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Chapter 16

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Elizabeth needs help.

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"That dress looked incredible on you," my mother rambled on as she looked through the newspaper.

I didn't answer her but slumped on the couch and flicked through the channels that each showed pointless shows.

"I can't wait for the ceremony!" she chuckled to herself.

I gently massaged my temples with my index finger and tried to ignore her ramblings.

"Ah imagine Anthony seeing the dress! He will be so surprised!" she giggled. "Oh by the way, Anthony is coming over tonight."

I held my sigh. I didn't want to see him again it was going to be 4 days in a row. I stood up, "I'm just going out for fresh air," I said.

"Alright then, don't be late," she answered without looking up.

I didn't care and just shot out of the house. I walked down the road not knowing where I was going. I didn't know what to do. Gerard hasn't spoken to me ever since that time and I knew I really pissed him off. I wish I knew where he lived so I can go and apologize for him. It was only 5pm. I sighed again and kept walking. I felt like I was a human, not knowing where I was heading because of my mind being overwhelmed by this problem. I guess that's how humans are like...

I looked up and noticed that I've arrived at the park that Gerard and I use to walk through to and from school. I groaned and sat down. I was going to get married on Sunday and it was only Thursday. I growled, I don't know why I was deeply affected by this. But I was, maybe because I'm marrying someone that I did not even like and maybe because you like Gerard. the new thought passed my mind. No, I shooked my head, that's ridiculous. I ignored that thought and just pulled out bits of grass.

It was peaceful all I could hear was the light wind blowing through the grass and trees and it calmed me down. I smiled to myself.

I sighed and realised that it was getting late. I stood up and turned to the direction of my house. I felt like I should hold my breath when Anthony visits, it wasn't because of his smell but because of the thought of the marriage.

"So that was why you didn't come to school?" I heard from behind me.

I turned around in an instance and saw Gerard just a few metres away. "Gerard?"

"So you weren't ignoring me but you were arranging the wedding?" he asked.

I narrowed my eyes, "Why would I ignore you? And yea but it wasn't my choice."

He shrugged, "Well that talk with Mikey seemed to put you off of me."

I shook my head, "Nope."

He nodded, "So you're getting married eh?"

I nodded slowly, "How do you know?"

He chuckled and walked to me. "You didn't notice?"

"Notice what?" I looked at him confused.

He grinned, "You were saying your thoughts out loud for awhile. I heard you when I was home, you said my name so I came down here and you did not notice my presence like you use to. Though it was fun watching you talk to yourself."

I frowned at him, "And you didn't tell me? I made a complete fool of myself!" I turned my back to him.

"Nah, it was cute don't worry," he patted my back.

I turned back to him for a comeback but then I didn't. I had to go home, Anthony was coming. "I have to go," I gave a sad face.

He nodded calmly, "Don't worry about the wedding."

"What?" I asked with just a glimpse of hope.

"I've got a plan," he smiled cheekily. "You just come to school tomorrow."

My eyes widened, "What are you going to do?"

"Shhh!!!" he chuckled. "You'll know tomorrow."

I crossed my arms over my chest, "Its a bad idea to leave me curious overnight Mr. Way."

He smirked, "Well then you'll have to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night just to know my plan," he winked.

I growled.

"Easy, just go home and don't worry about it okay?" he said reassuringly.

I frowned and walked off. Damn him and his unknown plan but still I was looking forward to it.

I had breathing problems while I was writing this >< lol
I attempted to write this chapter when I was at a party but I couldn't even write properly from my intoxication, also I made a fool of myself. Grrr...
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