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This Sister's Contagious

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Title taken from Brian McFadden's "Like Only A Woman Can". Pete doesn't even recognise his own sisters face, let alone everything else thats been happening whilst his life has been perfect.

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I was going to kill Pete Wentz if it were the last thing I could do. Not even realising who it was until I called him that fateful name, whilst Ashlee laughed at her husband and his lack of thought, and the rest of the guys embraced me in hugs, letting my loose tears stain their shirts. When I left, I vowed I would never let that insufferable man torment my life anymore; but he still managed to. He is as cold-hearted as Ash always joked him to be, which I never thought was possible behind that perfect white smile facade, guyliner and "spunky" emo-hair.

I suppose you're all thinking, who the fuck is this person, and why are they dissing the amazingly talented, even hotter Pete Wentz? My name is Axelle Casilla Hutton-Wentz, Pete's lovable baby sister. I was adopted when I was 12 afer my parents had brought me up in a house full of abuse in all forms, alcoholism and drugs - I myself at that time was addicted to cocaine and speed, but I had a quick recovery and became my preppy self. I've just turned 21, and I thought it would be nice to surprise big brother before I became an Auntie, but I never felt like he could forget me that easily. Admittedly, I had changed a lot in the four years I had been at college, but you think te guy would have some intuition as to who relatives were... Anyway, I had changed from the perfect preppy, head-cheerleader schoolgirl I once was, to... well, an "emo" or "goth" I suppose, yet I still remained head cheerleader of my college team, and was the leader of my sorority... go figure. I no longer wore pink, or any colour for that matter; just black and blood red. My hair remained the same - shiny and jet black, but I had varying shades of purple and red running through the soft curls, which now reached past my knees, a real hassle to look after. I obscured my once "perfect" baby blue eyes with violet contacts, also disregarding the designer frames I used to wear - it was all in the contacts. I broke all my rules and got piercings and tattoos; only a couple of each, but enough to set me apart from the crowd. I had my tongue, lip, nose and ears pierced, with 6g gauges in the bottom holes. My navel was also pierced, filled with a delicate (and expensive) Clandestine bat bar. I had four tattoos; a row of thorns with a cross entagled within them on my lower back; a tribal circle tattoo on my left arm, much like the one of Mel C from the Spice Girls; and on my wrists, Love and Life in calligraphic scrawl. Those two were there to cover up mistakes from my past; mistakes only two people knew about, other than the doctors and my college. Oh, and lets not forget the heavy eye make-up, dark red lipstick, band hoodie, chains and spiked choker. I was what you could call short, but I most certainly made up for my height in the chest area. You could say I was well endowed.

I was currently dressed in an almost see-through black mini skirt with about ten chains hanging off; a torn and generally mangled Gym Class Heroes tank top, in black, which I had cut to above my navel, cut slits over my ribs, and made it one-shoulder; my black spikey choker; a black Cobra Starship hoodie, which was totally in tact (huge shocker!); and a pair of the most awesome shoes I had ever seen or owned. They looked like a pair of school shoes, only the ball of the foot was larger and rounded. It was made of black shiny leather, stitched together with red stitching, with three big gold eyelets on each side for the laces. The heel was about 2 inches high, and they fit snugly on my feet. Even with the heels, I was still only 5'2", two and a half inches shorter thank Patrick, my boyfriend of two years, which no-one knew about.

Soon the recognition registered on Pete's face, and he came hurtling towards me from the bus door, a smile on his face and his arms outstretched. I collapsed into his embrace, the tears ceasing as my big brother kissed the
top of my hair. Andy, Joe, Dirty, Partick and Ashlee all cooed at our sibling moment. But soon Ashlee's "awwe" turned into a squeak as she clutched her very pregnant stomach and water pooled at her feet.

"Oh my god, I'm going to be an Auntie!" I squealed out, making Pete rip from my grasp and run over to his wife, who was smiling beneath the pain of the contractions she was having. The day I returned to my family was the best day of my life, other than the day Patty and I confessed our mutual feelings for one another.

Shoes can be found here:
Scroll down until you reach the pair called "Vampire 03".
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