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Chapter 15

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There's a moment

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When Taylor got back to the hotel, he found Ashley sitting on her bed watching television. She looked over at him and smiled as he entered the room.
“Hey. How was your day?”
Taylor flopped down on the bed. “Boring. We didn’t do anything except get told where to enter from and when. How about you, what’d you do?”
“I went out shopping and found THE perfect dress for tonight,” Ashley stated proudly, pointing to the garment bag hanging in the closet.
“Really, can I see?”
“No, you have to wait for tonight.”
“I can’t. I wanna see it now. I’m gonna look anyway.” He started walking over to the closet when Ashley’s voice stopped him short.
“If you touch that dress Taylor Hanson, I will NOT go with you tonight.”
He turned around and gave her a look of challenge.
“Yeah, right, because then you would have spent money on a dress your not gonna wear,”
“Oh, I’ll wear it all right. Trust me.”
Taylor slumped his shoulders in defeat. “Alright, you win. What are you watching?”
“The Nanny.”
“Oh no,” Taylor objected. “We are not watching that. Give me the remote.”
“No way, I was here first.”
Taylor walked over to the bed and held out his hand. “Give.”
Ashley looked him in the eyes. “No.”
Taylor got a mischievous look in his eye, and lunged for the remote. Ashley screamed and tried to move, but Taylor was already on top of her, reaching for the remote. She grabbed it and put it under her back so he couldn’t get it. Taylor knew the only way to get her to move was to tickle her, so he did. She started laughing hysterically, and flailing her arms and legs. He noticed that her eyes had crinkles on the sides from laughing so much, and he thought they made her eyes more beautiful.
He stopped tickling her then, and just looked down at her. She stopped laughing and looked back. They just stared at each other for a few seconds before Ashley started to scramble out from underneath him.
“I, uh, I have to go. I have an appointment at the hotel salon to have my hair and make-up done.”
Taylor cleared his throat before speaking. “Cool, sounds like fun. What time are you gonna be done?”
“Um, I don’t really know,. How about if I just meet you in the lobby at 6?”
“Yeah, sure. Works for me.”
Ashley gave him a small smile before grabbing her purse and key, and heading for the door. As she left, Taylor noticed how nice she looked already, and didn’t need help from a salon.
“Oh, no,” he thought, “I’m in trouble.”
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