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We rushed to the hospital at full speed, Ashlee's contractions already only four minutes apart. As soon as we reached the hospital, Pete rushed his wife into the ward, after I said I'd take care of the paperwork. After all, Ash was one of my two female friends. Andy and Joe ran ahead with the soon to be even happier couple; Patrick falling behind to call those who had been invited to the birth - Gabe, William, Travis, Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, Jon and Chloe, Patrick's little sister.

Filling out the paperwork was one of the hardest things to do, because it required me to really think far behind to when my friendship with Ashlee started, back in 2002. It needed me to state things such as previous hospital visits, allergies, medical conditions, and all things like that.


Four hours and 51 minutes after we arrived at the hospital, Pete and Ashlee Wentz welcomed two adorable little baby boys into the Wentz/FBR/Decaydance family. The first one, Daniel Joseph Wentz, looked exactly like his father, but instead of the dark hair, light blonde tufts adorned his scalp. Matthew Peter Wentz was the epitome of Ashlee, down to the tiniest detail. All except the eyes, which were the riches chocolate you could think of. They both had the tanned skin that graced the Wentz family, and the musicians in the room couldn't stop cooing at the little bundles of joy. The sight was rather sickening actually. I exited the hospital room, heading for the fresh air, where I could sit and be alone with my thoughts. As I set foot into the gardens of Boston Memorial Hospital, a breeze swept through the grounds, lifting my skirt, hoodie and hair all around me. I wasn't the least bit cold; I embraced this feeling with open arms as I sat on the stone bench, pulling my packet of Marlboro's from my hoodie pocket and lighting one up. Within minutes, I heard the rustling of clothes beside me.

"Why did you leave like that? Pete thought something was wrong." I turned and smiled at my friend, pulling her in for a short but loving hug, careful not to lace her clothing with smoke, as last time that happened I got blamed for influencing her to smoke.

"Chloe, nothing is wrong. I just don't like huge crowds that much," I replied, inhaling the nicotine which my body welcomed all to easily.

"Since when have you, queen of all mosh-pits since we were 15, been scared of crowds!?" She asked, throwing a friendly arm around my shoulders. I finished the cigarette, stamping the stub out on the floor, before leaning back into my friends embrace.

"I honestly do not know. I just felt so cramped, yet so alone at the same time. The sight of the perfect Wentz children has brought back so many memories..." I sobbed out, and soon I was surrounded by the warmth of the strong arms of Patrick as I cried my heart out into his already tear-stained shirt. Chloe had apparently up and left us, seeing as the presence of her distinguishable perfume was no longer there.

"Let it all out honey," he whispered to me, rubbing soothing circles on my back with his right hand, his left softly stroking my cheek, removing the stray tears that still fell. I snuggled further into his chest, revelling in the comfort that could come from a boy I had known for years. Soon my body wracking sobs had calmed down to the odd hiccup.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Patrick asked, lifting my head from his face and clearing away all signs of my breakdown.

"Not really. That is one part of my past I don't want to delve into at this moment in time."

"I respect that decision Axelle. But I think we should be getting back inside. Ash has already asked after you."

"Okay," I replied. A thought crossed my mind which had to be voiced as soon as possible. "What did you tell Pete when you came out here?"

"That I was going to Starbucks to get some decent beverages, and that I'd be back with things for everyone, including a non caffeinated drink for the new mother. He asked if I could find you, and if I could take you with me, because he wanted you to do all the ordering as your first part of being a PA for Decaydance," Patrick finished.

"I got the job!?" I squealed out, and Patrick nodded. I threw my arms around his neck, before bringing my lips to his, kissing him deeply, running my fingers through the hair that his hat didn't cover.

"We'd better get going so we don't have to make up too many excuses," I relinquished, standing and heading for the car we had arrived at the hospital in.


We arrived at Starbucks in ten minutes, and found out it was barren except for the two baristas that sat chatting behind the counter, analysing the "Beat It" video which was playing on the tv.

"Oh god, Patrick looks so gay in this video," muttered the blonde.

"Yeah, but doesn't Joe look so sexy with the beard gone and his afro straightened?" The redhead replied with a question. I couldn't help but giggle at their conversation, which led them to turn around and...

"Oh Em Gee! Patrick Stump is here!! In our Starbucks!" The blonde, whose name tag read Flori exclaimed.

"What can we get you handsome?" The redhead, Hillary, asked. I stepped up to the counter, looking briefly at the menu, before selecting the right beverages, as Patrick placed a protective arm around my waist.

"Let's see... can we have a grande chai tea; two grande white hot chocolates, one with soy milk; two grande caramel macchiatos, with extra whipped cream; a venti skinny hazelnut latte; a grande vanilla latte; a grande white chocolate mocha; a grande peppermint white chocolate mocha; two grande java chip frappuccino; a grande caramel frappuccino; a venti vanilla latte made with soy milk for me, and Patty?" I asked, looking into his eyes.

"C'mon love, you should know by now," he replied, kissing my forehead.

"And a grande iced vanilla latte thanks," I finished with a sweet smile, and the two girls got busy making all 14 of the drinks.


Twenty minutes later, and we were back in Ashlee's private hospital room, ready to hand out the guessed drinks to everyone.

"Now I'm not sure if I got any of these orders correct, but I have a chai tea for Ash; a caramel frapp for big brother; hite hot chocolates for Ryan and Andy - yes, yours is soy Andy; caramel macchiatos for Spencer and Jon; vanilla latte for Travis; peppermint white chocolate mocha for Brenners; white chocolate mocha for Will; java chip frapps for Gabe and Joe and a skinny hazelnut latte for Chloe," I relayed as I handed the beverages. Everyone sipped at their drinks with a satisfied smile, all thanking me for getting their favourites. I just brushed the comment off as being pure luck.

"Anyways, what took you so long?" Pete asked. I began panicking, so bad that I started hyperventilating. William hurried over to me, trying to help me breath decently whilst Patrick answered the original question.

"There was a really long line there, and the baristas were really slow, not to mention gawking over me and muttering about how lucky Axelle was," Patrick finished. Tears were streaming down my face from the pain inflicted upon hyperventilation, but William had successfully brought me down from my painful experience.
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