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Order Invasion

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Dumbledore wants Ami back under his control. However, he'll have to go through, CyberTech and Kyte first. The Order of the Phoenix attacks, CyberTech fights back.

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Chapter 5 Order Invasion

That evening Ginny and Ami had just talked Kyte to death about how cool Cybex is when ‘he’ saved Kyte’s sister at Diagon Alley that day when they arrived home. At first, it was quite amusing considering they were talking about him, yet it was annoying since they never even once accused him of being the armoured warrior. That fact in its self made him want to laugh. It was like one of those DC Comics, like Batman or Green Arrow, or probably more like that guy from Marvel Comics: Iron Man… who is the rich guy with the capability to create all of that cool technology? In addition, whom do you know who disappears at the oddest times without giving any believable excuses? It all made him wonder whether he is, the only smart person left of earth.

However, Ami and Ginny talking about him to his face in hero-worship was quite off-putting, how would they react when they found-out who Cybex really is? And another thing, what a lame name; well it was not as if he had much time to think of a better one, well what is done is done. But will they slap him about for not telling them and letting them blabber on about him like that: He internally shrugged. He will just have to wait and find out, and hope for the best.

He was more concerned however; over what Voldemort would try next, the dark moron had not yet used any of those giants Kyte saw on screen. He was not to sure about them: Giants, they are huge and very powerful from what Ami and Ginny were saying. Kyte doubted even Sydren would stand much of a chance, he guessed together they might be able to take one, but multiple giants seemed like an impossible task: Unless, perhaps if he had some more mechs with him?

Another problem other than Voldemort and his ass nibblers: Albus Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix, they were no doubt going to end up getting in the way of his plans. It was still surprising they had not turned up trying to get Ami back; from what he could tell, Dumbledore would do nearly anything to retain control over Ami. Kyte knew it was to do with this bloody prophesy, which states Ami is supposed to be the only person capable of destroying Voldemort, with some kind of power he knows not. What that power could be Kyte knew not; but could only guess. He wondered at the prophesy, it seemed very pathetic relying on a fortuneteller; they might as well be relying on a fortune cookie.

And why Dumbledore ordered his parents to get rid of him was an unknown mystery Kyte was only mildly interested with. However, why his parents would listen, no matter their reason, in his eyes is unforgivable, what possible reason could they ever give for sending him to hell. In fact, he would have been treated better in hell. He knew others would have taken him. He heard it from his godfathers own mouth, he wanted to take him. He would have been happy and cared for, that he could tell.

Moreover, it was beyond off-putting that all of these witches and wizards are such wimps and idiots they leave their own fates in the hand of a baby, and now a twenty-one year old woman. Ami and Ginny had told him Dumbledore is supposed to be a smart and powerful white wizard, however, he could not bring himself to believe that, the old man sounded like an idiot weakling to him. He wondered what the old mans plans for this war are? Ami had mentioned he had never even let her fight in the war at all, and had never offered her the needed training to fight against the dark lord: To end it, once and for all.

Supposedly: according to Dumbledore,… the power he knows not: The power Ami supposedly has to defeat Voldemort with is love: Love. How love is going to stop Voldemort, Kyte may never know; it just made no sense: Ami. Unsurprisingly also had no clue how love could defeat Voldemort, and she mentioned asking Dumbledore how; all he would say is she will discover that eventually, leading Kyte to the conclusion he had no idea either.

Kyte had to wonder at the magical world, they just seemed like complete brainless idiots; it surprised him they managed to hide from the non-magical people for so long. He had of course asked Ami why they are so backwards, living so far behind the rest of the world, apparently it is because of pureblood traditions, which made him frown in annoyance, because traditions are supposed to change with the eras: Aren’t they? In addition, apparently, technology does not work within the magical world because of magical interference, which brought another frown to Kyte’s face since his battle amour, and cybertronics worked fine in Diagon Alley. He had to wonder whether that is a true excuse or lies to keep ancient traditions’ going strong. If it is true that magic interferes with most technology, he was sure from what Ginny mentioned of her dad-enchanting tech to work with magic: They could use technology. In addition, he was positive he could make un-enchanted technology work without being-disrupted by magic, and saw a brilliant business opportunity within the magical world to bring it up to date, and did not care whether they objected or not, they can kiss his ass.

