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Chapter 14

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I never really focused on school that day. The whole thing with Gerard and him sensing the danger that I was in just really confused me. It can't be true but why would Gerard lie? If it is true... then how is it possible? It just can't be! We both are very different species. A witch and a vampire can never be mates or allies they are more like enemies. We can't stand each other... but then why can I stand him? Its almost forbidden to be allies or friends with bloodsuckers and from my memory there hasn't been any stories or events of a witch and vampire or the other way around. Its simply not allowed. Also vampires don't work with us coordinately. We're the opposites and in this situation, opposites simply never attract. Which concludes to the fact that Gerard and I don't attract each other.

I nearly walked into someone which broke my thoughts. I looked up and was absolutely surprised to the fact that Mikey stood just 2 inches away from me. The awful smell hit my noise like I was hit by a bus. It's been awhile since I smelled the disturbing smell since I have 'cured' Gerard's smell. I straightened my face, "Is there something that I can help you with?" I asked super politely as I held my breath.

I decided to hold my breath until I was away from him. Yes, we can hold our breath for an increasingly long time.

"Yes actually. I'd like you to meet up with Gerard and I tonight at 7," he paused. "Its very important."

I nodded. "As you wish."

He gave a slight nod and walked off.

Great. I knew Mikey loathed me I could feel it in the air and I knew our meeting was going to turn bad.

I didn't really mind that I didn't know where to meet them because I knew they knew exactly where I was. I told my mother that I was going for a walk. I hoped that she believed me.

It was an unusually warm night so I got out of the house in black short and a purple tee. After walking 2 blocks the brothers appeared on the pathway a few metres ahead of me. I walked to them and analysed their faces. They looked different to each other and their facial expressions were opposites. Gerard was smiling at me with his laid back style and Mikey was rather stern looking and was very tense.

"Eliza you came," Gerard waved and approached me.

"I did," I said.

He grinned.

"Okay..." Mikey looked at both of us then looked at me. "You do realise about Gerard's little ability do you?"

I nodded.

"It seems that there is a connection between you two," he seemed thoughtful.

"And why would you say that?" Gerard asked.

"Well if you both know that immortal have these kind of abilities when they are connected in some sort of way. Say the story of Theresa and Mark, a story of great love and friendship," Mikey paused and looked at my confused face. "You must not know this story for Theresa and Mark are legendary vampires."

"But do continue," I looked at his piercing gaze.

"Well the story goes that Theresa and Mark has known each other for centuries but were only friends. They were there for each other in good times and bad. They didn't see each other more than friends, but one day Theresa and Mark went on seperate paths for awhile there isn't actually a real solemn reason as why it happen but we do know that they were holding a grudge against each other. Something that all friendships faces," he paused and looked up the moonlit sky. "While Theresa was out hunting, she ran into the biggest enemy of all vampires, the werewolves. They seemed super excited to find a vampire or what they usually call us, 'bloodsuckers' or 'leeches'. And so they attacked her and she tried to fight back but all wasn't going well for her. Mark whom was miles and miles away from her suddenly felt anxious about her and somehow knew that she was in danger. And so following his instincts Mark raced off and tried to track her all the while hoping that he was wrong about his thought," he sighed. "To make the story short, Mark found her being defeated by the werewolves and so with all his strength he defeat them as though some ran off. From that time on, they fell in love."

It was silence between us. Not a sound but the crickets and other creature making noises. It couldn't be.

"Mark and Theresa weren't the only ones who encountered this. There has been many and all the results turned into love." Mikey said.

"You mean... it could... this could happen to us?" Gerard stuttered.

"No, it can't happen," I jumped in. "Those stories involved vampires nothing else."

"But history might change." Mikey stated.

"It won't. History never changed paths for centuries and it won't now," I frowned.

"You mean... you solemnly believe that like those stories it won't happen?" Gerard asked.

"No. I don't know. It shouldn't happen," I snapped.

'But why?" Gerard seemed hurt.

"Because you're a vampire and I'm a witch. We're enemies and nothing more. Its supposed to stay like that!" I took a step back to calm myself.

"And that's why I told you the story. It shouldn't end up like that," Mikey said. "I don't want both of you in trouble for this so I suggest that you two should keep your distances."

"Done." I walked off leaving the brothers to sort themseleves out.

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