the Gryffindor group. " Five pounds ($70 USA dollars or ten galleons)." Black said. Snape glared at him.

"Five pounds will only get you one day." Snape said.

"Ten ($140 USA dollars or 20 galleons)."Offered Sirius. Snape was silent

"25 ($350 USA dollars or 50 galleons)." Sirius was getting angry now. Malfoy wasn't lying. Snape wasn't cheap. Snape did not respond.

"30 ($420 USA dollars or 60 galleons)." Snape didn't say anything or respond.

"35 ($490 USA dollars or 70 galleons)." Sirius was silently swearing to himself when he said it.

"Deal!" Snape said suddenly as he grasped Black's hand then quickly releasing it. Malfoy clapped. Black and his friends stared in shock. Snape had tricked Black for money.

Black stared at him. 'How dare he!' 70 GALLEONS! That wasn't cheap for him! He did have the money, but it was his savings for a new broom. "You only get half tomorrow and the other after the month." He said angrily.

"How do you know I will agree to that? I didn't agree to anything but the amount to be paid." Snape wondered if Black was born yesterday or something. "What do you need me for? You need a guide to find yourselves?"


Snape stood in front of him, staring straight at Black daring to continue his childish game that he started.

"We need you to guide us through the Forbidden Forest." Black admitted after he lost the staring contest.

"Why?" Snape said blankly.

"We want an adventure." Black said. Snape stared at him and then turned to stare at the other three as if they were exhibits in a freak show.

"Do you know what lives there?" Snape asked them shocked that Black could be so thick. Three of them looked at him confused, Lupin looked ashamed of himself, as if knew, but didn't think of the dangers. "There's werewolves, acromantula, werecats (1), orcs, centaurs, elves, insane muggles and hermit wizards, plus countless other creatures that only Merlin himself knows about! Magic or even the muggle way can't kill half of those creatures! And you want us to go in there just to have an adventure! Do you have a death wish or something? Are you insane?"

"If we get into any trouble we can always feed you to them and we are NOT insane." James said; he wouldn't fall into any Snape's old tricks again. 'Orcs? What hell are orcs? Was he afraid of house elves?' Thought James. If any blood-sucking creature wanted to suck them dry then so be it. They could always use Snape; all they had to do is to leave him behind letting the unknown creatures have their supper, eating him while they escaped. Everything's solved. Let the blood-sucking creatures take Snape, its better that way. Nobody would miss him. His own mother probably hated him, giving birth to that ugly face and raising that Snake. James smiled at his thoughts. No one would complain if he killed that slimy Snake in the forest. The entire Ministry would say it was accident or something. Maybe even say Snape was killed by some unknown magic creature as he wasn't good at defending himself.

"I have my reasons." Snape said, looking away from them suddenly. He wouldn't speak of his home life. He refused to remember the abuse that happened through out his life. His horrible home life was not an open book for anybody to read. And especially not at school.

His mother would be pissed at him, come to think of it. He hasn't been home in a long time, because of him going to school all year long. Man, when he get home next month (if he agrees to go into the forest), he's going to get it. He silently cursed himself. If his mother or father doesn't kill him first, then his brothers and sisters would. It took most of his self-control not to shiver of what his family could do to him.

Everyone in the dark hall, looked at him in silence. It was new to them to see emotions flitting across his face, as he usually kept a stone like face almost 24/7. Remus who knew him best knew most of his friends and two other Slytherins (which wasn't saying much), as he and Lily are usually the ones who partnered him in their classes. He knew nothing about Snape's past life or family or anything he did outside of school. One would think he was an orphan or something.

Snape looked at the four Gryffindors in front of him. Potter looked at him in loathing. His family was purebloods that hated everything that Slytherin represented. If he had his way, all Slytherins would go to hell.

Sirius Black, also pureblood, looked hopefully at Snape but he could tell he wasn't too happy to see him. He doesn't blame him. Sirius looked back to Peter Pettigrew, who was terrified. Snape smirked at the sight of this pathetic wizard. It gave him joy (if you can call it that) to see the others be afraid of him. The rat was shaking, cowering hiding behind Potters robes. Snape stared straight into his dull eyes. Images of Pettigrew's memories and emotions flashed through to him as dumb as a brick wall. Pettigrew suddenly shrunk back hiding his face into Potters robes. Everyone looked back at him and than at Snape. They wondered what was going on. 'How in the world would Pettigrew survive the forest if he were afraid of his own shadow?' Snape asked himself.

Severus turned and looked into the shadowy corner where Lupin was leaning against the stone wall silently watching them. Lupin smirked at him, eyes twinkling. 'Stupid werewolf.' Severus thought as he scowled. He sighed and thought 'I'm Probably going to regret this but it could be... fun.' Severus face darkened. "Fine. I'll guide you through the god-forsaken place. But be warned; I'm the one in charge. What ever I say, you will do it."

"Fat change on that. We will in charge not a slimy snake like you." James said. "Take it or leave it."

Severus bit his lower lip. His family really needed that money. "Fine. We leave on the last day of school. Take tomorrow to prepare what you would need for the month." That said, Severus left the stunned group. Malfoy and Dylan because they were shock that Snape, who was known to hate all Gryffindors, had agreed to take them. The Marauders on the other hand, were surprised because none of the Slytherins offered to fight them.

Malfoy turned to Black. "Good bye, cousin." He said, bowing down to him. "I probably won't see you all again. Happy journey." He smirked at them evilly and walked away. Dylan shortly followed.

"Come on." The Marauders left for their common room.


Severus Snape opened his dorm room and locked it as he went inside. He was lucky, as no one in his year wanted to share a room with him. He went to his truck, which was beside his bed, opened it and pulled out a long dagger. He held it up in the dim light of the candles. The dagger shimmered in the light, with beauty. His own father gave it to him, right before he started Hogwarts. The dagger itself served his father well and would do the same for him.

He put it back into its leather case and put it under his pillow for safekeeping. He must be mad to agree to this mad adventure. Definitely mad. God his mother is going kill him.

He got up and went to the fireplace in his room. He took a pinch of floo powder from a pot, and threw it into the flames. Green fire swirled up he stepped in and said "Home." 'Yes.' he thought. 'Mothers going to kill me.'

(End of Chapter)



Words: 1,893

(1) oppasat of werewolves. Instead of turning into wolf creature, their form is feline.

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