He wondered how he could slowly integrate the magical world with CyberTech technology, remembering Ginny mentioned her trouble-making yet business savvy twin brothers have a joke shop. Kyte wondered whether they would like the business opportunity. From what he has heard about the twins, they are always looking to improve their business, and guessed they were up for such an opportunity. He knew he could make them both two of the richest wizards on earth. Kyte figured the purebloods will be mostly against buying technology to begin with, but knew the non-magic born witches and wizards out numbered the purebloods, and them having tech would show the purebloods what they are missing and why they should have it too.

However, none of that were really his main thoughts right now; he had gotten to know Ginny very well, and thought he might be developing some kind of feelings towards her. She is cute, beautiful, and is just all around fit, but he still is not the best with emotions or people. He has only really cared for Tyde and she is a computer, just artificial life, something or someone he created because he was useless around most people and was lonely. However, now he was confused, because, well he did not like to say it, even to himself, because he did not just feel this way about Ginny, but he felt this way about his sister too. Kyte found himself wondering what would have happened if he did make love to his sister last week. Kyte knew it was wrong to be fantasising about his sister and her best friend, but could not help himself; it was as if they could both fill that void in his heart, being with him: holding him every night, everyday, kissing him; giving him all the love he so craved but feared.

Kyte let his mind wonder to thoughts of the two girls before him, his wandering eyes taking him to their plumb lips, asking himself without words what it would feel like to kiss them, one after the other. Ginny’s brown eyes sparkled just as much happiness as Ami’s hazel; he sighed… what would it be like to hold them both? To love them both; and never let them go. Kyte watched Ginny alone for a second, smiling at her cute freckled face, blushing when she noticed him staring and beamed at him; he looked away embarrassed towards his sister. Ami giggled at her embarrassed brother, sticking her tongue out childishly, and then blowing him a kiss: The two girls giggled as his blush increased and he looked down, noting their smooth soft legs. He gulped not knowing where to look, so he looked down at his hands on his lap, wondering why they had to wear such short skirts around him, hanging halfway down their thighs, or the tight small tops showing their stomachs for that matter.

He wondered why they only wore such skimpy clothes at home around him, they were not wearing them at Diagon Alley earlier; they changed when they got home. If Kyte did not know any better he would think they changed for his benefit, which would lead to the conclusion Ami still wanted to make love to him whether its wrong or not. Maybe it was just his perverted mind coming up with hopeful conclusions. He shook those thoughts from his head and smiled sheepishly at his sister and her best friend: The two girls grinned back impishly, both giggling and gave him a wink. Kyte winced back nervously blushing deeply while they gave him a cheeky grin each, and continued with their conversation about Cybex as if they did nothing peculiar at all.

It had been a few hours before they retired to their rooms: after a few more odd incidences’ that seemed like the girls were kind of, well… flirting with him discreetly. Kyte sighed tiredly in his room as he stripped down until he only wore his black boxer shorts. He sighed again as he sat on the edge of his bed, his thoughts wondering briefly to the two beautiful young women in rooms near his, wondering whether they were sharing a bed together tonight, remembering Ami said she and Ginny have often shared a bed making love… blushing at the thought, though secretly wanting to watch it, he sighed.

He lifted his left arm looking at the intricately designed manacle that housed his cybertronic powers, and gently stroked its screen with the fingers of his right hand, wondering when he will have to fight again… he hopped it is not anytime soon. Those blasted death eaters do not seem to know when to give up. Kyte considered their mentality towards the outside world, it just showed they knew nothing… they think magic and the old ways superior to progress. Such hatred just creates more hatred and lack of understanding. They consider the non-magical people a threat or they would not have attack them. However, Kyte was also concerned about the rest of the magical community; they modified the non-magical people’s memories of ever being attacked by magic and gave them no chance of defending themselves against another attack.

Kyte sighed again: No use worrying why idiots do the things they do, just knowing they do them will give you a headache. He chuckled lightly to himself, shaking his head clear of that stupid thought. He ran his fingers once more over his manacle with a smile; at least he is around to slap some sense into the fools. With one last sigh he stood, pulling his covers back he slid into his warm bed, snuggling under his covers, he closed his eyes, content to drift off into better thoughts in the land of nod.

Just as Kyte felt the sandman’s presents he started at a knock on his door; his eyes snapped open with a soft groan. Sitting up, the covers slid around his waste: Looking towards the door. “Come in!” he called with a stifled yawn.

