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Chapter 3

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Marissa and Ellen jumped up and down to the beat of the song as the rythm pumped through the floor.
Marissa had her eyes glued to Patrick as he sung the words that melted her heart to a form of liquid,
Ellen on the other hand was watching Pete ever so intently that her gaze was burning into him. The song faded
to an end and Marissa and Ellen listened to Pete talk.

"We're so happy you guys could make it out tonight and we hope to see you all again, thanks and hope
you had a great time!" Pete said to the crowd. They screamed in agreement. Marissa glanced at Ellen and
smirked as they walked over to Fall Out Boy's body guard.

"Hey Charlie," Marissa said. He smiled and let them through.

"Hey girls," Joe said putting his arm around both their necks.

"Hey Joe," Ellen laughed. Pete and Patrick laughed too at himm and then sighed shaking their heads at his flirting that
was apparently getting him nowhere.

"Well I think you two should come to the rocking party we have going in our dressing room," Joe proposed.

Pete nodded his head in agreement, "Yeah, well that's where we're going."

Marissa and Ellen agreed and they and the guys began to walk towards the dressing room. As they walked, Joe lead the way and Ellen and Pete and Marissa and
Patrick broke off into little conversations.

"So, Pete, what's this party like?" Ellen asked Pete eagerly.

"Just some of our mates and their girlfriends, other musicians, you know," he said with a smile.

Ellen smiled back, "Sounds pretty good."

Marissa meanwhile, had pretty much asked the same question Ellen had to Pete, but to Patrick. His answer was similar to Pete's, "It's not going to be too big, just
some friends, besides I'm going to chat to you."

Marissa looked at him shocked, "How about others?!"

Patrick grinned, "Nah, just thought I'd talk to you."

"I'm not all that great, i'm sure you could find some skinny little girl who would be better for you to talk to than me, and im sure-" Marissa rambled when Patrick held a hand up and she sighed.

"It's just so hard to believe. Sorry," Marissa mumbled quietly.

"Its alright," he said to her smirking slightly.

Soon they came to the dressing room and all five of them entered. In the room were about ten or so people chatting amongst themselves. Joe made his way over to a few guys and joined in their conversation while Patrick and Marissa headed over to get drinks for themselves. Pete and Ellen made there way over to a free couch and sat on it.

"So this is it?" Ellen asked Pete pointing to the clustered groups of people around her.

Pete nodded, "Were you expecting a massive party going on?"

Ellen laughed and Pete joined in until she talked, "No, I like it like this, it's better."

"Well I like it too, means I don't get dragged away and I get to chat to you."

Pete looked at Ellen for a reply, "Glad you said that," she said, "I like chatting to you too."

Ellen glanced at Marissa to check on her and saw her and Patrick were standing kind of close. She elbowed Pete who was sipping his drink.

"Hmm?" He asked as he glanced over. She nodded to the two of them and he smirked.

"He hasn't stood that close to a girl a looonnnnggg time," Pete said, "He was with this chick Lily I think it was, for about four years, and she left him, she isn't like that is she?" Pete asked and Ellen laughed.

"Hell no, she is the same way, her ex boyfriend told her he loved her everyday, and once he slept with her, he left her, she didn't know what to do, and when she was 'late' she freaked, but it was a falsey, she was so relieved, but she is really nervous, her hands are shaking...but she likes him a lot.." Ellen said to him and he nodded.

"So, where did you grow up?" Patrick asked Marissa looking into her eyes, which were a bright green. He thought they were a beautiful color, one he hadn't seen before.

"Well, I grew up in a small town here in Texas, very tiny, not much going on, people killing each other, everyday the same old same old, everyonce and a while a drive by, and stuff like that, guys leaving me heart broken and un-able to breath, and then you're scared to go on thinking they were your life support," Marissa said sounding a bit angry.

"Um, are you alright?" He asked.

"Just refelecting on my past, its a dark story..." Marissa said smiling weakly.

"It's alright, we all have our ghosts that haunt us right?" He asked and she nodded.

After a few hours of chatting, the party finished. Ellen and Pete had got along really well and so had Marissa and Patrick. It had been a great night and the girls had loved every minute of it.


THe next morning Marissa woke to find herself in a comfortable bed with an arm around her. She looked around to see that it was Patrick's arm and that he was sound asleep next to her. Memories came flashing back to her of the night before. She realized that she and Patrick got on very well, so much so that they had ended up here and finished the night off steamily.

Meanwhile Ellen had just woken up too. She found herself lying on a rather uncomfortable couch and with a coat on top of her. She identified it as Pete's as the smell was of his aftershave. She sat up and looked at her surroundings as Marissa entered the room.

"Hey..." Marissa said looking down with a soft blush tainting her naturally pale cheeks.

"What were you up to last night?" Ellen joked and Marissa hit her arm.

"Don't tease it's mean..." Marissa said and turned hearing the door open, seeing Patrick rubbing his eyes and slightly peeking out the door.

"Come back to bed, its 6:30 am..." He said to her and Marissa nodded 'no'.

"I have to go to work in like 2 hours," she said sadly and he nodded shutting the door and getting dressed. Once he reappeared in the doorway, he was dressed in blue jeans and a t shirt and his I Heart Bingo hat. She smiled at him and he wrapped his arms around her. Pete walked out and smirked slightly then grabbed his jacket. He looked at Ellen.

"Coming?" He asked.

"Where to?" She replied.

"Star Bucks," he smirked. Ellen nodded and hopped off the couch sliding her jacket on then leaving behind him.

"He so wants her," Marissa laughed.

"She wants him to..." Patrick said and nuzzled her neck, Marissa laughed and hugged him tightly.

"Is this a fling or something real?" Marissa asked seriously.

"Pete, you walk too fast," Ellen laughed as she caught up with him down the stairs.

"No your just slow," he replied. She gasped sarcastically and playfully hit him on the arm.

"Ow!" He exclaimed but then laughed, "Tough aren't you?"

"You don't want to get hit again!" She said to Pete as they walked out of the house and began walking to Star Bucks.

"No I don't, so Trick and Marissa, officially together then?" Pete asked.

"No idea, because someone decided to take me to Star Bucks!"

"And you like it," Pete said with a hint of flirting in his voice.

Ellen grinned, "Maybe."

"I want you to be my girlfriend," Patrick said to Marissa as he grabbed her hand.

Marissa smiled, "I can most certainly de that," she said.

"Good..." Patrick whispered before kissing her deeply on the lips.
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