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Chapter 15

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I knew I was rude by walking away like that without even a proper goodbye, but it had to be done. By Mikey's story I have noticed that Gerard and I have gotten closer than I have expected and judging by Mikey, he's noticed it too. This was wrong. My family hasn't gotten over vampires even though we've stopped attacking them decades or centuries ago and if they find something out they'd probably slaughter me. I would never betray my family like that, not even for love. By this I solemnly swear that I'm not in love with him. I mean look at him! He's so filthy and... and... well overall he's just not my type.

I held my sigh when my mother knocked my bedroom door. "Yes mother," I called out in a dull voice.

My mother quickly walked into my room and sat across my with a big grin plastered on her smooth heartshaped face. "Darling I chose your fate finally," the words seemed to flowed out like it was a tune.

"My fate?" it didn't take me long to realise.

"Yes! I have thought these couple of days of who you should spent your life with," she bit her bottom lip in excitement. "And I have chosen Anthony,"

"What?" I stood up and looked down at her.

"You two go so well together-"

"Why would you do that?" I roared.

"Well I see that you two will enjoy being toget-"

"How could you decide on such a thing? And its not for you to see!" I pointed at her in anger.

"Well I did Elizabeth," my mother said sharply with a slight frown appearing on her face.

"You should have asked me before!"

"Too late, you have been busy for the last couple of day."


"I've called Anthony to come for a celebration dinner tomorrow night. Just the three of us," she said dreamily. "Its going to be so perfect!" she said and glided out of my room.

I slammed my door behind her. I had the urge of punching, kicking, screaming and throwing things across the room. But I knew I couldn't I would break the house down. I slumped myself onto the floor in the middle of my room and just stared at the nothingness. I tried to calm down and think of a way out of this. I took a couple of minutes thinking then sighed, there was no hope. I could run away but they'd track me down. My only hope was Gerard but it also came with a risk. If they find out that he's a bloodsucker we're all dead. But would I risk my life for that? Would he risk his life for that? Nope, guess not. I'm on my own for this one.

I sat on my bed and ignored the mirror. I tried to ignore the sounds coming from downstairs but it was too hard. My mother's chirpy voice and Anthony's macho voice were hard to ignore. I took a calming big breath and played with the patterns on my quilt cover.

It was the evening of Anthony visiting us for the celebration. My mother has smothered me with the dress, shoes, my hair and make up. Yes I did look very eye catching, but I was looking this good for someone that I did not want to look good for. I was tempted to rip the dress that hugged my body. It was a red dress and it was too frilly too poshy and too revealing. I didn't like a thing. I'd rather look like this for someone else. For someone like Gerard because I knew Gerard wouldn't take advantage of me... I can trust him. I let out a slight gasp, I trust him? That was a first. I shook my head and called out to my mother that I was coming when she called out for me.

"Aren't you excited?" Anthony squeezed my hand gently when my mother went to the kitchen to get desert.

My pulled my hand out of his grasp and placed it on my lap. I gave him a dull glare, "Does this face look excited to you?" I said.

Anthony sighed, "Come on, be at least excited for your mother. She seemed to take all her time out for the wedding."

My eyes widened. "The wedding?"

"Yes the wedding," he said calmly.

"When?" I bit my tongue and hoped for it to be postponed forever.

"In a week, exciting isn't it?" he grinned.

"Very excited," I rolled my eyes and stood up.

"Elizabeth, sit back down," my mother ordered me when she came back.

I sighed and sat back down.

"I guess you have heard the date of the wedding then?" my mother asked.

I eyed her, "yes."

"Good. We shall go shopping for a wedding dress tomorrow then so no school for you young lady." She smiled.

By the time the night was over my mother had planned everything. I was busy all this week meaning I couldn't go to school except for friday. This was going to be joyful...

Terribly sorry for the wait. I've been having trouble with a boy eh. Turned out shit :( I couldn't get over it so um.... I had the courage to write another chappie. Review?
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