The door automatically opened, which made him wonder, he knows every door within the building opens by just asking them too, well as long as you have clearance. However, he was not sure whether the secondary computer opened his door or Tyde, since both are hooked up to all the doors it was one of those few things about his building he was not certain about; he guessed he would have to ask Tyde sometime if he remembers.

As the door opened, he was only mildly surprised to see Ami and Ginny sticking their heads in, grinning impishly, well since Tyde would not use the door or knock, and anyone else would use the com system and not be in the apartment, it obviously had to be one of them or both. “Hello Kytey,” his sister giggled. “Can we come in?” she asked hopefully.

Kyte raised an eyebrow; he thought they had already come in; plus he did say ‘come in’ to open the door, but shrugged anyway, he thought he was thinking too much: The irony. “Sure, what can I do for you both?” he asked interestedly, trying to stall any pervy fantasies, though not succeeding very well.

Both Ginny and Ami grinned wider at his invitation and crossed over the threshold into his room: The door automatically closed behind them, he guessed the door closing behind them gave him his answer to how his opens and closes: Tyde. Kyte’s eyes widened staring at the two girls, getting a small blush from each. Both girls were bare foot, wearing tight short pyjamas revealing most of their long, smooth and beautiful legs, with tight little tops, accentuating their fair sized breasts: Ginny’s pyjamas blue and Ami’s red. Kyte could not help but let his emerald eyes wander over their beautiful bodies, blushing lightly, gulping with a feeling as if he tried to eat a whole apple in one go and got it lodged in his throat. His imagination running wild: any care about not committing acts of incest with his sister just leaving his mind.

Ami and Ginny stood a little nervously, both wearing cheeky grins; looking a nervous and unsure of what to do as their eyes roamed Kyte’s muscular bare chest with sparkling, eager eyes. “S-so- um w-what can I do-do for you?” he croaked out nervously, a light sweat on his forehead. He shakily wiped his forehead with the back of his right hand almost falling back on his bed, barely catching himself: The two girls giggled quietly at his antics, and he glared half-heartedly.

“We came to, um…” Ami began nervously taking Ginny’s hand; they both took a step closer. She said something, well it was more of a mumble, and he completely missed every word.

“W-what was t-that?” he replied shakily, he could only guess at what she said, and would probably guess nearly right; even if it is not word for word.

Ami gulped, both she and Ginny looked beyond the point of nervous now, so much so Kyte thought they might have to create a new word to describe it. However, both girls: Overcoming most of their bad nerves, or maybe just suppressing them moved closer, rounding his bed to stand next to him. As they moved, he thought they might as well have been dancing closer: Seductively. Both girls Kyte noted seemed to squeeze each other’s hands tighter for support, looking at each other they exchanged sheepish grins and affirmative nods of conformation.

Then to Kyte’s surprise, Ami and Ginny just leaned over towards him, his breathing rate increased at this action as he watched them draw closer, the world seemed to slow as if time was forgetting to breathe steadily along with Kyte. As they finally got in close, their lips brushed in closely to his, kissing softly on his cheeks.

Kyte blushed under their soft lips. It was then that his blush increased slightly as his sister slid her fingers and hands along his abs, soon followed by Ginny’s as they pulled back their lips, smiling lightly at him, their small soft hands continued to play havoc with his blood system as they continued to roam and explore his body. He just could not help but return their smiles as his hands moved of their own will, sliding up their arms. He gently tugged them closer; Ginny’s lip came down to meet his, gently but firmly. He licked her soft lips and her mouth slowly opened allowing his tongue entrance to meet hers.

He carefully pulled both girls onto the bed and onto him, into his arms they crawled, as his kiss with Ginny deepened, his hands roaming down their fit bodies as he felt his sister’s lips brushing his neck. His hands gently squeezing their tight firm butts through their small shorts, caressing them while he tastes Ginny’s tongue on his, and his sister kisses scattered his neck getting a few soft groans from Kyte.

Ginny then pulled back slightly, a beautiful smile gracing her pretty lips as she guided Ami from his neck: Kyte watched, enthralled as the red head took his sisters lips onto her own for a second: kissing. They pulled back after only a moment their eyes closed; their tongues shortly connected as they parted. Both girls eyes now open averted their loving gaze from each other toward Kyte. His sister moved her lips to her brothers: Kissing. Enjoying the taste of each other’s lips, his grip on the girl’s butts tightening, he felt his blood rush from his pounding heart, the kiss deepening. Kyte could see Ginny kissing Ami’s neck softly, and along her jaw-line, gaining some small enjoying groans from the black haired young woman.

Suddenly the three jumped away from each other in shock and confusion as if hit bit lightning. The room was flashing deep red light and loud sirens screeched throughout the building. “INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!” Tyde’s voice called calmly through the building wide communication grid. “The main lobby is being breached by unknown hostiles’: This is not a test: This is not a joke, we are under attack. All security personal detain and control the threat, they have came with intent of violence for as of yet undetermined reason!”

Kyte immediately flung himself out of bed passed Ginny and Ami. “Tyde on screen!” he demanded. Suddenly a holographic screen appeared before his eyes showing the lobby in HD as he pulled on his black trousers. He looked at the screen barely registering Ginny and Ami looking over his shoulders. What they saw caused all three to gasp in shock and horror: Dumbledore with other member’s of the Order of the Phoenix: Firing curses and hexes at his security as the guards returned fire with cream coloured plastic guns: Shooting blue energy: Stun bolts.

They noted: Along with Dumbledore, Ami’s and Kyte’s parents, as well Ginny’s mum, and her brother Ron, a man they knew as Mad-Eye Moody: An ex-auror for the Ministry of Magic, and a few others Kyte had no intelligence on. He guessed a few more are aurors, and right now Kyte was fuming with rage: Spotting several of his reception staff unconscious and bleeding. What right does the magical world have to attack a non-magical building? None that’s what, and he would not let it continue for much longer.

“What the fuck do they think they’re doing!?” demanded Ami angrily. “Are they trying to start another war!?”

“I don’t know, but it looks that way,” commented Kyte calmer than Ami and Ginny could tell he is; they could actually feel his magic; even though he had never used it before. The two girls could predict something blowing up with his accidental magic soon if he does not calm down, not that they would blame him if he did. “Tyde are there anymore outside?” he demanded, his eyes blazing pure furry.

“Affirmative,” she agreed as another screen popped into existence next to the lobby one: Showing outside the main entrance he noted the main doors were somehow ripped to pieces. It was quite dark outside only being one O’ clock in the morning, he noted cars and over vehicles passing without a glance at what is happening around the building. He figured they put up charms to stop anyone noticing the attack, and from the looks of frustration of those in the building, they had not counted on such powerful resistance. Not that it mattered if they got passed, they would never find their way any further than the lobby, in which case the automated defence grid might find them a risk to the safety of the building and tech within and kill them all.

Outside stood around thirty more witches and wizards waiting under the entrance lights: A few of those lights flickering, in danger of going out because of damage caused to them. He saw Sirius Black, apparently his and Ami’s godfather standing to the side of the large group with Hermione, Mr. Weasley and the Weasley twins to Ginny’s relief looking uncertain, as if they very much did not want to be here. Kyte growled as he saw some kind of silver light burst from Dumbledore’s wand and shoot out of the doors, as soon as those outside saw it they rushed in to assist in the battle. Kyte was glad Mr. Weasley stayed put with the twins, Sirius and Hermione, at least they are not idiots with a death wish.

“You two,” Kyte turned to the girls. “Quickly go get dressed and meet in the lounge.”

The two girls nodded worriedly, wondering what Kyte planned as they rushed from the room leaving Kyte to watch the battle as more guards arrived on the screen to back up their fellow guards. Kyte sighed shaking his head in disgust as he grabbed his shirt throwing it on, quickly buttoning. He slipped some black socks on, then his black boots: Quickly buckling them, he exited his room; screens following him, finding Ginny and Ami staggering out of their rooms tying laces, both wearing blue trousers, tops and hoody’s with white trainers, as if of one mind.

“What do we do?” the girls both asked together looking freaked out by what they saw on the screens.

“Follow me,” he answered as he headed for the open elevator door: They obliged nervously. “We’ll stop them, don’t worry,” he added as they stepped into the elevator, he shot them a reassuring grin. They sighed in relief as the door closed, confident in him. The elevator began its decent into madness “Tyde, engage internal defence systems!” he demanded.

“Affirmative!” she replied. Suddenly the red light faded to nothing along with the sirens. He noted the wizards and witches looked confused the alarms shut down while the guards were very much aware what it means, especially when the blue lights went on, except they did not flash. “Buildings offensive defensive systems have been engaged!” Tyde called throughout the building. The guards in the lobby stopped returning fire with the wizards and witches, staying hidden and still as the magic kept coming: Then the Order stopped flinging magic with looks of confusion and concern at the fact the guards’ ceased fire.

Then it happed, the floor opened up in several places, swishing round like an iris and huge twin torrent cannons rose from each, browns, yellows and creams in colour. The cannons turned and faced towards the Order before they could even think to blink: Too shocked. Then they looked up, hearing the same mechanical sounds from the ceiling, their eyes widened in horror as more cannons aimed down at them. Then to their absolute horror, they span round hearing sliding, clanking metal: They witnessed some kind of blue, metallic armour shield lockdown the exit.

“I suggest you drop your wands!” an angry yet familiar voice suddenly commented over the intercom. “These cannons ‘don’t’ have a stun setting!” he informed them, the anger could be sensed in the voice and most of the Order felt compelled to obey, any sane person would: Face to face with deadly cannons. However, at the shake of their leader: Dumbledore’s head they did not relinquish their weapons but stood fast eyeing the cannons with sweating caution. Hearts beating so fast that is all they could hear over the near quiet.

Dumbledore stood up tall in the midst of the hall, and the chaos he and his Order caused the muggles: Still quite shocked this building is so powerfully secure; he thought he would have an easier chance of braking into Azkaban Wizarding Prison and escaping with all the prisoners than braking into here. The old man steadied his breathing as his eyes scanned the hall looking for the source of the voice. However, it sounded as if it was everywhere like the female alert warning, therefore guessed it was through some kind of muggle communication system.

“Mr. Pott…” he began to say, wondering whether he can hear him, then remembered the young man is already furious and this time has much bigger guns; so though best not to provoke him into firing. “Mr. Tech’s,” he decided to say instead. “We’ve come to retrieve Miss. Potter, so we can keep her safe!” he announced feebly.

Suddenly up ahead an elevator opened and said young man walked out chuckling though without much humour, followed by said girl looking nervous along with her best friend, Ginny. Kyte then stopped his mock laugh and sighed tiredly. “If she is safe from you, what makes her not safe from death eaters?”

Dumbledore blinked stupidly several times for a moment before regaining his composure, rubbing his shoulder subconsciously remembering when Kyte shot him, he knew Kyte had a valid point but that did not mean he was going to make it easy on the young man. “But there is no magic to protect her here,” he reasoned as if that was any kind of real reason.

“If you were death eaters we would already be wiping up your tattered bodies from the floor and throwing them away like the garbage they are,” he replied nonchalant. “You have now just committed an act of war against us, maybe I should not see a distinction between the death eaters and Order of the Phoenix, maybe you are all just a nascence in need of… eradication?” he suggested with a creepy, warning tone to his voice.

Dumbledore staggered backwards, the blood draining from his face, gulping. “Y-you can’t d-do that, it would be murder… y-you don’t have that kind of power anyway.”

Kyte snorted, though with no humour. “I have you trapped, one word from me, or a hostile action from you and the cannons will fire,” he informed them innocently, though it would have made them all feel calmer if he said it with deadly intent, as he slowly and methodically took a few steeps forward. “I have death eaters murdering innocent people on file, all of this is being recorded, what makes you so sure I don’t have the power… one second is all it will take and my computer will hack every broadcast on this planet. She’ll reveal all of you worldwide… then she’ll give them every large magical location and settlement on the planet… you’ll never be able to hide again, everyone will know.” Those of magic shivered at his daring tone, as if he would love nothing more or less.

The wizards and witches stood looking sick to their stomachs, unable to comprehend the whole world finding out. However, as the CyberTech security guards stood, helping injured colleges up and shooting their foes smug glares; though they weren’t sure whether their boss was bluffing or not, most figured that would cause more grief and problems than solve them. Though, the wizards and witches did not know Kyte like his staff, and all they could see was pure intent and capability.

“Now… I’ll give you a choice,” he continued. “An option… but first I would like to congratulate you on telling Voldemort where my sister is, aren’t you the grand idiots today?” he chuckled darkly as the wizards and witches gulped realising Voldemort might find out about this. However, some like Mad-Eye Moody realised that if death eaters do know, those huge cannons will take them out in no time, which allowed them at least an internal smirk. “However, your options are as followed, I make the magical world crumble… or you piss off, and never darken my door again unless you have legitimate business, except Dumbledore or any greasy bastard that carries the dark mark.” He glared at said men and they cringed back.

“YOU-You can’t do this!” suddenly Lily potter yelled angrily. “She’s my daughter you’ll give her back now!”

“She’s her own person,” replied Kyte nonchalant with a shrug.

“I’m staying with my brother,” answered Ami before anyone could ask. “You committed an atrocity against me and my brother on that bastard old mans orders, ‘Mrs. Potter’,” she glared hard and her ‘mother’ cringing back at the rage and formal title her daughter used to address her. Ami felt like just pulling out her wand and launching a barrage of curses their way herself, or seeing whether Tyde will obey her order to blast them all into pieces with the cannons: Cannons, she still could not get over them. Who had the inside of a building guarded by cannons, well, with the exception of her brother; she wondered what other weapons protected them, and could not wait to find out. She wondered what Ginny’s dad would have been like seeing such tech, she could only guess at the antics he would cause to stay and have a look around.

“But Miss. Potter,” Dumbledore tried once more, sounding braver than he felt, this mission did not go down the way he hopped. In fact, it went down more the way, Hermione Granger and Colin Creevy said it would, with them getting served a humiliating defeat. That is the main reason he guessed Hermione did not come in and Colin just stayed at home. Sirius obviously was waiting outside to laugh at them and gloat over their failure, probably with the twins, them three believing Hermione’s forecast on the attack, not that they wanted anything to do with it anyway. And Mr. Weasley having faith in muggle technology, and the love of his daughter, and not wanting to risk loosing her by doing something stupid.

“That’s Miss. Tech’s!” she replied angrily glaring. Kyte was surprised she just used his taken name for herself, and could not help the small smile tugging at his lips: That his sister will so easily choose him over her parents sent a pleasant warmth through his heart. He held back from giving her a big hug, not wanting to ruin her anger.

Dumbledore however, had a completely different reaction to her name change: One of horror and shock. “B-but, Miss. Um, Tech’s… w-what about the prophesy,” he stuttered, using the new name to not further anger the young woman.

“That… old man… is your problem, not hers… go kill Voldemort,” hissed Kyte, most of the wizards flinching and gasped. “Yourself,” he continued with narrowed glaring emerald green eyes.

“B-but-but…” the old man stuttered unable to think, his mind clogged with incoherence.

“One last chance to leave, and Ami looks really pissed, one word from her and Tyde will fire,” he commented with an evil grin; noting Ami’s brief wide eyes of shock before an enraged smirk of intent to cause mayhem graced her pretty face.

The Order gulped as one. “T-then h-how do we get out,” said Dumbledore stumbling over his words in panic, gesturing the door. Suddenly as if to answer, the armour lifted, just enough to let them out.

“Oh, and before you leave we expect compensation for the damage you caused,” said Kyte, smirking darkly. “Oh, and lift whatever charm is hiding this building, we’ll have the doors replaced before opening hours, reinforced and a distortion field placed around any possible means of entrance, if this happens again you will not get in... NOW LEAVE!” he demanded the last, angrily, darkly and sub zero, cold. The Order jumped and began to make a hasty exit, Mrs. Potter, comforted quietly sobbing by her husband as they exited.

“Ginny lets go!” Kyte sighed at Mrs. Weasley’s demand as she stood by the exit with Ron, the last the leave except Dumbledore, who now looked really worried again.

Ginny shook her head in defiance. “N-no mum, I like living here, and I have a job I’m quite good at.”

“WHAT!” roared Ron stupidly enraged. “Get over here now!”

Ginny suddenly switched from nervous to red with pure venomous rage, and intent to cause death with just that look. “Fuck off Ronald you fucking prat!” she screamed, Ami and Kyte nervously taking a few steps from her, gulping. Ginny then looked around saw the nearest angry guard, stormed over to her and snatched her gun, aiming it at her brother. “Now get lost!” she demanded, firing, the blue bolt launched, hitting the shield next to her brother’s head. Ron gulped, wide eyed with fear.

Then Ron’s rage returned to match Ginny’s and raised his wand. “You stupid muggle wannabee bitch!” he roared angrily. “How dare you use that muggle shit against me. You’re coming home even if I have to drag you; you’re not staying here with these muggle freaks!” Dumbledore who like Mrs. Weasley and Ron had not left yet looked at Ron in horror, the idiots going to get himself killed, and by his own sister, it seemed.

Ginny’s eyes flashed if at all possible with even more rage as she glanced the gun she held; she smirked upon noticing a very nice looking switch. She flicked the switch to the female guard she stole it offs horror, then fired, this time a red bolt hit the shield beside Ron’s head, the boy flinched wondering why the colour changed. “Blue for stun… red for kill,” she commented causing Ron’s face to drain of bloods. “I’m fucking sick and tired of you telling me what I can and can’t do,” she grinned evilly. “Threatening any boy that comes to close to me, thinking I’ll just jump into bed with them all because you’re a filthy minded bastard.” She suddenly laughed insanely and everyone in the lobby cringed back; this is not a girl you want to upset. “Maybe you should have been trying to keep me and Ami apart,” she laughed insanely some more as her mothers and brothers faces paled dramatically. “That’s right… while you were worrying about some boy taking my innocence because your bastards, I gave it to a girl… when I was thirteen,” she cackled crazily like one of those evil witches from TV.

Ami was now radiating so much heat off her bright red embarrassed face, Kyte could literally feel it blasting off her in waves. He groaned, rubbing his tired eyes and shaking his head, while Ginny’s eyes suddenly darted open on realising her admittance. The lobby was now a wave of embarrassed silence until a flash of white light in the middle of the huge lobby and Tyde appeared shocking Dumbledore, Mrs. Weasley and Ron out of their shocked silence slightly as the very angry looking girl stormed over, in Ron’s direction.

“You bastard!” she whispered, deathly quiet, but all heard, then they cringed as she smacked him in the face, his head catapulting back slamming into the shield, crying out as he fell to the floor, tears in his eyes. She then grabbed him by his hair and with effortless force flung him through the gap in the shield. “When my friends demanded you leave – you leave or face my wrath,” she shouted angrily out to him as he cowered on the ground outside. She then turned and glared at Mrs. Weasley and the red haired mother quickly rushed out of the building, taking the hint. Then one look at Dumbledore and he nodded walking towards the exit. He wondered what kind of technology this place has, and guessed they must have some kind of advanced teleportation device for this girl to just appear like that.

Tyde then noted a weird gleam in the old mans eyes. Suddenly to her mild surprise, Dumbledore grabbed her around the neck, pocking his wand tip into her face, a bit to hard. Dumbledore now smirked smugly at Kyte and his surprised staff. “Miss. Potter will come with us if you want this girl to live,” he informed them calmly.

“T-that’s Miss. Tech’s,” laughed Ami suddenly, in fact, Dumbledore noticed everyone was now laughing at him, including the girl he held captive, which did not seem right, what do they know that he does not? Plus should the girl be finding it hard to breathe since his arms on her windpipe?

“W-what’s s-so funny,” he demanded, slightly panicked now. “This is serious, I’ll-I’ll kill her.”

“She’s not human, idiot,” chuckled Kyte amusedly. “She’s a hologram,” he elaborated for the old mans confusion.

“Yup, so I can do this,” she giggled as she fazed through his hold making him stumble back with a look of pure horror on his face as the girl whom apparently isn’t real turned and grinned at him. Her fist then struck his gut with abnormal strength and he doubled over with a yelp of agony; then she grabbed his beard. “Stay away from me… oh and brush your teeth, your breath smells like unwashed cock,” she smirked as his eyes went wide with fear and shock, then dragged him to the exit and effortlessly tossed him through the gap in the shield where he crashed to the ground outside. The exit then closed down blocking the loitering wizards and witches from sight.

“Well that was certainly interesting,” commented Kyte with a deep sigh, rubbing the back of his head; he sighed again as he looked around at all the mess. “Tyde, keep the building on lockdown until the doors are repaired, and disengage the cannons,” he said, the cannons slowly rose and descended into ceiling and floor, completely closing and looking as if they were never there. “Tyde call for the medics and have all injured staff taken to the infirmary.” She nodded with a small wave and disappeared in a flash of white light as the blue lights shut off and the normal lighting engaged. “Ok,” he turned to the security. “This is confidential and is not to be spoken of, I’ll debrief you tomorrow afternoon, and Tyde will arrange a time for you to come in.” He sighed as they nodded understandingly. “Well right now I’m exhausted so we’ll be seeing you all tomorrow, hopefully the rest of the night wont be as eventful for you.” He smiled lightly as he took his sisters and Ginny’s hands, they smiled sheepishly back at him as he led them into the elevator and the door closed.

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